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Expecting twins...any advice?

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Hi All,

I just joined the group. I am 14.5 weeks with di-di twins. This is my first pregnancy, but we have an amazing adopted daughter who is 20 months. I am feeling pretty good about things...better now than when I was so tired and nauseous anyway... still a little terrified about having twins though. Anyone have any sage wisdom? Words of encouragement? Things they wish they had done differently?

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Hey, check this out!!


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We just found out that we are expecting twins too!  We have an older son who is 3.5.  No twins in our family, so we were pretty shocked, and we just found out last week (I'm 16 weeks along).  Glad to have someone else along for the ride!


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Us too! I am 17w 4d along and we are having fraternal boy-girl twins. We *thought* there were no twins in our family until we let my parents know. As it happens my maternal grandmother was a twin but her sibling died at birth so I never knew. Since my grandmother, with whom I was close, passed away a few years ago I am actually thrilled to be able to "share" this with her. That said, I definitely freaked out when they told us it was twins. We were absolutely not expecting that at all.

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We are also expecting di-di twins! Total surprise for us as well. I have one cousin on my dad's side that has twins, but other than that, no family history.


Glad to have someone to share this crazy pregnancy with! I've been bad about being on the board recently, but I'd love to connect with other twin moms!


I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and we find out gender in 3 weeks....eeek! We have a 28 month old son who I'm currently potty-training and then will be working to transition to a big boy bed. Poor guy doesn't know what's coming for him February next year :)


What is everyone's birth plans? The information out there on twin pregnancy and birth can be crazy overwhelming!

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I have been feeling so sore the past couple of weeks!  More since we found out that it's twins, so I'm wondering if it's somewhat psychosomatic, but it's definitely there.  Mostly sore underneath my belly, but not tight like a contraction.  Am I just getting stretched so much because I'm carrying twins?  Or is it my c-section scar that's getting stretched?  It makes me nervous.  I have a history of pre-term labor so I'm trying to be vigilant about it this time, but I just had my cervix checked at the ultrasound last week and it looked good.  Twins are kind of scary.

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Oh, and I'm STILL feeling the "first tri" yuckies, lots of nausea and not wanting to eat.  Never had that with my previous pregnancy, so I'm chalking it up to the twin thing, but now I don't know when to expect it to subside.  Maybe never? :(  Ugh.  And it's making it so hard to eat enough food and enough protein.  Have you mamas read Dr. Luke's book about expecting twins, triplets and quads?  I just finished it, it was really really informative and helpful.  She recommends a ton of protein and encourages you to gain as much weight as you can early on, since twins run out of room sooner and are often born early.  It's just hard when nothing tastes good!

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Ememers- I had a lot of round ligament pain at the beginning of this pregnancy, and when I have a day or two where the twins are growing really quickly, I get it again. That sounds like what you have! I think the weight of 2 babies growing so quickly just causes more round ligament pain!
I started taking Country Life chelated magnesium at 7 weeks pregnant. I was sick from 5 1/2 weeks til I started the mag, then it went away! I was soooo sick with my son as well and I wish I had found the mag then. It can also help with preterm labor!

I'm currently reading Elizabeth Noble's book Having Twins and i'ts been good. I've heard lots of recommendations for Dr Luke's book as well! Thankfully, we were eating paleo before I got pregnant and I've been able to keep with it during pregnancy, so getting enough protein is not an issue for me. Weight gain is also not an issue! :p

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Can I ask you twin mamas how big you're measuring (fundal height)? I don't *think* I'm having twins, but I'm measuring big for baby's due date. However, this is also my 4th, so perhaps that's it, too. Just wondering...thx

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Jinxymama, at my last appointment I was 15.5 weeks and measured around 22-23 weeks.  Not sure how far ahead I'm measuring now.  My midwife said that subsequent pregnancies often measure big, but I was "bigger than big".  :)

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I go to the Dr this week, so I can speak about measurements after that. My belly has definitely popped in the last week or so big time though. I also have been having some sort of seemingly stretch related feelings in my lower abdomen especially. Not necessarily pain, but more tightness.


I have also been having trouble getting food to seem good. I've been trying to eat as much healthy food as possible, but I have only gained 2 lbs and am 15 wks 4 days and I started out at a pretty healthy weight. I'm finding high protein foods especially tough. I normally really enjoy meat and eggs, but I am feeling really turned off by them. Dinner also used to be my largest meal by far, but the late afternoon and early evening is really when I feel worst so I have added extra snacks with nuts and yogurt during the afternoon. Unfortunately, what I really really want is a big ham and cheese deli sub. I feel like I could eat Subway (gross right?) at every meal. Great, nitrate laden Listeria pile is what I want...silly pregnancy brain.


Is there some sort of research that eating peanuts during pregnancy can contribute to allergies for the kiddos? I vaguely remember hearing something about that.


Can't wait to find out gender in another month or so. This thing is getting super real!

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Fun that there are so many of us in this DDC!  Our due date is Feb 14, 2014 as well, but I've been telling people that they are due "January-ish".  My son had the same due date and he was born early on Dec 24, so I'm hoping to go longer with this set.  But carrying twins and having a history of preterm labor has me fairly scared.... just hoping to keep them baking as long as possible.  

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Anyone else having issues with dehydration? I keep getting horribly dehydrated which leads to BH contractions, horrible headaches, fatigue, etc. I'm drinking tons of water, but it totally sneaks up on me randomly. It seems like it happens whenever the babies have a big growth spurt...I can tell because I feel super uncomfortable and tight inside for a few days, then boom, dehydration hits. The next few days I'll have to drink about a liter an hour to keep up with what I need. Crazy!

