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NEPA Rally To Improve Birth

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Admin, I hope it's okay to post this and I don't mean to spam anyone.  I know it's short notice but we just got approved for a location. On Monday, September 2nd (labor day) I will be holding a local Rally to Improve Birth at the Hugh B. Hughes Funeral Home on Wyoming Ave in Forty Fort. It's a weird location but it was the only place that agreed to let us gather there. We're advocating for evidence based birth and I know a lot of women here are supportive of such so I thought I'd post my facebook link here for anyone who may be interested in attending.


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It's a free, natural family living oriented event posting! It's fine to put here :)

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Thanks! I definitely didn't want to spam anyone but I wanted to spread the word since this is something that I know many people here have struggled with and it's important. :)

To anyone that may be interested in coming, check out the facebook page because we're also having a sign making party Saturday in the back mountain area!

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