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Hello and Help!

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I am adoptive mom of of a 15 month old daughter who was received from birth.  I live in Rockland County ny and am seeking help with finding a holistic pediatrician in my area.  Whole Child Center in Oradell NJ is no longer accepting new patients unless from birth.  My daughter is expereincing respiratory issues which are now treating with Albuterol nebulizer and steroid for first time.  We are seeing a naturopath and have been told she has a methylation defect taht needs correction before considering any further vaccines.  Not convinced my current pediatrician will be supportive of delaying vaccines and they have no knowledge of holistic treatment.  Looking for a pediatrician who can be open minded, willing to talk to a naturopath or can help us without naturopath.  Any recommendations?

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!


You should check our local NY forum for some recommendations. You might also check out our Health and Healing forum for more information from those folks as well.

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