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What would you tell someone that was moving?

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We are moving out of our house on Oct 18th into a bigger one.  We do have a month in between houses so we will be staying at my parents house during that time.  Hopefully we can move up the date for the other house.

What tips/suggestions would you give someone who is moving?  We are packing boxes and labeling which rm it will go in.  Any good ideas to help this move go smoothly?

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Have a couple of boxes with things that you will need immediately in the new house. Think toilet paper, cleaning supplies, shower curtain, hand soap and towels, phone chargers, garbage bags, box cutter to open all those moving boxes, etc. It will just make it much easier to start settling into the new place. Also think about how the first 48 hours will go. If you wrapped up your dishes with newspaper, etc., you'll want dishwasher detergent to wash 'em all as soon as you get there. Some folks can't function without coffee, so make sure to have those supplies somewhat accessible.

In addition to labeling boxes with a room, it helps to put quick notes on what's inside that box. Because when you're in the kitchen looking for a cup and have 12 boxes that say "kitchen", you'll go a little nuts. That way you can unpack the most important ones first.
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I too can't stress enough having that "go" box... I put in the phones and always toilet paper. A couple people close to me have moved recently and neither packed toilet paper. But definitely pack things you might need right away. 

And I agree on labelling what's in the boxes. Doesn't need to be in depth but a basic list will help!

If you have things like cable or internet coming the day you move, pack that in a separate box that gets loaded onto the moving truck last so it gets unloaded first or put the stuff in your go box.


Keep a folder or binder in your purse or go box of important numbers. Movers, Cable, Heat, your new address/phone number Etc

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I recommend a grouping system for things like clothes & toys.  We had a number system 1-5 (#1 was things that needed to be unpacked the 1st day, as the number got higher, you could wait longer to unpack).  Since you are in Canada, I can assume you could put summer clothes in a higher numbered box.  Since you will be staying with your parents, I would suggest dividing fave toys into things to take with you for the month and things for the #1 box.  It guarantees an hour plus of free time when your DC get more of their fave toys back.


I am also a fan of labeling the boxes, we had a "go" box for each room (1 bathroom box with TP, toilet bruches, towels for the fam, & toiletries (a shower curtain, etc)).  One for the kitchen (dish soap, dishwasher detergent, dish scrubber, a few hand towels, and enough dishes to get us fed sandwiches/cereal/etc the first day or two and cups).  For each bedroom- bedding, clock, lamp, etc.  that way on moving day, we had to get everything situated, cleaned up & dusted, and then unpack the one go box for each room.  Every other box was gravy.


we also used the divide and conquer approach, I went to the house and made sure everything was clean (wiping down baseboards is fast in an empty room, then I would dust/vacuum the stuff from storage as it came in the house.  My DS put shelf liner in the kitchen cabinets & pantry for my while I was doing the other stuff. 

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Thank you SO much!  I am going to use these suggestions!

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Not sure if this was mentioned, but a box with paper goods.......for the first meal or two.....(paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic ware, etc).

And don't forget about having the first aid kit and a flashlight or two handy........

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I find that moving goes more smoothly when I toss things into boxes then worry about sorting junk from useful stuff while unpacking. This way I am not so drained and sick off packing that we have to live from boxes for several months.
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