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With DS I never got a positive OPK, even with the expensive ones!  At the time I read that some women just don't get LH surges high enough to read as a positive on an OPK.  

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One thing about OPK'S - the nurse at OB/GYN office said that estrogen can (in high amounts I suppose, suppress LH, and therefore also suppress ovulation). Now nursing mamas tend to have lower estrogen from what I understand...so not sure how that would affect you Sierra but wanted to throw that info out FWIW. Sorry you're having such contradictory signals and hopefully you did ovulate but the OPK's aren't picking up. That must be so frustrating....did you DTD during your peak watery cm and high, open soft time?? Hopefully!! ;-)

TheCrunchyBrit I am SOOOOO sorry that on top of having a poor little sick baby and the struggles and worries of that, you had to be berated by some single-minded doctor that is not open to anything other than the opinion that is forced down by mainstream medicine....he sounds like a complete arse. I will be praying that your pregnant SIL has not been exposed and that your baby recovers quickly. Is he doing okay? I mean are you worried about him or is rubella something that most healthy children can fight off on their own?

Forgive me, I am an idiot when it comes to vaccinating because in the US it is forced even more down our throats to the point that your children can't go to public school without a letter signed by the freaking Pope explaining why you choose not to vaccinate.

With my 8 year old I had concerns about it...when she was a tiny tot. So I questioned everything and made absolutely sure thimerasol was not used as a preservative for any of her shots. She fortunately reacted beautifully with absolutely no problems.

So I let my guard down with DD...when he went in at 1 yr old check up for the huge mega-dose cocktail of measels,mumps,rubella,varicella combo, I assumed he would handle it easily as well. Not at all....it was like his nerves were fried and screaming for about 10 days. He would be fine and then just shriek out in a very strange way. I swear the medicine was too much for his little nervous system and he went through hell for a week or so because of it.

When I explained these symptoms to the doc, he said "oh well you know it could be that he is teething....or a little cold. It really is hard to say it was the vaccine causing his symptoms." So even though they basically don't believe me that he had a reaction, I now have very clearly told them no more combo vaccines. The next MMRV booster is at 4 and by golly they will split it up and space out the dosages or I will raise bloody hell!! Pardon my choice of words. I just really hate that the medical community is so biased and unwilling to admit that bad things do happen from vaccines. Do the risks outweigh the benefits?? Probably...but I would rather see a different approach to spreading the shots out and giving lower dosages instead if one size fits all approach

Sorry for the ramble- but TCB you and your family are in my prayers and yes God or the Universe or Mother Nature...whatever has the higher power and wisdom and thankfully you aren't pregnant this month. I hope DS recovers soon and SIL and her baby are all good!! Big HUG

Also Sierra- I believe that even though pumping is not the same as suckling on he breast, I do feel that cutting out some of the pumping sessions will give your hormones a boost in the right direction (fertility-wise). It certainly can't hurt. Good luck!! I am currently trying to gently wean my DS from his accustomed before nap and before bed nursies. It is really only for comfort. So I am trying to distract him...but it is hard to do. He wants to nurse so bad...he says "I nurse....I nurse, Mommy?!?" In such a sweet and vulnerable little tone, it is next to impossible to deny him. (Sigh)

Also I too have struggled with the lack of temp rise following what I was sure was O, and from reading TCOYF and online research it appears to be lack of sufficient levels of progesterone. I can't say that for sure, but at least for me that's what I suspect. Having the miscarry or chemical whatever last month, when they checked my prog levels it was only an 8. Anything below a 5 is not able to be carried. Over 5 they give prometrium. So that's what im taking now to try and boost that hormone and lengthen my LP. But we shall see...

I know you can buy progesterone bioidentical over the counter or online.

I use Natures Way Vitex brand this month. What is everyone else using? Curious...

Take care Mamas!!
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Thank you for the thoughts and prayers ladies - I'll update you later when I've spoken to SIL. 

