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Homemade diaper detergent help!

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Hi all, I'm trying to go the homemade route for all my cleaning products but am struggling to find a recipe for laundry that is ok to use on my cloth diapers. I'm sure that many of you are making laundry detergent for use with your CDs. Anyone have any suggestions for me?
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Check out these threads!! Good luck!

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Thanks tracyamber,
Those are good links for laundry detgent to be used with clothes: but my main issue is that there is concern over using those recipes with cloth diapers due to build up of soap. I am wondering if any of the cd-ind mamas out the have found a good recipe for use with diapers?
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Thanks again. I guess no one has suggested a stellar recipe yet. Still lots of issues with build up. Anyone else out there?
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I only have experience with plain old flannel diapers, so if you are using a different material, this may not help.  I follow the directions posted on the Duggar's website for homemade laundry detergent and I use it on everything.  I have a giant, five gallon bucket that cost less than $2 to make.  I havent' had a single problem...but again, that is for 100% cotton flannel.

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Thanks mum06. Maybe I should just go ahead and try that recipe. I do have a lot of pocket diapers but if it ends up being a disaster, I can always strip them. Thanks again for relying, I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone out there ; )
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No problem :)  Lots of things I've researched just say, "try it and see if it works for you."  :/ I will also add 1T borax and 1T washing soda if the load is particularly nasty.  I tried a lot of the recipes on different threads, but the Duggar's is my favorite.  It seems to clean better than the rest for some strange reason-even though it uses less borax and washing soda overall. 

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i was just going to suggest that. just watch for build up. maybe run it thru a second full wash without soap and just vinegar to see if that prevents build up.

i think part of the problem with the homemade laundry soap is people tend to over use it. if it says 1 TBSP, they are serious. lol if you over do it (like use a 1/4 c) it builds up even on regular clothing

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Thanks both. I know what you mean about adding a little extra, guilty!
Next load of detergent I make will be duggars, will just keep an eye out for build up. Extra cycle as a rinse is a good idea too.
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i do it alot too! i keep thinking... there is no way a TBSP of soap can clean this and add some more. LOL

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