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What does your wool stash look like?

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Hey Mamas,


I'd like to make a start with wool covers. I've got a couple that came with some second hand diapers I purchased ages ago, and love them, and I want to expand. I've got a 2 year old and a new baby coming in October. What does your stash look like? How many soakers, covers, longies do you have? Are you able to rotate between a couple covers each day, reusing one as it dries? 


I love everything about wool, they look so cute and I love all the practical benefits, too.


Thanks for your help!



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We started using wool after DS started getting ammonia burn from being in PUL all night. Except for the compression wicking I love wool!

DS is 15 months. I have about 4 soakers, 4 shorties, and 4 longies. This is enough to always have something dry for him to wear and also have a pair or two getting washed. We still use PUL when going out or when others will be holding him since they are not as tolerant of getting leaked on (compression wicking.)

I didn't discover wool until after DS was out of the explosive ebf phase but have read that washing poop out of wool on a regular basis can get old quick.

I'd be happy to share my experiences with different brands etc if you're interested.
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Thanks for sharing your experience, MLog! I'd love to hear your recommendations.
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I like to have 5 covers of whatever style I'm using (wraps for infants, longies or shorties for 9 months +), plus two night time covers.  You could get away with 4 day time and 1 night time cover if you live in a dry climate.  Or if you don't mind using some PUL covers for backup.

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i like having 3 or 4 covers of each style though you could get away with less. I lanolize heavily and only ever have trouble with compression wicking or leaking when either the kidlet has accidentally been sitting in a drenched diaper for to long or if the cover needs to be lanolized again. ymmv of course


i would have several  wool covers and batch wash all my wool once every couple of weeks

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Sorry it's taken so long to respond! Life is so crazy!

But on to the woolies... I absolutely love our Wild coconut wear (formerly wild child woolies) covers. I generally prefer hand knit, but the wcw are awesome.

I'm not a big fan of wrap style covers, but that's purely just my personal preference. Plus now DS can undo Velcro and is probably not far off from figuring out snaps.

Many people love sbish/sloomb. I have one pair of sbish longies which are awesome in cool weather since they're double layer. It also means they take forever to dry. I can see why people love them, but it's an expensive habit!

If you don't have someone in your life to knit for you there are buy/sell/trade groups on Fb and diaperswappers has a wool section.

That's pretty much the extent of my expertise. Good luck!
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