Wengrin, I'm not worried about DS (I know that sounds awful!).  As my mum always says, he's 'robust'.  He's not eaten very well for the past week but that's obviously because his lymph nodes are all swollen and his throat must be sore.  He's got me though and he LOVES his milky, so he's not going without. 

I'm glad your DS has recovered well from his mega-shot.  It's just so scary the sheer amount of vaccines babies have now.  If the schedule was like it was when i was a child (think I had about 5 in total) then I probably wouldn't have batted an eyelid and just taken DS for all his shots.  We don't vaccinate as a matter of routine against varicella in the UK although the MMR combo still terrifies me.  I have noticed in the last few years though, since the chickenpox vaccine was developed, words like 'nasty' and 'potential complications for the immune suppressed', 'deadly', etc being used to describe chickenpox where before it was a common as a cold for kids.  In fact, I got chickenpox because a neighbour's kid got it - everyone's mum (including mine) sent us round to play with him so we would deliberately catch it!  No-one ever heard of a kid dying from it.  I think parents are having the wool pulled over their eyes now for the sake of profit.

I also think I'm going to have to take a break from TTC this month as well - I had a rubella vaccine when I was a teenager as was the schedule then but I don't think it worked because I'm feeling a bit tired and achy in my joints.  I'm going to have a blood test to see if I've caught it from DS before I TTC this month.

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I am absolutely over the moon to announce that SIL's bloods have come back and she's immune to rubella!  Hooray!  :joy

I'm still feeling quite rubbish though so I'm definitely out for this month.  But I can wait another month or two to be sure of a healthy bubs.   I'm going to use my next cycle as test run for trying out FAM and seeing how well I spot all the signs.

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Thanks for your wisdom, wengrin. I really appreciate your 2 cents. I am happy to be done pumping, and DD seems to be doing ok with other drinks during the day (since I no longer have pumped milk to give her). Now, onto goal #2, which is to have her "cut down" at night. I'm such a crappy sleeper anyhow, so now that she's bigger, she wakes me up and then I cannot get back to sleep =( We'll figure it out, I'm sure.

Feel better Crunchy. There's always next month =)
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TheCrunchyBrit- Thank heavens your SIL is okay and her baby will be just fine!! Great news...huge relief for you I'm sure. I know it stinks that you have to wait a couple months but also a good thing because like you said you can get familiar with your body and FAM. Plus I was told by my doc that after extended nursing sometimes your body takes 2-3 cycles of trying to O but actually doesn't...annovulatory cycles. You will know by temping. If your temp doesn't show a gradual steady rise following O, that indicates annovulatory cycle. So maybe this was just perfect timing anyway....

Also I hope you feel better soon. No fun when Mama is sick (or Mum as you all say in the UK!)

And I totally get what you mean about not worrying about DS. If he is a hearty little guy then this will only make him stronger. I too remember when chicken pox spread as a child and my Mom wanted my brother to go ahead and get it over with too. I don't know why now it is "deadly" although you do hear of the occasional death (terribly unfortunate, but likely some underlying risk factor).

So anyway I am with you...I think big Pharma is the devil and they are all out to pad their pockets. Here in the US the FDA is a total crock of crap and not worth the government funding....they are so "in bed" with the lobbyists and Pharmaceutical Giants it isn't even funny. They will put a drug out on the market and then when it kills thousands of people they just scratch their heads and pull it off. They won't admit that Thimeresol (the preservative that was used in vaccines up until recently) has any ill effects. It is a neurotoxin (poison to our brains)!!! And they pumped that junk into our children through vaccine injections...all to save themselves a little money and keep a longer shelf life on their products. Thankfully it has been taken off the market by Pediatrician's...not by recommendation of the FDA (because that would just admit blame and open themselves up to lawsuits). What a pathetic joke....

