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New Here and New Mama

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Hi all! Boy do I wish I'd found this site sooner, so much to learn! I'm 33 weeks along with my first child. I'm in the supper excited, always eating, don't sleep at night phase. My husband is my best friend, my mother a close 2nd. I was homeschooled, DH wishs he had been, and that's the plan for our children. We live in the Oklahoma hills, raise dairy goats and other critters, our long term goals is to make a profit from our little homestead. We truly feel like we are Gods beloved children, and are very blessed to live out our dreams together. And it's safe to say for this neck of the woods we have some very outside the box thinking for a young couple in their mid 20s. That's what I enjoy places like this, it makes it so easy to share and learn with like minded people!

Personally I'm pretty crafty when I want to be, rather outspoken at times, and am growing more and more passionate about my growing little family...hormones mite have something to do with that last one. Lol.


Oh and we are having a girl, Acelyn Aurora...I'm so excited to see her face with my own eyes. *sigh* Anyways hello wave.gif

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Welcome to Mothering! I'd say you should find lots of forums of interest here! Let me know if you want any information about the site or where to discuss any particular topic.

smile.gif I'm glad you found us!

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Thank you. I think I'm really going to enjoying being here.

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Hello and Welcome to Mothering!!!


It sounds like you will fit right in!  Check out our Due Date Clubs if you haven't already.  And feel free to let me know if you need help with anything. :)

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