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I need advice from other Mommies!!!

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Right now I am having such a similar problem with my 6 yr. old daughter. I am so frustrated and feel so bad because she is so emotional about it. First day she cried all the way from the house to the bus stop. She had a great first day after the initial break down. Then was fine. Second day she cried hen it was time to go to the bus stop, so I attributed it to the kids at the stop because they are not very friendly to my daughter. So, I thought okay I will just drive her to school. Nope still cries all the way to school and keeps saying Mommy my tummy hurts or I have a headache. Today is her fourth day and I even told her I would come eat lunch with her and bring her Sonic. She was happy about that but still cried when we were driving to school. Before she got out of the car she said Mommy if my tummy hurts after I eat lunch can I come home with you? I told her No she had to stay because she would be okay. I have to tell you she loves school. She has been to pre-k and Kindergarten. In Kindergarten she was bullied and even though it was finally stopped (to a point) she continued to want to go to see her friends and the teacher and made it through fine. Now a new class, she loves her teacher but she doesn't know her classmates as well as maybe she will after a few more weeks. So, I am praying it gets better. I have know idea what or why except she gets embarrassed easy and is anxious, so this could be the problem. I did call the teacher and let her know I was having the difficulty with her in the mornings and also, about the bullying issue last year. So, I feel I am doing just about all my options. I know the kids who were mean to her last year are NOT in her class this year. I mean there are always one or two people who my not like you for whatever reason, but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd greatly appreciate the help. It breaks my heart to see her in such a state. She doesn't like others to see her crying so she was even tardy yesterday because I couldn't get her to stop for quite sometime, so we sat in the car drying her tears. HELP ME!!!!!

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Hi queenofmommies! This sounds so hard! So she went to regular preschool and then kindergarten? Were these full day or partial days? Is 1st grade by any chance her first experience with full days? Is this public or private school, and if private, what kind?


Many kids that say their tummies hurt are usually talking about anxiety. She does sound awfully anxious. Have you tried teaching her some skills to manage anxiety and get the feeling in her stomach to lessen? Things like deep belly breathing, pushing down on your diaphragm and tightening your tummy muscles, singing, and moving around? Also she might be old enough to do some cognitive work---find out what she is 'saying to herself' inside her own head, and then see if you can get her to accept saying a different message to herself. For example if she's saying "I can't do this; I have no friends," having her replace that with positive messages.

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I'd ask the teacher for the names of any children you daughter seems to talk to, or could possibly be friends with, and then set up paly dates with a couple of kids so she can get to know a couple of the kids better.

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