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Wow, I totally identify with the tight uncomfortable part, but I haven't had trouble with dehydration and I drink about 2-3 liters of water per day. Not nearly as much as you it sounds like. Are you processing all the water okay? Do you feel like you are swollen or retaining water? Those are warning signs, so I would consider bringing it up with your health care person if you are. Blood glucose levels can also influence thirst, so you might want to look at what you are eating.
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I'm not retaining any water. I had dehydration issues with my singleton pregnancy as well but not nearly as severe. I did bring it up with my midwife at my last appointment, and I'll make sure to do it again at the next one.

I'll keep an eye on my carb intake and how it affects my thirst. Thanks!
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So, have you guys thought about your birth plans? I mean, I bet you have, and I bet, like me that you are somewhat terrified about the idea of birthing two babies at once. Is anyone here thinking about a home birth? If this wasn't a twin pregnancy and my first delivery and I wasn't 35 I definitely would be, but we are using an OB for care and having a hospital delivery. Both the doc and the hospital are pretty progressive and dedicated to the benefits of vaginal delivery though, so that makes me feel a bit more reassured.


A friend of mine had twins in January and hearing her story freaked me out enough to do some research when I found out about our babies. She had her first baby naturally and then when the second one was breech she ended up with a c-section. That is the last thing I want to happen to me, so I started asking questions and I found out that some (few) doctors will deliver a second twin breech. Both of the docs in our practice will do it, which is part of the reason that I chose them. Also, they are awesome. I'm just worried that when I am ready to deliver it will be the middle of the night and neither of them will be on call. 


Also, in other news. I ended up in the hospital the other night with crazy...really crazy abdominal pain and vomiting. They never figured out what it was and it resolved on its own after about 5 hours. I thought I had a busted appendix or a kidney stone or something. It was awful. The only good part was that they did a US to check on the babies and I found out that we are having a boy and a girl. I am so excited!!!!

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alysonsky - do you think it could've been a gallbladder attack? My husband had a really bad one about a month ago -- my mom alerted me to the possible symptoms -- so he's been a lot more careful about what he eats and he hasn't had a problem since. (check out: http://www.gallbladderattack.com) He's also been taking some digestive aids to help, too. Glad you and the babies are ok!! And congrats on the boy/girl combo! I have a twin brother and we had such a fun childhood together. :)

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@alysonsky I've thought about our birth plan, but for me the most important things are not "in the plan". Like you we chose awesome OBs who will deliver Baby B vaginally even if she's breech, so I trust them, which is huge. But also, I think that personally I'd rather have one vaginally and one C-Section (if that's what HAD to happen) rather than both via C-Section. Yes it's more stuff that needs to heal, etc, but I truly believe that vaginal birth is better for me and for the babies, and going through labor/contractions is good for the babies -- so I want them to have that even if the ultimate birth is not my ideal. Don't get me wrong, I really want to do everything possible to avoid a C-Section, but I'm also trying to practice an attitude of gratitude (which is not so easy). Twins are risky and I am grateful for the ability to access great medical care, and when they are truly necessary C-Sections can be great medical care. I keep telling myself this.


Also, we're using a doula. Having someone there to support my husband and I in this process -- especially since we have never had children before -- is a huge comfort. I like knowing that we have an expert to lean on whose primary goal is to help us feel comfortable and empowered. Although I love our doctors their job is different.


And last, but not least - I am not afraid. I'm a little bit nervous about this big unknown thing, but I am not afraid. Something that has helped me has been to read the birth stories in Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. Granted, she doesn't feature any twin moms, but I tell myself that since these twins were conceived spontaneously then my body must know what it's doing enough that it'll be able to get me through this process. The La Leche League handbook also had a nice phrase, which I try to keep in mind, which was that labor is productive pain -- just like the pain you get when you're running a race, it hurts, but you keep going and then you win! I keep telling myself that the birth process will be the same -- productive pain. So, knowing that it will likely be uncomfortable but that "this too shall pass" is helping me to not be afraid. My hope is that the research is true and that not being afraid will actually mean I'm not in as much pain when the time comes.



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Hey all, I found out about a month ago that I'm pregnant with twins, too. I had no idea before. I haven't been very active in this group, but I'm hoping to change that. :)


We were planning a home birth (our third), but things feel sort of up in the air now. I'm not sure I feel confident about birthing twins at home, though my midwife has cared for and caught 7 sets of twins without incident. I love my midwife, but I'm not sure I'm mentally there, KWIM?


I've met with an OB twice and he's very "crunchy" and is very comfortable with delivering a breech baby B. He is also supportive of med-free birth, but says it may not be the best choice in a twin birth.


Our babies are di-di, but we have chosen not to find out their sexes. I may cave on that one sometime, but our older two were "mystery" babies as well.

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Originally Posted by jinxymama View Post

alysonsky - do you think it could've been a gallbladder attack? My husband had a really bad one about a month ago -- my mom alerted me to the possible symptoms -- so he's been a lot more careful about what he eats and he hasn't had a problem since. (check out: http://www.gallbladderattack.com) He's also been taking some digestive aids to help, too. Glad you and the babies are ok!! And congrats on the boy/girl combo! I have a twin brother and we had such a fun childhood together. smile.gif

It seemed to be much too low to be my gallbladder, but they did put that forth as a possibility at first.
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