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No heart beat seen in 9 week transvaginal ultra sound, tilted uterus

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Good Morning Ladies, I had a very sad first OB/GYN appointment this Thursday. Everything was fine until they tried to find my little grape's heart beat - nothing detected by our doctor's office both transvag and abdominal so they sent me across the street to the big time U/S machines in the hospital OB department where they did both an abdominal, as well as transvaginal U/S. 4 ultrasounds in total.  In all cases, it was really hard for the tech to find my embryo because I have a severely tilted uterus. She did finally find it and said "I'm sorry. We should be seeing a heart beat by now". My baby was also measuring roughly 7 weeks and my sack was 9 weeks. They did find the yolk. The rest of my appointment was a blur of 'are you sure?' and them finally saying 'we believe there has been a demise', 'if there was any possibility of other results the tech would have invited you back next week', and 'with the difference in the baby measurement and the sack, we are sorry'. They agreed to send me in for HCG testing this week as they put it for 'more scientific proof'. I had my 2nd HCG test today and have not heard the results. I have spent the last 2 days crying. We are absolutely devastated. We have two beautiful children already and this third was a surprise gift to us this summer. Miscarriage was never on my mind because we got pregnant under somewhat miraculous circumstances so the news took my legs out from under me. I cannot stop crying and our poor little children (5 and 7) are so sad along with us because we told them about the pregnancy and have been enjoying pulling things out of the pantry every week to symbolize how big the baby was getting. I have come to accept whatever outcome is going to come. However, I have not had nor ever had any bleeding or cramping. Little pangs here and there but nothing lasting. After doing some research, I am not comfortable scheduling a D&C for the end of next week, as my doctor suggested. I'm not sure that I'll ever be comfortable scheduling a D&C unless I had a medical emergency like a fever or severe bleeding. Anyways, of course I have read the miracle stories out there but I do not want to get my hopes up and come crashing down again. So, I am wondering if anyone out there has done a transvag U/S at or around 9 weeks, found no heart beat, and then found the heart beat later? If so, when did you find it? This was our 1st OB/GYN appt for this baby so we have never seen the heart beat. Also, as sad as it will be to hear, I am wondering if anyone out there had a similar experience and then ended up miscarrying naturally later. If so, when?


Thank you so much for your shared experiences.

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 Oh momma, so sorry, and what stress.  You may want to skip down to the loss forum.  Lots of ladies have exp there with the early u/s and finding heartbeats.  Sometimes the ob is just off on dates.  We had a loss after two pregnancies-was never on the radar-it's a huge shock.  

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:hug I'm so sorry you are having to go through such a very sad time. I wanted to point you to this thread, it is other women talking about their miscarriages and there are a lot of women who decided to let things happen naturally. It can be a very sad read, though, so I'm not sure if you'll want to read it or not. If you want to PM me I could go through and grab a few of the less emotional stories about what to expect letting your body miscarry naturally. I also think it's great that you are advocating for yourself and pushing for more answers - I think you'll always be glad you did. 


Here's the link: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/187976/exactly-what-to-expect-with-a-m-c-please-tell-your-stories-what-do-you-see

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