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Vax friendly doc in Calgary

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My family is new to Calgary, AB Canada so we are searching for a vax friendly doctor, as in we are no longer vaccinating. Previously living in Texas we have experienced getting kicked out of practices and hope to avoid that now.
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Welcome to Canada and MDC!


Good luck with the doctor hunt.  You might be pleasantly surprised - most doctors in Canada do not kick patients out for non-vax.  Are you active in La leche league, HS groups, etc?  Someone  might be able to refer you to alternative friendly doctors.  

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I could give you a referral for Edmonton ones, but that's a bit of a drive from Calgary.


I just wanted to reiterate what Kathy said. Most peds and GPs are pretty laid back about the whole issue. My kids' former peds probably wouldn't have agreed with our choice to forego them for as long as we have, but we told them we were delaying and they were okay with that and never brought the subject up again (even though DS was 14 months old when we moved and we had a bunch of WBVs in that time).


It helps that the community health nurses are usually the ones to give the shots, not the peds, so there's not much on site pressure at the ped office.


Generally (just based on my experience) older doctors tend to give a little more leeway with alternate schedules or non-vaxing. The most rigid in their viewpoints were often residents or young doctors, fresh out of school. 

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While every Dr. I have spoken with doesn't agree with my choice, they do say it is my choice and we have never been kicked out of a Dr.s office for not vaccinating.  It is still an uncomfortable moment for me when I say my kids are not up to date with vaccinations.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I should've checked in on LLL to begin with ages ago. I plan on attending the monthly meeting next week. LO a bit young for HS at this point (just turned 25 months) but I agree they would be a great resource.

I would much prefer an older doc but thing is I don't know if we will have much of a choice. I've checked the Alberta healthcare services site and there doesn't seem to be a single doc accepting new patients in our postal code. Someone mentioned a few clinics in the area because they saw signs on the road about accepting patients. That's great but are they good physicians? Is it sort of a take what you can get at this point?

Also just started thinking about a ND which I've never been to before. Any experience with them and how you felt about it? I know we still need to find a GP to complement a ND regardless, correct? Does the ND typically have a certain GP they refer you to or do you already have one in your back pocket?
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How young is your little one?


I got the doctor I wanted when my youngest was under a year, as doctors in Ontario are not (were not?) supposed to turn down patients under a year (tee-hhe).


Call them up and tell them the ages of your children - you might get more priority.

Otherwise, get whatever doctor you can and/or use clinics - and go on wait lists.  

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Finally another Calgarian! :) I've lived here for nearly 5 years . . it's nice to meet another on MDC :)


I have a 2 year old son who doesn't have a regular doctor . . neither do my husband and I. We only take him to the doctor if we feel he needs to see one (injury, etc). He's only been ill twice . . once with Roseola and once with a cold that last a few days . . otherwise he's very healthy. You could start out by just going into a medicentre near your home and seeing if any of the doctors there are accepting new patients :)

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I agree. They may not agree with you but they wont turn you away. You can find family doctor practices accepting patients, online at the AHC website. Also people tend to have family doctors here instead of pediatricians. The only time I have known children to go to one is for a special concern, like growth. My doctor provides my DD treatment and only wrinkles his nose a little when he asks about vaccines. lol.

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