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If I don't DO something my LPN License I won't renew in February

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Oye this is depressing for me. I graduated May 2009. Sat for the NCLEX in August. Gave birth to my daughter in October. Started looking for jobs February. Worked Flu clinic in the Fall. Had 3rd child in May. Worked Flu clinics again. Started applying again... Worked 2012 flu clinics ... Still applying (basically the same three corporations for senior care, 1 prison and 2 state jobs). Now we're due with our 4th, I didn't make the cut for a very scaled back flu clinic so we'll have to rework Christmas and winter clothes budget. I don't want to waste $ on CEUs, but that might help pad the resume. I feel unhirable not having practical experience in so long. I've thought about begging Drs offices to let me come in as an unpaid intern to gain some experience. I just can't afford the gas to get the kids to my mom's then to work without a paycheck : / The thought never crossed my mind that I would graduate and not be able to find work. I also have a bachelor's in both wildlife conservation and entomology but I am really only looking to work evenings so we can loosen the belt a little. All that work so DH can remind me we don't NEED me to bring in money. GAH thanks for listening : )
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What do you need to do to renew your license?

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I need hours and CEUs, but it's been 4 years since I've done anything hands on besides vaccinations
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I'm unclear on whether you want a full-time job or not? Are you looking part time or per diem or what? (As in, you said evenings---some FT jobs are evenings-only---is that what you want?)

Last time I applied for jobs, I PLASTERED my resume across the internet. I applied to every job I was even remotely qualified for at every hospital within an hour's drive. I cold-called doctors' offices. I posted job updates on Facebook, got busy on Linked-In, and asked for leads from friends. Job-hunting in health care can SUCK!

Don't think of your CEUs as wasted money. THEY'RE NOT. They're the way you're going to stay in your profession! I'd get on that ASAP. In some states you can renew without much in the way of work hours if you have plenty of CEUs. OH and if you want to go back to school for your RN, then I think that counts too? Unsure. At any rate the RN unlocks a lot of jobs for you.

Volunteering does count as hours in most places/in the eyes of most nursing boards. Ask at your own doc's office? Etc., etc., etc.

Good luck! I've been there.
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Thanks pepperedmoth! DH would rather me not work at all, so I'm looking for around two nights a week that wouldn't interfere with our normal schedule. We could really use that little bit of extra. You're right, I will get on those CEU hours! Would you mind giving me a little more info on cold calling for a job?
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Sure. I just found the contact info for places I was interested in and emailed them. "Hello, my name is so-and-so. I was perusing your website to see if you're hiring LPNs. I notice nothing is posted, but I think you would be a wonderful place to work, for reasons X, Y, Z. Attached please find a copy of my resume. Please keep me in mind for any future openings. Sincerely, so-and-so."

Never hurts. What's the worst they can do, ignore you? I didn't get a job oit of doing that, but I DID get several very gracious emails saying that they would, indeed, keep me in mind if anything came open. I know people who HAVE gotten jobs like that, so it's worthwhile.
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Rather than start a new thread, I hope you won't mind me piggybacking here as much of this pertains to me too, abiyhayil.

I just graduated from nursing school in December 2012, got my RN in January and gave birth to my daughter in February of this year. I really want to work part-time as an RN but many places won't hire new grads p/t only. It seems that hospitals are out of the question right now so I'm looking at clinics, which are my preference anyway. I'm just wondering if anyone on this thread ever found part-time work as a new grad.

If mods think this would be best as a new thread, please move it but I've found some helpful info here and love to hear how things go with your job search. Thanks!
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I was hired as a per-diem as a brand new RN, but was required to complete a full time 12 week orientation. That, however, was 12-hour shifts, so I was only working three days a week. Worked out, because I was also in school full time at the time!
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Yipes, 12 hrs would be a long stretch Joselle! Thanks so much Pepperedmoth, I've been envisioning stuffing envelopes and calling busy receptionists, an email is definitely way more efficient : p
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