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Almost 9.5 month old biting

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x-posting from my DDC. DD (almost 9.5 mo) bit my nipple while nursing once or twice over a month ago. I said "No!", left the room, came back a few minutes later, and she didn't do it again. 


Between today and yesterday she has bit my nipple at least 7 times and my arm once! I give her a stern "No, that hurts!" and she giggles. I leave the room and come back and she giggles...although, when she bit my arm, I tried the stern no and she cried, but never when it was my nipple. I don't know what to do. She thinks it's a game and I'm terrified every time she latches on that my nipple is going to seriously get hurt. We have latching difficulties on the other side, so it's not like I could easily just use one side while the other healed from a bad bite. I also don't want to do something that will scare her, because I know someone who did scare their baby over biting and they wouldn't latch on again. I'm starting to get really nervous and tense every time she latches on, just waiting for it. Any suggestions?

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I found some articles on LLLI.org, but they are dated.  I'll link them for you, in case they are of any use.

If Your Baby Bites - New Beginnings
Biting FAQ - LLLI website
It includes things like giving praise for good latching, being firm with bad latching.  It might work better to stop the breastfeeding and put her on the floor every time, but stay in the room, and not react otherwise.  Or turn her around and hold her facing out, so you aren't putting her down, but she is not able to bite.

Also, can you tell when she is slowing down on sucking and swallowing, and break her latch at that point?

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