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Hi Ladies --

I'm brand new here and I'm excited to join your community. You ladies seem like a great bunch to share this ttc journey with.

To bring you up to speed with where I am on the path to a BFP.

I had my first try, an unmedicated cycle with RE - back to back IUIs with frozen samples on Sept 3th and 4th. I had my Beta test at 12DPO - BFN. It was not a surprise as I felt AF was on the way.

Went in for try #2, this time with clomid on CD3. RE has to do another beta test prior to approving me to take my first dosage of clomid. HCG levels have now increased to an 8 on CD3!?!? I'm not approved to take the clomid and go in for a second blood test 48hrs later, HCG levels are now an 18??eyesroll.gif I have no idea what is going on, as I am currently on cd5 and AF is heavy.

I have another blood test in the morning.

Needless to say the October cycle is cancelled. I'm not approved for my next try because my HCG levels are climbing super slowly. My RE is on vacation this week and her nurse is less than helpful with info. What a curveball!
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hi all,


Wow, lots to catch up on, will have to do it when I'm back home.


Jwaite I'm so so sorry to hear your news, sending lots of hugs & comfort to you xxxxx :Hug


welcome to the newbies! hope your time here is short :w


Fried - I did the short protocol. I'll post more about it later but the main difference is whether they stop your cycle so they can completely take it over with timing etc, or whether they 'piggy back' on your existing cycle which is much shorter & less invasive.


I had gonal f level 112.5 from day 2 for about 8 days or so. Then I had a scan and on about day 8 took gonal as well as orgalutran to stop ovulation occuring. There is another equivalent med I had last time as they ran out of the O. On day 15/16 after another scan to make sure the follies were of an OK size I took one injection of Ovritrelle, which brings ovulation on 30 hours after you inject so it has to be very specific timing for the retrieval of the eggs. Eg I took the jab at 10pm on a Saturday night, had the retrieval 10am on Monday morning. Let me know if you have any questions xx


that's all for now, last day of hols & it's pissing down with rain but we're still going to do our sightseeing tour. Probably won't see much though!! xx

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Welcome redglitter. I am trying to understand your timeline. You did the last IUI on 9/4, so i am guessing thats the O date, negative test on 9/16. bleeding came on 9/21 and you got a positive test on 9/23 and 9/24? Is that correct? So it seems like AF was kinda late, so perhaps sth. implanted and there is some embryonic tissue that causes the hcg. I also heard of women pregnant with twins who bled like a normal AF and lost one embryo but kept the other, but that doesn't seem likely from what you write. I'll keep my fingers crossed you'll find out what is up soon. It must be very stressful. Can you visit with another doctor?
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Tested today and it was negative. I was so hopeful too! I try really hard to not read into symptoms, but I thought this one felt different. It's still a little early, af isn't due until Sunday, but I'm feeling discouraged. This was try number eight for us, and I never thought it would take that long. How does anyone accidentally get pregnant if it's this complicated!?
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mama: I'm really sorry that you are having to deal with this setback. Any news from the doctors yet? I hope that it is nothing serious and you can get back to syncing up soon. 


fmorris: Fingers crossed that you get to insem in time. Have you started the new job yet? How do you like it?


invitn: welcome back! I don't have any suggestions, but I'd agree with what others have said. I really don't want any medical interventions either but at times it seems like it'd be a better choice at least financially. I hope you find a path you are comfortable with soon. As far as I understand LH can surge and the egg doesn't release. That's what happened to me this cycle. I had all the signs and a positive OPK, even ovulation pain and then didn't ovulate until a week later, and those ovulation pains were much worse than usual. Strange cycle for me all around. 


isa: No new is usually good news, glad things are going smoothly


sandie: Insem day! Hope that it went well. Twins would be fun, at least my DW thinks so


lea: How far away is your KD? We talked about logistics for using our potential KD and it does seem like it might be hard with work schedules. Hopefully if we go that route we'll figure out something that will work.


pookafaye: Sorry to hear AF showed up. I haven't done any research into lengthening LP, mine is usually 14 days. DW's is short though so if you come up with anything that works I'd love to know for when we use her uterus. 


redglitter: Welcome! I hope your stay here is short. That does sound strange, maybe a chemical pregnancy? Hopefully you will find out more with the next test. 


kbfs: Bummer, I hope AF doesn't come and it was just too early to test. 


AFM: CD 37 here....I really hate these long cycles, ugh. It's like a 4 week wait. AF should be here on Sunday or Monday and then onto try #3. 

