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Hypnobirthing or hypnobabies?

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Anyone here have experience with it already or thinking about doing it?

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I have no advice but found these for you. Hopefully they can be helpful.





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I did hypnobabies for my last birth and will definitely do it again this time smile.gif. I chose it over Hypnobirthing because it was a complete birth course (was #3 for me but #1 for DH) and you could talk and move around while still remaining under hypnosis. Hypnobirthing was much more about remaining still and having to focus on a stationary object. I wanted to be able to be more active during labor.

I had my shortest and easiest labor and my quickest recovery and I really credit hypnobabies with that. It is SUPER cheesy but if you can get past that it really and truly works.

I've already started using some this time around. They have an eliminate nausea track, a sleep better track, and daily pregnancy affirmations all of which I've been listening to and they've helped immensely. The actually pregnancy ones don't need to be started until like 27 weeks at the earliest so still waiting to start that part again.
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I did both with my last baby! LOVED IT and plan to jump in even deeper this time. I preferred HypnoBabies over the Birthing. I can't remember why, now, though. 

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THEY HAVE AN ELIMINATE NAUSEA TRACK?!?! Oh, my gosh!! Need to find that.

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I did an in-class hypnobabies course with my son. It was absolutely amazing. No-pain, labored through transition while still thinking "Hmm, is this active labor?" Dilated to complete and pushing with comfort. Then, I had an emergency transfer in an ambulance while trying to resist the urge to push. Hypnobabies helped me keep calm, collected, and able to answer all the questions coming at me in the hospital. 


Hypnobabies was so incredible. 

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I took a hypnobirthing class with my husband during my first pregnancy. We gave it our all. It didn't do anything for me. I ended up with a c-section after an insensitive midwife broke my water as I yelled no, starting labor before it should have begun. I was in labor 48 hours before forced to do a c-section. So much for that planned water birth.

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PL - I'm sorry you had such a negative experience, especially caused by the person supposedly keeping your needs paramount. :-/
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Great responses! I did some reading about hypnobirthing vs. babies and seem to see the most positive response about hypnobabies. I want to try to get as many tools as I can this time to get through some fear I have (I posted in birth trauma). I think the responses here were just enough to seal the deal for me purchasing the hypnobabies course. There will be a class in my area in December but I will only be 20 weeks by the end of the sessions. I imagine there will be more in 2014 but I like the idea of the course I can buy for home as well.

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Originally Posted by ~PurityLake~ View Post


I took a hypnobirthing class with my husband during my first pregnancy. We gave it our all. It didn't do anything for me. I ended up with a c-section after an insensitive midwife broke my water as I yelled no, starting labor before it should have begun. I was in labor 48 hours before forced to do a c-section. So much for that planned water birth.

 I am so sorry to hear this. I am starting to piece together in my head that both of my previous births included my midwife breaking my water. And I don't want that again. I think I will feel more in control if I am letting my body be in charge of that part. Or something.

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After an emergency cesarean & a grueling vbac (including an epidural that didn't work) I had an amazing 3rd birth doing the Mongon Method of hypnobirthing. It was a 4 hour labour & no tearing even though my baby's shoulder was stuck (as it was in my previous birth, causing severe tearing). The experience was amazing and I'm excited to have another hypnobirth this April! I think either method will work, the key is to use positive affirmations to release fears & to learn how to relax & let go in labour. I can't recommend a hypnobirth highly enough!!! The ONLY time I felt fear/pain controlling me was for moments during transition when I was clenching my jaw. My husband reminded me to open my mouth & instantly I slipped into a relaxed & calm state again. My nurse/ doula said that was the most amazing/ zen birth she had ever experience in all her years of labour & delivery. smile.gif
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I used Hypnobabies for my first birth.  I did it religiously and got my husband involved.  It was really positive for my pregnancy--helped me stay positive and relaxed--but it didn't do anything for my labor.  You really MUST completely buy into it in order for it to work, and I am just not that kind of person.  I would still recommend it because it's helpful just to have a good attitude going into the birth, but I don't believe it works for everyone (to give them a pain-free, easy labor).  It's not magical.


I also don't know how anyone in their second+ pregnancy can have time for it!  I wanted to do it when I was pregnant with my second, but just couldn't find the time. 

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I did HypBirth http://www.hypbirth.com/fr_home.cfm and read the Bradley method book. The HypBirth was, as JayRay said - good for pregnancy. It helped some in labor, but I just couldn't buy into the whole package. I actually clenched my right hand (to my husband's, how Hollywood cliqué) through the contractions, but letting all my tension go to that one place meant that I could focus on relaxing my abdomen and I think THAT was priceless. Personally, I don't think I could have kept my whole body relax. In fact, my labor came on with a bang in the middle of the night (I thought it was like pre-labor or something) and I tried the "finger drop" technique HypBirth uses and then started crying out of fear bc it didn't work wink1.gif But I got ahold of myself smile.gif I totally recommend some sort of system to train yourself to relax your abdomen, at the least smile.gif
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I ordered and received my hypnobabies home study coarse. I read through some of the material last night. I am excited! I so want to have a different birth than my last two. They were natural but painful and had emotional baggage that was loaded with it. I posted in birth trauma. I don't want to post about it at this point. I want to focus on the next one being positive.


Anyone else on board at this point doing some kind of birth hypnosis?

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I am planning on starting the hypnobabies home study course too! I had a home birth last time but I do remember I had a hard time letting go because I was afraid of tearing and pooping! lol So I am hopeful using hypnobabies will help me completely relax and let my body do its thing!

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I did hypnobabies last time through an in-person course (pain-free happy labor, woo!). I'll do the home study this time. 

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I am nervous though that i won't be able to fully "buy into it" though (as mentioned above). hopefully I can change my mindset though!

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I'm nervous too about being able to "buy into it." But I am thinking the more practice the better. Kind of like the idea of "fake it til you make it." Keep practicing and it will set in on some level. That is my hope anyway. That is why I am starting now. To get lots of practice! Let me know when you get the coarse Sweetsummer...we can cheer each other on!

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No question that fake it til you make it can work. I was very skeptical before I took the class. Being a researcher by profession I looked in to the possibility of mind-based anesthesia and relaxation techniques involving pain control. There's research backing this stuff up. "Hypnosis" is an unfortunate name because of the stage-performer it brings to many's mind. Relaxation isn't all it is though. It's conditioned transformation of the subjective experience of physical sensations. 


The affirmations were CHEESY AS HECK. But I dutifully did everything in the homework and I now thoroughly believe in it. 

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good to know! @RosieL I am the same way (forensic scientist over here) so I am very skeptical. I should probaby do some more research too... can you think anything you thought was particularly helpful info?

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