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Struggling with Daily Schedule

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I have a seven year old son in second grade. I am struggling with my expectations of him, whether or not they are too much and how to address them. Since he is at school now, time at home is so precious. He has always struggled with following directions and completing tasks. Simple things like washing hands after breakfast leads so often to playing with the towels and forgetting all about washing hands. Or instead of getting into the car so we can get to the bus stop he will run around outside. Or when it is time to brush teeth and get ready for bed, he will spend 10 minutes getting his pjs on. I tell him my expectations and keep it positive, like "wash your hands" instead of saying "stop playing around". I give him clock deadlines, like "we have go to sleep at 7:30, you will have more time to read if we can get ready right away." I just don't know how normal this is. I feel that he should be old enough to do our daily routine without lots of reminders. I don't want to rush him all day, but I need him to get to the bus on time and I want him to be able to have a balanced evening so we can do our homework, practice piano, play, read etc.

Am I asking too much? What would you do?
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I have a six year old.  I've never perceived her as having more trouble completing tasks than her peers, but she gets distracted like any kid.  For example, if I tell her to go brush her teeth, at least half the time I'll hear her start up some imaginary play involving the toothbrush or a towel or something.  I have to keep an ear open and direct her back to the task if I'm in a hurry.  I think that's normal and I don't let it frustrate me - it's just how six year olds are. 


If he's always been like this, I think you can expect him to keep being like this, so I would work with it.  Give yourself more time than you think you need to get to the car.  I know it's going to take 15 minutes to get our shoes on and get in the car in the morning even though it should take 5, so I build that into planning the morning.  I would tell him about your planning too - if he knows that he takes a long time to complete things, it will help him get a feel for how to give himself enough time. 

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This is a problem for us in the mornings. I have a small chart with every step to get ready for school on the wall. Before the chart was made we discussed what needs to be done and about how long it will take. When I can see a step hasn't been done I say "check the chart" and then at the end of the steps when my child is asking to play before the bus comes I also say "check the chart". Letting the chart be the boss really helps us.


And let me clarify by saying it isn't just a problem in the mornings but other times I try to be more flexible. My ds is a bit spacey but I think that is just part of being him.

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Are u using pecs? These guys have such a hard time w auditory processing, so limiting language & substituting pictures helps..alot!! Plus..if u implement a reward sticker for each task completed equalling in a reward that may help too. Also,with my own son,I realized that lag time was a problem. If he needs 45 min to get ready then I wake him up 50 min before we leave!
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All you mamas are so helpful! It is so nice just to read your responses and know that I am not alone. Thank you so much:)
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