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Baby Saffron is here!

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Just a quick pic and announcement that my baby girl was born on the 28th weighing 2lb 13oz, feet first breech! SHE is doing well, we've had cuddles,I'm expressing - she is starting a couple of MLS every 2 he's via ng.

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congrats mommy

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Oh my goodness! Congratulations! SO glad to hear she is doing so well!

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Oh she is beautiful! Congratulations. :) Will be praying for both of your well being. Glad she is doing well.

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Congratulations!! She's beautiful!
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Congratulations, Sienna! She's gorgeous!

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Oh my gosh!  Congratulations to you.  I am so happy to see you snuggling with your baby girl. 

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HUGE congrats, mama- haven't been on here much but heard the news on our FB group. So glad to hear both you and she are doing well. Wishing you a blissful babymoon (((hugs)))

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Congrats mama!! Glad to hear she is doing well and see you skin to skin!

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Congrats Sienna!! What a cutie, love love her name!!!!
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just check in to see how she is doing any updates

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I've been wanting to do the same - how are you both?
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 Same here.  Hope all is okay and you're doing well.  

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We are OK, she is 4lbs now, she had a setback due to infection which has been hard but hopefully she's on the mend now. I'm tired from the constant expressing but I know its totally worth it.
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well i hope she gets better soon and take care of your self too

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Take care and it will all be worth it . You're still in our thoughts .
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Yay for 4#!  Is she able to latch at all? Hope she's better soon :)  

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She sometimes latches, on a good day she did 10 mins which was amazing, but other times she fusses and won't latch - I think this happens when we attempt to latch when she's already feeling too hungry and wants instant gratification.mI'm at a bit of a loss, was thinking about trying nipple shields?
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Sienna, that's probably what's happening. I'd consult the hospital lc next time you nurse her or see if a lll leader is welcome there. Nipple shields can cause more problems according to the lll. They inhibit nerve in the breast causing let down problems and less milk release. Then, you have to wean baby from those to breast. Better to get the lc/lll there so they can personally see what's going on before trying anything artificial, and maybe do what Thebyer did avoiding bottles. It will work out momma.
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I really hope so, its hard at the moment xx when she's feeling better I will definitely look into seeing a lll advisor.
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