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kbfs, i'm so sorry!  i have had that same thought MANY times.


afm, we insemmed today at 9:30am, and i actually asked the tech if she's actually seen patients get pregnant using frozen sperm, because looking at it in the vial...it just doesn't look like enough to make a person.  it had a 17million count though, so, we felt good about it.  she had 2 follicles on her "good side" and i propped her legs up for a bit after even though it doesn't make a difference, i'm sure, but it made me feel better.  i watched the sperm swim in again and we just are very hopeful.  i'm trying SO hard to stay busy, b/c as soon as i slow down, i just stop, thinking that if i just hibernate for 2 weeks it will make the wait easier.  obviously, it doesn't.  


this really is a crazy process.  i mean, so much money, so much disappointment, and yet for some people it comes so easily or is an accident.  a woman who rents office space where i work who is constantly drunk or stoned or both just told me after a false pregnancy scare that she and her husband are "trying" now, even though she doesn't really want to, and even though she was DRUNK AND STONED while telling me this.  i just feel like, how is that fair?  especially if she gets pregnant before us, or if we never do at all.  i mean, come ON universe!  


i'm going to just try not to think about things, which will be easy with so much work to do.  fx for everybody!  fried, can you move me to TWW?

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hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well


wondering if anyone has / or is going to do, IVF with zero insurance coverage...we are debating whether or not to head this route next but are very nervous about the cost...and the possibility of coming away with nothing....though our iui cycles have all been very expensive too....in a nutshell our story for those who do not know -  ttc since july 2012, 7 iuis done...2 chemical pregnancies and one miscarriage (d&c), the rest - bfn...we have tried clomid a few times, injectables 4x (combo of menopur & follistim/gonal-f)...and one natural cycle - bfn...my wife turned 38 in august...had a slew of bloodtesting done...2 hsgs were done and one hysteroscopy to remove a very small polyp... underactive thyroid issue was discovered after the miscarriage which is now regulated w/ meds.  we just don't know if we should continue w/ iui or just go straight to ivf.  my wife has a good egg reserve, but i am concerned we may have an egg quality issue.

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Lea, im just as excited to try again seeing as last month was a bust. I'm so ready to go to Seattle, its been about 5 years since I was last there. I'll be in Bellevue and am wondering if there are any close fish markets?? When do you think you'll insem? Looks like a week for meeh.

Invitn, yep its been over a year on nd off with a total of 4 insems..we just switched from frozen to fresh nd am hoping for a bfp very soon. I'm hoping your cycle works out well. I do completely understand about the hardships of paying for ivf. Not in the budget right now so we do what we can.

Redglitter, welcome! Sorry your cycle was canceled unexpectedly, that's how last month's cycle went for meeh. It'll get sorted when your RE gets back though. Good luck!

Kbfs, sorry about that bfn. You know dp always says that thing about the people who accidentally get pregnant (like mye sister. ..3 times nd once wth twins...naturally conceived) nd I totally agree. I guess our stars just have to align perfectly.

Redrock, thanks for the good vibes! Im excited about trying again nd it'll be great because I will have not seen dp for 4 days (we have only been apart for 2weeks at the longest in 5 years so its hard lol) . Nd I have started nd am loving it! I'm super happy with it. I hope af comes asap so you can get into this next cycle.

Sandiegongp, I hope your tww is speedy nd successful. Good luck.

Afm, looks like I a week from insem nd im just taking it easy nd enjoying some nice weather nd getting ready for Seattle. Boy am I ready.
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SanDiego78 after our 9th IUI we'll start with IVF without any insurance coverage. (I am extremely mad that they only don't cover it because we're gay married not straight married,so booo). We calculated higher sucess rates vs. extra costs and feel that it isn't really that much more expensive. Right now we can probably afford one Ivf and one, maybe two FET cycle, if those don't work we'll have to take a break again.

Everybody any volunteers for threadkeeping next month?
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sandiego - we have no coverage for anything that we're doing. As with Fried we weighed up the cost & got a '3 IVF' deal which is essentially 3 for the price of 2. If something happens with the embie we have 1 more go up our sleeve which was a comfort. Good luck for you -it's hard, isn't it?

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I'll volunteer to be the threadkeeper in October. Unless someone else has a burning desire. I'll be back later for personals and updates.

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sandiego78- we're also doing IVF non-insured. So far, our 4 IUI tries have cost us approximately half of an IVF. If your DP has lots of eggs it might be worth it to go this route. For us, the FET itself is only 1/5 of the cost of the IVF itself, in case it doesn't take the first time around.
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Please join us over in October Queer Conceptions:


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