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Montessori Infant Rooms

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Hi all,

Have any of you set up an infant room using the montessori method? What about using the floor bed for infants? Any thoughts or suggestions? I really like the idea and have found some good photos and stuff on pinterest, but haven't completely wrapped my head around it yet. Particularly the crib vs. floor bed piece. 


Thanks for any thoughts // resource suggestions!

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I"ve never heard of this before! Am researching it now, sounds really interesting - would definitely love to hear other peoples experiences/opinions too!

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I haven't considered this (though I haven't NOT considered it either), but I would like to note that recently I visited family and put my 2-year-old in a floor bed and she was always halfway across the floor by an hour after bedtime, so I'm ... not entirely sure that a floor bed is a great idea for a little kid. But I'm interested in hearing the experiences of others. You might also post this in Family Bed and Nighttime Parenting if you haven't already, to get more perspectives. 

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We co-slept, but if we hadn't we probably would have done a floor bed. I'm still considering it when we move DD (2 years) to her own room, but she's been able to climb on and off of a regular bed since she could walk and has never rolled off a bed accidentally, so a kids bed would work for her too. I've never liked the idea of cribs - they're restrictive and kids climb out of them or get their limbs stuck in the bars. Floor beds seem much safer and more natural to me so long as the room the bed is in is baby-proofed.
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Hey there. We cosleep on a floor bed with our 21 month old and hopefully with/ when new baby arrives. I've been admiring setting up a toddler's room Montessori style for a long time but we all sleep in the same room so it isn't needed now.
There is a lovely website with her toddler room set up at sewliberated (google Finn's room). There was another website I just found of a family of 5 cosleeping's room with pics (article on joanna goddard's cup of jo's blog re: motherhood mondays co-sleeping about her friend leigh).
Will try to look at other stuff I have but for now hope it helps. I am not experienced in Montessori but I found Montessori From The Start (from Lillard and Jessen) is helpful at showing you how to set up the rooms like playroom and kitchen too. Have fun!
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Infants are made to sleep with their mothers, but the floor bed is a good idea. We fought to use a crib only to finally at two disassemble and toss the mattress on the floor. Light bulb. My son is now three and sleeps on a homemade platform bed but we also keep a mattress next to my side of the bed, and it will stay there, then gradually move away from my bed to a corner where our coming baby will have a wall mirror and basket of objects to explore as she grows and needs me less. We simply baby proof everything.
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Our plan (insert caution about the best laid plans ...) is to have the twins in our room/bed until they can sleep through the night -- which will hopefully be around the 5 month mark (No, we won't be doing CIO, but in my culture/family babies are generally able to sleep through the night at that age, so it's what we are aiming for). At that point it's on to their rooms and montessori floorbeds. One thing about floor beds is that you're not supposed to use them until the child can support their own head. As to the "being halfway across the room" issue -- that's part of the genius of it! If the entire room is childproof (or the entire area, baby gated, etc) then it's okay for the child to explore on their own. The entire safe space/room is just one big "crib" if you want to think of it that way.


There are some great blogs if you need resources, here are just two.




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