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My 5 yr old is back in bed with us

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My 5 year old little bundle of energy has somehow gotten back into bed with us. We were co-sleeping (not intentionally but it just worked out that way) up until earlier this year. We did a big push to get him into his bed and he was doing great. Bedtime was an ease! An somewhere in the last two months, he has eased his way back into bed with us. We wake up and keep putting him back but it never fails that I roll over at the night and roll over on him. Sheepish.gif Totally not intentional but he just appears there.


Any advice to get him back into this bed? Bedtime is always a fight now because he claims he's scared to sleep in his bed or that he's too big for it eyesroll.gif we know this isn't the case. Let me also add that he has a twin size bed in his room and toddler bed in our room.


Help!dizzy.gif We are trying to conceive baby #2 and that's a little difficult with him there LOL

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All my kids went through a phase after being in their own beds for a long time, where they just felt more fearful and needed lots of extra reassurance. It can be challenging when you've had your grown up bed to yourself and then your child kind of regresses. With all 3 of mine it happened somewhere between 5 and 7; I'm not saying it lasted two years, I'm saying sometime during those two years they all went through it.


We tried different things. I kind of always let them know that the expectation was that they get back to their bed (that's how it was for our family). We'd use music CD's, dreamcatchers, worry boxes, magic wands, reading extra, back massages, etc....not all at once, but over time. Each of them needed something a little different, until they felt good and brave again. I think it's kind of important for children to begin experiencing that they can have something that is hard for them, that they learn how to overcome. Too many children are 'rescued' from all challenging feelings, and then they never build competence in their own abilities. It can be exciting to wake up in the a.m. and say, "I was nervous to sleep in my bed, but with mom/dad's help I got over it, and now I feel really proud!"

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 Try other areas for recreation :)  

Our ds came back to our bed when I went back to work pt.  The older pops in at odd times in stages-afraid of closet, dark, just wanting mom etc.  It helped that we made a pallet on the bed next to ours-might want to try that?  Basically we got 2 twin size mattress topper (so thicker), and put it down with pillow, blankets and whatever stuffed animal they are sleeping with.  They were $15 each, not bad and the kids don't mind at all.  We just can't all fit in our bed.


  We did try everything when we thought they had to sleep in their own beds, despite going through stages.  They're fav thing is music.  They listen to classical usually at bed time, have night lights and the reassurance they are welcome in our room.  When we made it an off limit place, the battles and emotional behavior were not good.

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