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Ack - so yesterday was kind of a disaster. We were having a good visit with our KD (good friend) and waiting for the kids to fall asleep before we would do the inseam. But the kids just wouldn't go to sleep, DD didn't even fall asleep in the hour long car ride home which started 2 hours after her normal bed time. We thought that at least the baby would have fallen asleep, but no. So, we decided to go ahead with out attempt anyway since we had to be heading home.


Graphic details ahead:

KD deposited in to a cup, I used some pre-seed since this was my first supposedly fertile day and the CM just wasn't there. We used a medicine syringe for the deposit but it didn't stay put at all. I feel sure that positively everything dripped back out. Ack! No relaxing for me - I had to jump up and try to clean the mess - and at KD's house too.  *sigh*  What are your thoughts: the syringe wasn't in far enough? I shouldn't have used lube? Do people have better luck with instead cups? I thought about using my menstrual cup (fleurcup) for the job, but the way I fold that up for insertion is likely to squeeze everything out so I don't want to risk that.


I know a lot of you are using and RE and frozen swimmers - but it can't hurt to ask. I think Kbfs and I are going to have a lot of the same questions while we get the hang of this.

We decided that I would drive back up to the city today to try again and KD is willing to come to us tomorrow. Let's hope we can get this right. I'm still not sure what method I'm going to use. Hrmmm.. Well, at least I think I'm in the TWW  ;)

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pookafaye - We used frozen but I have heard this method works for fresh:
Use a needless syringe to draw up the semen. Lay on your back with hips elevated, tipping the opening of your vagina upwards toward the ceiling. Insert the syringe as far as it can go comfortably and very slowly press down on the syringe. Once you've pressed it down all the way, gently draw the syringe out of your body. Now, try to insert the empty instead cup.
The idea here is to use the syringe to get the semen inside you and then the cup holds it in place so that it doesn't come back out.
Good luck!
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Hello Everyone. I have been trying to silently read along with your stories these past few weeks, so a BIG congrats to Lizbian, Beastie and Jwaite but I am unfortunately back here speaking up to “un-graduate” myself.


At our 7 week ultrasound appointment things went south. This was supposed to be the appointment where we “graduated” to our OB and were send on our way. Unfortunately the baby had stopped growing, the heart rate had slowed down (almost in half from the week prior) and there appeared to be fluid that wasn’t there the week before. Needless to say we were heartbroken, devastated, angry, scared, you name it. We have had a few follow-up appointments since then and have continued to watch as the heart rate continued to slow down. We decided to try and let things happen naturally so I stopped my progesterone supplements and took it day by day.


Just this past weekend I started to get the first physical signs of my miscarriage. We will be going in again this Friday for another round of blood work and an ultrasound to see where things are.


Fried – If you could please move me to the “Taking a Break” section I would appreciate it.


I wish everyone the best of luck as you continue your journey and I hope to be back in the game and cheering along with each of you again soon!



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Amy, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Big hugs to you and your DP. I wish you both lots of healing and love.
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Oh Amy, much love and big hugs to you and your DP.  I'll hope against the odds for you that things are still on track - but if not I hope that your hearts can mend quickly and you'll be blessed with a sweet baby very soon.  <3

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Hi Ladies,


Redrock, fingers and toes crossed for you!!! Baby dust baby dust baby dust!


Isa, bummer about the raging AF.  You are probably quite right tho'...getting yourself prepared for 9 months of 'loveliness'.  HaHa.  Keep us posted with the IVF goings on.


Liz, you are concerning me.  The BP thing sounds no good.  On the other hand, the dizziness is actually a good sign.  My good friend who is 7 months along with a healthy pregnancy was very dizzy in her first trimester.  She actually ended up getting vertigo treatments because it was so bad.  The treatments helped tho'.  And she's been great every since.  I hope you get some answers tomorrow.  Looking forward to hearing about the results of your US.  And also hoping the OHSS starts to relax itself.  Is there anything the docs can do?  Or acupuncture?  Could that help?  I know you and I are in the same boat with our mums.  I am a bit scared about telling mine, as well.  Altho' when I spoke to her over the weekend, she was asking all about my friend's pregnancy so I am hoping that is a good sign that she will end up excited.  I am thinking about you lady!!


