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hello from Florida!

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I'm new. Still not sure of the ropes around here. Nice to meet you! Guess this is an into? Well I'm Mandy and my son Richie is almost three, daughter Emmy is five months. Hello!
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I guess I should tell about me...I'm a sahm, I crochet..we have three dogs...I'm 21...I hate alcohol with a passion...I'm a Christian (non traditionalist), love organizing, writing, coffee, lists, learning...i breastfed my son 23 months, nursing his sister for however long...I love nature, I have a lot of fear of danger...struggle with OCD and anxiety, also anger, but each day gets better...uhm, I'm married...and I LOVE subs...love 'em!
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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!


You should check out our Stay At Home Parents forum, and our Arts and Crafts forum.  There are several groups and tribes for Christian Mamas as well.

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