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long hair/ short hair

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So lovely mumma's how do you do it? With ds1 I had waist length hair and it got very deprived while he was a newborn, just chucked up in a messy pony everyday and neglected. Cut short when he was 4months old, but required large amounts of styling so wasnt terribly practical. Ds2 again just past shoulder length hair and its been that way most of his life.

This time my hair is past my shoulders and im just not feeling the love right now but know factually that i wont have time nor energy to do a short "do" once baby arrives.

So tell me how do you manage your hair when you have little people to wrangle and minimal time to do it?

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I just got my hair cut for the first time in two years. Before I got it cut, it looked pretty decent if all I did was run a brush through it. Now, there are layers and it requires some effort or it goes weird and flippy...I'm sort of regretting my decision. I should have just gotten a trim! Anyway, I foresee a lot of pony tails while my baby's little!
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I've come to the conclusion that there is no easy way to deal with my postpartum hair. I think I slightly preferred long hair to short, but when it started falling out, that was more complicated when it was long. This time I'm planning to keep it just past shoulder length and keep it in a simple braid whenever I can.

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do not cut it!! i plan on doing braids to dry it low-maintenance (i have wavy hair with uneven texture) and then lots of low side ponytails and buns with chopsticks :) 

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Oh Maine mama I had completely forgotten about the post partum shedding, gosh I think a very minor trim is order to deal with the ends and then lots of easy pretty up do's that are insanely quick is the way to go. Straightening , or even blow drying just isn't something I can keep up with, which I'd have to do if I had a fringe or bangs.
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I had long hair with DS1.  I kept it for a while but then just got tired of it getting stuck under my armpits and such at night.  I did a big chop and donated it to locks of love.  It's just below shoulder length again and I'm sure I will keep it long.  I'm a pony tail kind of girl anyway and have zero styling skills when it comes to my hair.  Shorter hair is just so much more work for me.  The shedding was awful but temporary.

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My hair is always short smile.gif
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My first life goal I remember making was when I was 5 years old, to have hair to my knees. I'm happy to say I reached that goal before I was 18. I didn't have more then a trim until two years ago, I took 8 inchs off and was pleased.

Before I found out I was pregnant I made up my mind I was going to have it cut a little shorter this time because it needed it and I wanted to change it up a bit. I was in no rush though. But when morning sickness hit I had my mom lop a whole heap of it off. It was half way down my thighs, and I had her take it off half way up my back. I will NEVER have it that short again! I was supper thankful for all those hormones that helped my hair grow so fast so that I didn't have to live with the regret for very long. I just didn't feel like me. I think I'll always keep it between my waist and knees. And I'm sure after our little girl gets here it will still be 90% buns & braids for me.

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Abk - honey in every photo I see of you your hair looks amazing with all your babies I don't know how you do it, this is not bub #3 and man am I struggling with just breast length hair.

Oklafarmmama - amazing! I would love to see photos, I plan to have my wee girl have super long hair if she wants too. I had a wee incident at aged 4 with my bestfriend where we cut each others hair off, I ended up with a pixie cut..... Half way down my back as a teen then opted for a fringe and a hefty cut, instant regret on the fringe. Although I wouldn't mind trying again.

Maybe I need to learn some pretty braids or something, these days it's a simple bun or folded plait.
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Danielle-My best friend and I gave each other hair cuts around the same age. We were babysat together by a women who did hairdressing out of her home, so it was inevitable, really! DS2 gave himself a hair cut not too long ago and I kept letting it grow because I was afraid of how it would look if I tried to "fix it" (I cut all my boys' hair). When I finally did cut his hair, I kept getting compliments on it (including from people who never saw what it looked like when he cut it)! However, I can still tell it was a goofy kid hair cut that I tried to fix. I just hope it'll be grown out enough to fix it properly by school picture day!
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My hair is really straight, so me "doing" my hair each day consist of a 3 minute blow dry. That's it. No product, so straightener, no nothing. I'm too lazy to have a hair style that I actually have to do anything with. When I had long hair, it was pulled back every day because I was too lazy to do it.
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I have a few pics on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/jocelyn.jp.martin/media_set?set=a.194475520597244.54013.100001043914468&type=3


I never did that as a kid, but some of my brothers did. So Sweet of them to help each other. Lol. My mom saved the hair. The funny thing is my grandmother is a hair dresser who worked from home. And all the women on my moms side of the family had cut, styled, colored hair. I guess I was just born willing to be different. Plus my family always praised my long hair so it made me feel loved :) I think I'd like to try a soft perm at some point, just enough to give it some bounce.


