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Help me with my prefolds please!

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My son is 2 months old and he quickly grew out of his GMD yellow edge prefolds. Since I typically do the "angel wing" fold, I thought it would be easier to have a little extra "wing" to close with, so I bought the GMD "wide baby" size. Well, they seem too short. It's hard to imagine that he needs a large brown edge already. Would you guys mind looking at a picture and making a recommendation for me? Which prefolds do I need? They need to be as absorbent as possible because he is a heavy wetter, and right now I'm putting him in a prefold with a bamboo doubler (or two) and a wool cover at night.


Here he is in a "bikini twist" fold.


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I have no answers but bumping this up should get you some. 

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Cute baby! I cant say what size you need as we are still in the orange edges! But, I would think that if you're using doublers and inserts, those will eat up some of the length. Sorry I can't help more.
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GMD have a red edge which is the next size up. I've found bikini twist to use too much fabric. This diaper looks like it fits fine though.
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Your baby is precious! Looks like a good fit to me too. The twist does use a lot of fabric. My brown edge GMD prefolds seem to swallow my 23 ish pound, 30ish inch tall baby. They come way up past his belly button when angel folded or rolled. The middle seems a lot wider and I have to stuff it back into the cover. Tri-folding is totally out at this point. I've thought a hundred times about ordering red edge but don't want to risk being out the $$ if I could make brown work. I still am able to tri fold the smalls believe it or not and get good results since his poo is solid now I don't have to worry about blow outs. I've also had luck with simply folding flats during this in between time.
I want to say THANK YOU to the op because the bikini twist uses up a lot of the fabric and this makes the brown edge work for us! Yay! Now if I could only troubleshoot the softness issue (see my other post as to not hijacked this one).

Mothering.com is just the best! I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this site ((((((hugs)))))) to all the Mamas out there doing the best they can for their families!
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Brown is BIG. We did yellow-red-now brown. It felt like a big jump from red to brown, on my 30lb 2 yo. The twist in a brown might work but prob too big. We only use the twist when DD is just barely into the next size up. You have to face the fact that they will have a thick wad of cloth in their crotch and that's ok.
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