You are so fortunate that in Europe (and other countries I imagine) there is so much more protection from harmful substances in beauty products, additives in foods like food coloring and preservatives, and especially the big kicker-Genetically Modified (GMO) which is in EVERYTHING we eat over here. Corn and Soy are in all packaged foods. So unless you can afford to buy organic or grow your own farm, you're at the mercy of the FDA. What a joke. No wonder so many Americans are dying of cancer...children are suffering with Autism spectrum disorders and ADHD at an alarming rate. European studies show that GMO foods cause serious organ damage in rats and mice!! Sigghhhhhh......I am so frustrated but I try to keep myself from losing my mind trying to buy foods at the grocery store that my children like, but won't poison their organs or pollute their bodies. The US has a lot to learn from European countries....western medicine is broken.

Sorry for the rant. I don't mean to drag anyone down. Hoping everyone is having a very zen week and we will get some great BFP success stories this month!!

Sierra- sure thing. Anytime I can offer advice based on my own journey I am happy to!

AFM-I think I am 3dpo...temps are gradually rising. Not sure what my short LP will mean since I didn't ovulate until CD 15 and usually start period on CD 26. We shall see.

Take care and peace, love and baby dust to all you nursing mamas!! xo
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Hi Ladies,


So I used an OPK and got a positive on Tuesday morning.  Hubs came home Wednesday night, so hopefully that was within the right timeframe of ovulating!  I was looking back on my previous charts, and noticed my LP is suuuuper short...averaging 7-9 days.  Has anyone else had this issue, and what did you do to correct it if anything?  I went to the birthing center today to have my blood drawn to test my progesterone levels and thyroid.  Never had an issue with my DS (18 months) and low progesterone during pregnancy, but I guess it can start anytime.  Results back Monday.  Then I'll see if I need to get progesterone supplements.  AF is due next Thursday, so hoping that is enough time for a little egg to implant, since that is only a LP of 8 days this month...kinda frustrating.

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I've read that vitamin b6 can help lengthen LPs. You don't want to exceed ~ 200 mg because too much b6 can cause nerve damage and neuropathy. It is a water soluble vitamin, so you will "pee out" extra, so you want to make sure you drink plenty of water. Also make sure you are taking b12 & folic acid as they work complementary in metabolism ( so you might consider a b complex). I'm not sure of the mechanism as to how/ why it lengthens the luteal phase, but the other stuff I'm sure of! Best wishes and baby dust!!
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Please move me to waiting to ovulate. We're going to go for it this month!
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Missmagoo HI! Our DD's were born 2 days apart. This is our first cycle TTC
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Can I be Moved to Waiting to Know - I O'ed on wed. 


Sierramtngirl - If my pee is too dilute I do not get a pos OPK.  I have the most success with SMU around 11am. 


Since we dealt with infertility the 1st time around (2yrs to get DS) I made an appt with my RE when I get back from vacation.  I will hopefully be able to do the testing next cycle which will be my 6th cycle ttc this time around.  I'm 37.5 and with a history of IF, so i really can't wait too long.  I have done a lot of research on fertility treatments and breastfeeding and decided to go for it.  DS does not nurse often so I should be fine timing the meds around that.  Last time we did injectable with IUI to get him so that is probably where we will start this time. But if my past experience means anything it will take a couple of cycles from the time we start testing to the time we start treatment.

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Thanks stretch. I was wondering that. I really struggle with NOT drinking water....and my pee is usually dilute, so maybe this has something to do with it.

Temp is up today (my usual 2 day lag) and according to FF, I O'd on Tuesday. You can move me to the WAITING TO KNOW (my screen doesn't have bold for some reason). We DTD on Tuesday, missed monday and sunday, so I'm not optimistic, but, we'll see.

Thanks ladies and baby dust!!!!!!!!!
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List updated to here

Thanks for the support wengrin.  Glad it's not just me thinking along those lines.
dishescanwait - would you like to be moved to TTW or are you waiting on those bloods first?
LoveNFaith522 - Yay!  Lots of baby dust!  It's a great feeling to know you're finally TTC, despite all the nerves that come with it, I really love this part.
Stretch358 and sierramtngirl - how exciting!  I have a strange relationship with my TTWs - I hate them because I'm so impatient but I love the excitement of thinking there could be a baby in there.  Baby dust to you too!