I think short or long a woman {or girl} should feel beautiful and confident with their looks. As long as your happy what not much else really matters.

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Abk - I envy you! My hair doesnt know what it is, its straight-ish, but somewhere between thick and thin and rather unruly.


Okla Farm Mama - WOW Your hair is stunning! It is a serious commitment having hair that long. I have to say not many woman here in nz have hair that long, and when I see it Im always in awe :-)

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OklaFarmMama - great animals, but I didn't see any photos showcasing your hair.


Mine is now pretty long, covers my breasts /more than halfway down my back.  I'm so happy being able to  quickly put it up in a twisty bun when I start to feel sweaty, without even a clip handy, when it's this long, just by long-practiced technique.  It's pretty straight, but of course looks more stunning and 'straight fab' when I blow it dry.  Layers are great when it's a bit shorter, past the shoulders but not past nipples, but at this length trying to blow dry layers to turn under just doesn't work, they have grown out.  Six months ago when it was shorter I had a great long layered cut that looked kinda okay when not blown dry, but phenomenal when I did dry it with a round brush.

I'm just gonna let it grow and get regular trims.  Lots of buns when I'm busy and perspiring and need my hair off my neck, otherwise just hanging down long/thick/straight.  Not too stylish but works for me.  I figure when I'm over 40-45 I will feel like I really need to keep my hair at a more reasonable length and won't have little kids to wrangle and will have peace in the bathroom to blow it and style it, so I can save up any urges for more styled looks for that phase of life, and let the long hair just flop and flow for now while I'm not yet old enough that it looks out of place with my face to have quite long hair.

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Hmm I tryed to post a link strait to the album with my hair shrug.gif it is titled Gotta Love The Locks. But I'll post the before and after pics from this years hair cutting. My mother can put hers in a bun with out any clips or pins, but hers is thicker and has more body then mine.

Thanks for the complement Danielle :) at this point it's nothing but normal to me to have it long...everytime growing up I thought about cutting it I would have nightmares that some how I'd end up with the shortest bob ever after just one snip. Lol





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Wow, nightmares?  Your Crystal Gale hair is clearly very, very important to you!  It's lovely.

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My hair right now is halfway down my back. I think I'll probably cut it to shoulder length at some point. Or maybe I'll go a bit shorter and donate to locks of love. I feel a little bad because my husband loooooooves it. But it takes too much time to comb when this long... and I remember when my daughter was young it did get a bit neglected for awhile. Plus I feel like I haven't shed a single hair since February and even though I love the thickness I am not looking forward to the tangled mess of shed hairs when it starts to go back to normal!

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My hair was pretty long before DS was born. About midway down my back.  Oh I have a picture

and within months I chopped it shoulder length because I just couldn't handle it. Since then I have kept cutting it shorter and shorter mostly because we've been renovating this house and have only had a bath and it was just a pain for long hair.  Now I'm letting it grow out again and I'm aiming for that pre-DS length. I'm hoping I don't freak out and mom-cut it after this birth. We'll see.  I really miss having long hair and I'd just like to get there and keep it for at least a year before I go through another chopping frenzy.

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Originally Posted by superbeans View Post  I am not looking forward to the tangled mess of shed hairs when it starts to go back to normal!


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I didn't cut my hair at all for over 12 years. It was a natural, spiritual thing for me. Then after I had my son I decided it was time for it to be shorter, so I let my mom cut it. It was never past my butt or anything because it is very fine and couldn't grow that long. Then, last summer I shaved it all off for a rebirth. It was pretty awesome and now I still like it really short. I don't style it or anything, I have always been really low maintenance with my hair. My four daughters all have long natural hair except for one who wears bangs and has hers trimmed now and then because her hair is really thin and it suits her better.
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