Amy/Jam, my heart is with you and your DP.  I admire your tenacity to get thru this and continue ttc.  I know it is so hard to think about the fact that this happened for a reason, as everything does...and there is tons of hope for you to have a healthy baby with your next bfp.  I have lots of preg friends right now...one of which is 20 wks and conceived right after miscarrying in the winter.  This time around, things are progressing just fine.  I am so so sorry for your loss and sending you lots of love and healing.  


Lots of love to all!

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Oh Amy, I am so very sorry. It's heartbreaking you have to go through this.
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I'm really sorry Amy.  That's tough, I can't imagine what you're going through.


Fried, redrock- How are you doing with your wait?


prettyisa- I hear you on the partying.  when we knew we weren't, we picked up some heineken for her :)  at least there's beer right?


AFM/U- AF arrived in full force Friday, a little later in the morning.  Please move us to waiting to O. We are still sorting out the dr's office stuffs.  Luckily, it seems to be working out, slowly but surely.  At this point we are allowing ourselves a little bit of fun.  I started school again Monday and she's already been going for about 3 weeks (on top of our full-time careers) so there's a very real limit to our fun, but we are having some nonetheless.  Either way, it seems good to have other things to focus on during the process.


Hope all is well with everyone!

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jam I am really, really to sorry to hear your news. I hope that because you were able to get pregnant so easily when you're ready to try again it will be just as quick.


AFM ultrasound today. Good news -ONE LITTLE HEARTBEAT!!!! There was a second mass next to the first so think it's the second blast that stopped developing. He's very cautious so having to have another ultrasound in 2 weeks as he thought it was a little big but I think he was doing his maths wrong as to how pregnant I was. The bad news though is that he strongly advises against me flying to Oz this week because of my ovary problem. I'm at high risk of DVT and even though he's given me blood thinner to take I'm seriously considering whether it's worth risking my health to go. Otherwise we'd try to do a trip in Europe somewhere. The problem is I don't know if he's being too conservative or I need to heed his warning! Anyone with any mediical knowledge have any suggestion? xx

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Yay for a good us result Liz. broc1.gifWhat is at worst at risk, is it a stroke or a lung embolism with the blood clot or sth. less evere? Could compression tights help further? And would you be able to walk around a lot or possibly upgrade to business class? I personally would probably not risk a long-distance air-travel, because I could never forgive myself if sth. happened to the pregnancy. I am still doubting whether my running might have done sth. to cause me to loose our first embryo. But I am also extraordinarily paranoid and hypochondric about pregnancy and I totally understand the desire to see one's family living so far away. Is the doctor as specialist who knows what he's talking about? Could you postpone until the second trimester, maybe for a christmas trip? Oh and what does DW think?

Either way, good luck with the decision, it's a hard one to make.

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Hi Fried- not sure he just said high risk of DVT, wasn't more specific than that. He is a specialist but also super conservative & paranoid. Prescribed blood thinners & the socks & walking around a lot. Seeing at the moment about getting extra leg room which will help. DW wants to upgrade to business class but £10k for the 2 of us!!! Could do a January trip possibly. Just don't know.

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Originally Posted by pookafaye View Post


Graphic details ahead:

KD deposited in to a cup, I used some pre-seed since this was my first supposedly fertile day and the CM just wasn't there. We used a medicine syringe for the deposit but it didn't stay put at all. I feel sure that positively everything dripped back out. Ack! No relaxing for me - I had to jump up and try to clean the mess - and at KD's house too.  *sigh*  What are your thoughts: the syringe wasn't in far enough? I shouldn't have used lube? Do people have better luck with instead cups? I thought about using my menstrual cup (fleurcup) for the job, but the way I fold that up for insertion is likely to squeeze everything out so I don't want to risk that.


