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TTC #1 on soy, PCOS

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Hello all, seems like activity around here has decreased a bit since the mag went under (last time I was a member it was still in print). Hope to find some buddies nonetheless...

My story is long, so I'll attempt a short version...I was ttc for 2 years with my ex, 1 m/c right at the beginning. We found out there was mfi in play shortly before splitting up--had always assumed the problem was me and my PCOS. Now remarried with 1 DSS (proof that DH is all systems go) and hoping very hard for a BFP soon!! This cycle I am on prenatals, D3 (5000), b12 and doing soy isoflavones (80 mg) and black cohosh (80 mg) CD 3-7. Planning on doing bromelain and possibly progesterone cream post-o if I have a good O. Would appreciate any tips, guidance, commiseration wt al. smile.gif
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Welcome to Mothering! I hope you've found our TTC forum at http://www.mothering.com/community/f/178/trying-to-conceive - if not, go in there and say hi!

Good luck on your TTC journey! smile.gif
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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!!


I too have PCOS, and spent a lot of time on both our TTC forum and our Infertility forum.  They were huge helps.  I hope you find some good support there.  Feel free to let me know if you need any help around the forums. :)

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Hi Waiting4Years...


I am new too-- this is my first post actually.  :)


I know black cohosh is in Vitex but are you on Vitex as well?


With both of my children I was taking vitex for the first two weeks leading up to O and then stopping until either period or pregnancy occurred.  I got pregnant both times within the first month of use after TTC for about six months with my first and 1 month with my second.  Coincidence?  Maybe but I swear by the stuff and so does my mother's best friend who works as an NP at a Woman's Clinic in Durango.


Also, my sister in law gave me the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and it's an AWESOME resource.


Good luck!!!  You will get your BFP-- keep up the faith and positive energy.  :)



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Thank you, ladies! I will get over to the TTC forum and introduce myself soon (I've been lurking). smile.gif

SunshineMama, thanks for the tip, I may give that a go if the soy is a bust! We have been NTNP for about a year, and frankly we have a lot of sex so it seems a little misleading to say "not trying". Lol. I know I'm not likely to have a healthy pregnancy without boosting my chances somehow... I was put on BCP (OrthoTriCyclen) long term to "help" with painful periods as a teen, and I believe they did permanent damage to my fertility. greensad.gif

I am not on Vitex now, wasn't sure about combining that with soy, as the soy is "natural Clomid" and I know Clomid and Vitex do not mix. I did Clomid in my former TTC life... I did ovulate, but it was very drying and the AF following was painful (hard cramping for very little substance), so I'm definitely not too keen on going back on that. So far the SE of soy have been milder... No excessive dryness or hot flashes, some mild headaches, breast tenderness, ovary twinges (yeah!), and weirdly enough, an extra strong pulse? I have no idea why that would be, but even DH noticed...he could SEE it when I was reading in bed last night!

Anyway, I'll mosey on over to the TTC forum and post updates... Thanks again all, for the welcome!
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