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UofM canton midwife

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This is my first post on mothering, I've been a mothering message board "watcher" for years....dreaming of when I would be at this point, so this is exciting! :-)

My husband and I are currently trying to get pregnant. I have an obgyn through u of m who I really like (Julie Perry at UofM east) but I'd like to have a midwife for my pregnancy and birth. The canton u of m health center is closer to where I live, so I was happy to see that they have a CNM there. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience and opinions with Katherine Bedikian, the midwife there. My goal is a natural birth, and since at this point we're going the hospital birth route, I definitely plan on having a doula.

Also, if you had a hospital birth, how far did you drive to get there? I live in Dearborn and do have some reservations about the drive to Ann Arbor. I'd like to stay home as long as possible once I go into labor but I'm afraid the long drive might not allow that. We lived in Ypsi up until recently so comparatively this feels pretty far!

Thanks for any opinions!
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Welcome to Mothering! I hope you get an answer about the Ann Arbor area, but please look around the rest of the site as well!

If you have any questions about the site, please let me know. smile.gif

I'm glad you found us!

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Hello Mango,


I don't know anything about the midwives at U of M, but I've heard very good things about the ones at Metro Partners for Women's Health in Novi.  They deliver at Providence in Southfield.  I'm also TTC, and this is where I plan to go.

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Metro Partners website: http://www.womensdocs.com


Alternative Birth Center Website: http://www.theabcunit.com/

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I have HAP insurance and unless I want to change all of my other providers, I need to stay through U of M. At this point an out of pocket home birth is not out of the question, but otherwise I will be going through U of M. Thanks for th suggestions though!
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