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Anyone know babies' positions yet? I'm 22 weeks now and Baby A is breech. Baby B is head down. I'm doing exercises from spinning babies and will start going to the chiro to see if we can flip Baby A before they get too big to flip! 

We also found out we are having two girls! There are NO girls on my husband's side and very few on my side, so we are super shocked and excited!

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Both of mine have mostly been head down the past few times I've seen them (I've had some complications and about a sono per week the past month). But they can definitely still move and flip at this point so I'm not assuming they'll stay that way, though that would be good.

Congrats on two girls! Are they di/di?

I had an appt today, cervical sono showed my cervix is shortening. So bed rest continues. The docs keep reminding me that before 24 weeks they won't try to save the babies. Thanks, I am very well aware of that! But they are both measuring a bit ahead of schedule (estimated at 1 lb 5 oz and 1 lb 2 oz) so that's good. Just need to do my best to keep them baking as long as possible!

Also in good news, we got the results of the trisomy screening and it was negative. (We did MaterniT21, which apparently is best for twins.)

How is everyone else?
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Ugh, so sorry your cervix is shortening. Prayers that they stay in there a good long time. Do they know why it's shortening? Are you having lots of contractions?

Yes, di/di twins! Pretty sure fraternal, but we'll see. 

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Ememers, best of luck! I hope those babies stay put for a good long time.

I have an appt with the doc this week so I am excited to know how he thinks everything is going. I had my ultrasound a couple of weeks ago when I was in the hospital, but I haven't seen him since. I'm also anxious to see how I am measuring because I feel huge!

I also need to ask him about a few dizzy/ flushed/ sort of feeling like I need more air/ nauseous spells that I have had. They are a little scary especially when I am alone with our little one. Anyone else experience anything like this? I'm wondering if it is related to low blood pressure + increased blood volume. Guess we'll see.
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Advice? Find a midwife who supports vaginal birth of twins, do everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy with as much natural preventive care as possible, get some good compression stockings and a support belt, and contact your local LLL leader now to start preparing to breastfeed twins. smile.gif Once tthey're earth side twins can actually be much easier in ways... I would have loved to have twins.
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Shortness of breath and dizziness are totally normal for pregnancy. Get up slowly, move slowly when needed, make sure you eat all day long. smile.gif
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I have had some contractions, but neither of the times when I went to labor & delivery did they pick up any on the monitor.  I'm keeping a closer eye on it at home now, but since there's not a lot they can really do at this point, I'm just taking it as easy as possible at home.  No real explanation as to why my cervix is shortening, possibly I just have a weak cervix, maybe because I have a tilted uterus, maybe the weight/stress of twins is proving challenging.  Just trying to hang in there as long as possible. My DS was born at 32.5 weeks so I'm no stranger to the concept, though it's started much sooner this time around.  

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How is everyone doing/feeling? Third trimester now!


I've been shocked at how good I still feel for 28 weeks with twins. Don't get me wrong...I have my bad days, but all in all it's been better than I thought it would be at this point! The growth spurts are killer now that they are getting so big though!


We have hopefully our last ultrasound today, to confirm babies' positions. Hoping Baby A has turned vertex! Everything else (besides a breech baby A) has been super smooth in this pregnancy so hopefully we can just coast it out til the end from here.

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Feeling fine over here, 33 weeks and measuring at 47! Honestly I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. The only bothersome symptoms I've had are a lot of congestion and some heartburn, but otherwise I feel pretty normal. Starting to emotionally feel a little anxious about becoming a parent but physically we are all systems go.
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