You know we had KD draw it up himself but, after the first insem he was 'depositing' straight into the syringe. Mye thoughts...try a 10cc syringe and see if he can get it right in there. WHen actually insemming go as SLOW as possible. Our last insem I used preseed both times, the first time I had leakage, but I think it was due to not lying down long enough. Second time (we used a speculum both times) we did everything the same except I rested until the morning and no leaking. You did  everything right, maybe the syringe just wasn't in far enough. Good luck though!

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Amy, I am so so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Sending hugs and love and healing to you and your DP. 

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Oh, Amy, I'm so sad for you and your partner. :-(  Big hugs to you both. xoxoxoxoxo

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hi ladies, quick update - I've decided to postpone my trip to Oz. I'm pretty gutted about it but think it's for the best. Instead we're probably going to go to Croatia/Spain or Portugal for some sun.Getting a bit more excited about the heartbeat now & told my mum. She was fine about it & had kind of guessed so pretty relieved.

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I miss you all! We made it home from CA, but then launched immediately into the intense start of the semester AND the Jewish holidays. Add some first trimester ickiness, and it's been a lot. 


But I wanted to stop in for a few big things:


First and foremost, big hugs and love to you,  Amy.  :candle I am thinking of you and your partner as you deal with this loss. It sounds especially hard that you had to wait for the final bad news, and that now you are still having to wait for your body to do its thing. You are strong and you can do this. 


I also missed a chance to celebrate with Jwaite! Hooray! :joy


And Lizbian, my cycle buddy, great news on your one healthy pinto! :heartbeat FX that your OHSS starts to resolve, and that your second-choice vacation is still wonderful and relaxing.


AFM: U/S this morning at just about 7 weeks showed everything on target, and we got to hear and see a healthy heartbeat. I still can't relax until a further U/S to check for neural tube defects, but I'm happy to graduate from our RE and move on to my regular midwife practice. I've got an appointment there next week...  


I hope to be back soon with more personals. Sending fertile vibes to everyone!

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Beastie, great you also got good news.
Liz, good that you and DW came to a decision. In the long run it won't matter that much if you go over a bit later, will it, if it means you and the babe are well? Great that your mom didn't react badly as you feared.

Afm- 7DPO and I have felt a bit crampy on and off since yesterday, so a) I got some sort of an infection from the IUI, b) I am imagining things, c) my body is reacting to my change in workout routine because I stopped running for the TWW or d) I am preggo. I'd prefer the last option. One more week to go *sigh*
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Thanks Beastie!! And Congrats on hearing a heartbeat today♡♡ Whoo hoo hoo!! Glad you made it home safely...how are u feeling?

Liz, I am really sorry you had to cancel your trip. Plan B sounds nice. I 've been many places in Europe but not to any of the ones you mentioned. So so glad that your Mum did well with your BIG news:). Hugs to you!

Fried I'm so hoping that this cramping is a good sign for you!!!!! It's time lady! Tell yourself that this IS happening for you:) fx fx fx!

Love to everyone else...especially in your TWWs. How are u holding up??
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I picked up some instead cups and KD is depositing directly in to them with no trouble. Spillage doesn't seem to be a real concern for me and insertion is less tricky than going slowly with a clumsy syringe - at least for me. I think I've found a method I'm comfortable with  :D  My first time with the method was perfect - no mess, no drips - nothing!  :D  More good news - we go to try a third time this morning :D  But less good was that about 15 minutes later I had a epic sneeze and dealt with a bit more spillage - LOL. I'm starting to see a line on my OPKs but not a real positive yet - I usually just have to call the darkest one I get my positive since I almost never get a darker line than the control. Perhaps I'll see it tonight and all this timing will have been perfect.  Now I just need to stay calm and wait :meditate  yeah, right.


Fried - I really hope those are some happy cramps - I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Liz - I can't think of a better reason to not go on a trip  :love  I'm flying to Disneyland in 3 weeks so I had to look in to DVT and see if I should be concerned just in case I get a BFP. Thankfully it's only a 1 hour flight for me.


Beastie - The beginning of the semester really has a way of making a girl busy fast! Yay for your :heartbeat!  That's wonderful - I'm glad things are getting along just fine. I think you're due at the same time as my SIL  :)

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Just dropping by to say hi and send sticky baby dust to friederike!
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