As for me, sadly I've had to move myself to waiting to be ready - despite being 'fully vacccinated', I have caught rubella.  I feel a bit rough although it's nothing serious but I can't take any risks TTC until Christmas now.  Its sad, I was very excited to start trying again but I've decided there are many positives to this -

1. I get to stay on this thread and keep up with everyone's journeys

2. I get time to learn FAM (which I never mastered before DS)

3. After this I know that I will be properly life-long immune to rubella so my future bubs will all be safe

4. It gives DS a bit longer to master things like potty training etc. if I'm pregnant when he starts down that route

5. It gives me and DH longer to save some money up for my maternity leave

6. It gives my brother and SIL a bit longer to have them and their baby as the centre of attention when baby arrives - this is their first and they're very, very excited

So there are many good things I can take from this :)

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Just popping in to congratulate Piratemere, yay!!! :joy

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Hi ladies, just popping in to say hi! DD has been bonkers this week, and I'm feeling a little nuts for TTC right now! I'm a teacher so felt so much pressure to try these past two months to aim for another May or June baby. If I don't get pg this month, we wil take a break for a couple months.

Glad everyone is okay after the rubella, crunchy Brit, scary!
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Crunchy - sorry you're sick, but so very glad you're getting it out of the way now!  Glad you're able to see all the positives!


I'm 12DPO now.  I, of course, couldn't help myself and started testing too early.  Yesterday and today both negative, with those "super early" tests.  I know they're less accurate the further you are from your missed period, but am less hopeful because I'm not having the early symptoms that I had with DS.  Although, I got an early false negative with him as well.  We'll see; by Monday I'll either have AF or a positive stick, I suppose.

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I got an incredibly faint positive this morning! I will keep testing just to double check, but I do believe I can be moved to success stories!
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Congratulations luckiest :joy

You are officially our first September success story!  Roll on December so I can get trying to join you all (and of course by then, those already preggers should be out of that nerve-wrecking 1st trimester)!

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Congrats Luckiest!!!! That is wonderful news!!! Happy for you :-)

TheCrunchyBrit- sooo sorry you have to wait 'til December, but you are great about seeing the positives in this!! Everything happens for a reason, I believe. Sometimes it is tough to remind myself of that, but I truly believe that. I hope you and your little guy feel better soon!!

AFM- I am completely unsure of when I ovulated...my temps are slowly rising, but slow steady rise. Also have had nausea bouts and lightheadedness. Also TMI- lots of yellowish almost like snot (gross-sorry!) cervical mucous. In my previous pregnancies (including chemical) the mucous thing has been a sign. I am either 8dpo or 5dpo.

I'm also nervous because I jumped the gun and started the Prometrium early...then wasn't sure I had ovulated until 3 days later so I stopped and then restarted 5 days ago....but I have read that starting Prometrium too early (before O) can cause you to not ovulate. Soooo....this will be a tough 10 days. But I am going to look on the bright side and focus on my daughter's beginning of her third grade year and trying to get her off to a good start. I will test Friday the 26th, but wait until the following Tuesday and if still BFN's then I will stop the Prometrium and wait for Flo.

On a fun note- we went to a beautiful spring fed river yesterday with all of the kiddos. I will attach a pic. The water was freezing but it was almost 90 degrees so it felt great.

These are the older kids (my DD, step-son, and his friend)

Here is baby L looking at the "pool" he kept saying. Once he got in, he was quick to ask to get out. The water must have been 69-70 degrees! It is fed directly from the Florida aquifer. So crystal clear and freezing cold!
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Please add me to the waiting to ovulate list! My youngest is still nursing (14 months old) and so far I've had two pp periods. Between each of my other kids I had one "warning period" :) and then we got pregnant right away. This time around I had to wait longer to get my cycle back and no luck so far. Hopefully this will be our lucky month! 

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