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Hi my name is Lakin!

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Hi my name is Lakin I am a stay at home mom and I watch children out of my home.I love working with kids I am very close to having my CDA which I am super excited about. My hobbies are beading and crafting when I get the time lol.

 Aiden is my oldest he is into potty humor, video games and boy scouts. Noah is my youngest he enjoys the park, puzzles, and making any piece of furniture a trampoline :). 

I joined this forum because I'm a little lost with my youngest son. He is developmentally behind so we are going through first steps with occupational and speech therapy. I don't have any family members or friends who have any experience with this and it would be great to have input from other parents who have been through this or are going through it now. 


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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!!


You should check out our Special Needs Parenting forum, they are a great supportive community.

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Welcome wonderful moms here
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