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Alpharetta Elementary

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My husband and I are looking at homes near downtown Alpharetta.  Mainly the Stone Gate Manor neighborhood.  I haven't heard much about Alpharetta Elementary and wanted to see if anyone has kids in this school?  If you know anything good or bad about the school and/or neighborhood please share :) 

My daughter is starting a private Kindergarten next week but we plan on transitioning her to a public school for 1st grade. 



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Can anyone help Bellydance?

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I did a school tour and it seemed decent.  They have no security on the doors, people were just walking right in - yikes!  But she said that will change for all of Fulton County soon. 

Negatives for me were only 15 mins of recess a day.  Really?!?  Kids need more outside time.  And no language program that I am aware of.  I still need to contact the curriculum director about that though.

Teachers seemed nice, kids seemed happy, they handle food allergies well. 


I'd still love to hear from anyone with a child in the school!

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