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Questions for Moms about Safety while Babywearing

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I am currently pregnant with our first, and I am so interested in ring slings for carrying our newborn.  No one I know uses a baby carrier...it's all strollers and convertible car seat gadgets, but I know you guys know the answers! :)


I've been reading up quite a bit but haven't found any answers to these 2 questions:


I watched some tutorials on using ring slings, but I couldn't tell....is there ANY danger of your baby sliding out the bottom of the sling?  I assume it has to do with snugging up the rings really well, but I keep wondering when you lean forward a bit if the sling swings away from your body, and they can slide out feet first? How do you prevent that?  (Maybe it just doesn't happen, but I've never gotten to try it so I only have my imagination).


My second question is about winter.  Do any of you babywear through winter?  I live in the northern US, and we get quite a lot of ice in the winter...do people still babywear when it may be slippery?   Are their any rules for winter (I'm thinking it must be front-wearing only??)


I'm so excited about this whole concept....I've never wanted to shove around a big stroller and would much prefer to have my baby against me!

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Congratulations on your first pregnancy. Babywearering is great! I don't know how I would have survived without it.

I can't answer your second question as I live in the tropics. Although, as I think about it, possibly slippery mud is similar to ice. I don't do anything very different but I am very aware of how and where I place my feet.

As to your first question, I haven't worn a ring sling very much as I find one shoulder carriers very uncomfortable but, when I did wear it, it couldn't swing out from my body. It was pulled too firmly around me.
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A few points about slings. You are essentially creating a pouch, so the baby is surrounded on almost all sides (all but the top). It may seem a strange analogy, but think of it like a crescent shaped handbag. Also, what katelove said is true, the baby is so snug to you that swinging out doesn't happen.


As for babywearing in cold weather, I've done it quite frequently. I live in NH. Sure there are dangers of slipping and tripping as an adult, but generally you fall backward so just stick to forward facing. Also, there are risks to putting your baby in a car, but we take precautions to reduce those risks. Same for babywearing. Just take it easy when it's cold and possibly icy, and you'll probably be fine. In fact if you ever do slip, your Mama instincts will probably kick in. I have a friend who recently wrenched her ankle (no ice! just a ditch) because she tripped while putting her baby in the car (already in the carseat). Somehow she tripped in a ditch, and still managed to get the baby in the car and upright and safe while she fell. 


If you think about the mechanics of falling, how often do you fall and injure your chest/belly? Generally it's on your hands, or shoulder, or backside, or arms/elbow, or head. Your instincts are pretty good at protecting those vital organs in the center of your body, and probably even moreso with a baby attached.

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Thanks katelove and greenkri, for the thoughtful answers!! I'm glad to hear it's as safe and secure as it seems! As for winter ice, you're right, now that I think back, I can't remember a single time I have actually fallen on my chest or tummy.  Maybe I could even double up on safety by wearing those stretch-on cleats on my shoes.


That's amazing about your friend falling and managing to get her baby safely in the car......agh I can't wait to develop all of those awesome Mom skills:)

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Congratulations on your little one! Since you're interested on ring slings, here's a video done by a friend with her little baby: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NxTzAxU7Bkw&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DNxTzAxU7Bkw
I'm not sure which videos you might have seen already, but I happen to like her technique and it might help you as well smile.gif

As far as babywearing in icy conditions, I definitely agree with previous posts. Your instincts will kick in and you should be fine.

If you're wondering about how to keep warm for both of you, there are some wonderful products out there like the Kowalli and Peekaru. If you're interested in a little DIY, this is cute: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/mycupcake/skoodlet-2

Hope that helps!
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Always remember to have a layerr of fabric between your body and the baby, this will ensure that the LO is tucked in a pouch and will be highly unlikely to fall out. My babies never ever came close to falling out... my problem was my horrible spacial awareness that caused me to smack their heads into doorways. haha
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Originally Posted by blessedwithboys View Post

My babies never ever came close to falling out... my problem was my horrible spacial awareness that caused me to smack their heads into doorways. haha

LOL I've totally done this!  Thank god LO's got a hard head like her mommy and daddy ;)  I sill find myself walking through doors with my hand out behind her head and she's almost 2!


I love my ring slings and am in CT with some pretty heavy winters past few years and I feel far better about wearing DD than when I had her in the stupid bucket seat and trying to maneuver that bulky thing across a parking lot - way more balance with a properly secured carrier.

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Jmariel, thanks for the link to the video! And I love look of the Peekaru!!


Blessedwithboys and sassyfirechick, I'm laughing and relieved to hear you guys have bonked your kids in doorways.  I had just finished telling my husband, "I'll have to only babywear on the front, or I'll forget and whack our poor child on doorways and strangers".  Glad it's not just me! hehe:)


I agree about those bucket seat/handle things...I can't believe after all these years they haven't designed one that you don't have to carry in such a weird awkward way....out to the side with your arm burning!  I'm definitely thinking a ringsling is the way to go, and maybe a Boba carrier later.


Do you guys think from the time your baby was new, to when you carried him/her as a toddler, that your back muscles got super strong on their own?  I am thinking some back/core exercises may be in order here...Do those of you with older babies/toddlers still get sore from a day of babywearing?

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If you carry them every day, even for short periods, you grow stronger as they get bigger.  I go to a chiropractor regularly bc I had back issues before DD was born and I've not had any problems.  She was quick to gain weight - 7.5 at birth, to 14lbs at 4mos, and 20lbs by 6mos -then she leveled off and has been sitting around 28lbs (I swear she feels heavier!) for while now, and will be 2 in November.  I can easily switch from hip to back with my ring sling, and if she's tired I swing her around to the front and she will fall asleep and I've not any issues wearing her.  Now if I try to carry her in my arms without a sling, that's a whole different ball game! Far harder to carry her for even short periods in my arms before feeling the burn.  Plus as they age and get taller the weight distributes a bit differently.  We're getting into fair season and I fully intend to wear her around rather than take a stroller and attempt to navigate crowds.  I'm sure I'll be a little sore in the feet and probably need an adjustment afterwards, but she walks enough that wearing will be mostly to contain her crazy spurts or for her to nap.

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