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Yep no editing necessary on that one! orngbiggrin.giforngbiggrin.giforngbiggrin.gif
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I am in some serious shock over here... The line came up immediately, didn't even need to wait. I totally thought I was out this month once I saw my temp go a little bit down today. Crazy!!

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Holy Toledo EricaF that first pic was soooo positive!! That is awesome! Congratulations Mama!!!! :-) I bet you are in shock!! GREAT NEWS THOUGH!

Stretch- I totally understand the nighttime thing. I was just sure I was going to need to sleep in a different room to get DS to wean, but he gradually and somewhat reluctantly gave in. He still asks for nursies and smiles while he's doing it...like he knows it's not gonna happen. But it is so sweet. He will stick his arm down my shirt and sleep like that. He doesn't fiddle with my BB's or anything, he just likes the warmth and closeness of that spot I guess. It is so sweet...sometimes he'll lay his head on my chest and then lift his head, pat my chest a couple times and kiss it, then lie back down. He is such a sweet boy. I'm going to have a hard time nudging him out of the nest as he gets older. :-)

And Mamas I have some good news (I think) my beta came back at 84...this was 12 dpo and before my missed period. I am praying this bean sticks!! I'm on progesterone since I have had a couple early losses. Fingers crossed! They wanted me to come in for an early ultrasound in a couple weeks, but I asked if I could do another blood draw Monday, just to make sure the levels are rising like they should. 😊
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Wengrin -fingers crossed for you.
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Originally Posted by stretch358 View Post

Wengrin -fingers crossed for you.

Thank you so much!! :-)
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I had to share this comment my dad made because it was so funny the way it came out of his mouth.

He'd come down for a short visit, and he had also recently bought a new car. His prior car was a Kia, and his new car is a Nissan. We were driving around, and the thought that he intended to convey was something like, "Now that I have a Nissan, all I see are Nissans everywhere. It's kind of like when you're pregnant and all you see around you are other bellies." But he made some random comment about his car, and then what actually came out of his mouth next was, "It's kind of like when you're pregnant, all you see are Nissans." Huh? lol. I totally understood what he meant to say, and after we had a good laugh, he said, "There's no doubt that you're my daughter." orngtongue.gif
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Lol...that's too funny!! :-)
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Can I join you ladies?  I didn't see a nursing moms ttc in November, but it looks like this is still active.  My son just turned one, and my husband surprised me by agreeing to a third!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Best gift ever!  It took us 2 years to conceive him, and I finally took femara.  My daughter weaned at age 2 1/2, in the middle of trying with him, and before taking any meds.  I want to to continue nursing him so meds are out for now.  I got af back at 3 mos pp with him.  I haven't started charting yet, but will. He still nurses constantly, and honestly, i think it was nursing that kept me from getting pregnant last time.  I'm considering taking vitex, but need advice, support, etc.  I find the moms on Mothering to be super smart and informed.  THanks!! 

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The OP hasn't even been edited since early in September... I'm wondering if someone should just start over and make a new thread? I don't mind doing it if everyone's agreeable. Might help to bring in some new people, too, if the month in the title is the current month instead of something older.
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I'd like to join you ladies too... ttc #4 while nursing my almost 1 year old.  I think a new thread would be helpful, I know I've shyed away from this thread b/c it seemed like a small established group already.

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if there aren't any objections, I'll try to make a new thread later this afternoon.
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Another pregnancy announcement popped up on my news feed last night. It's yet another local person who I interact with somewhat regularly. So that brings the (known) total of in-person pregnancies up to five now. And I'm still twiddling my thumbs and waiting for my cycles to come back. They're now three months later than they've ever been. We're not preventing, but I'm charting and I definitely haven't ovulated yet either, with no signs of it anytime soon. I have a ton of stuff to do in the next several weeks, so hopefully that will help keep my mind off of my lack of returning fertility. One of my projects will be to make a petticoat. orngbiggrin.gif I'm pretty excited about that. I want to wear long skirts/dresses with a petticoat. Yeah, I've been reading too many historical novels lately.
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