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September 2013 Chit Chat

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CD'sMom1031- Nicole:  (25). DH (24). DS (10/31/11). DD (EDD September 2013). Part time mom, full time vet tech who enjoys hating people and loving the world.


Early November

Seraf- Sara: thirty-something mom of four Ohians. When not nursing in public, she is generally found in the company of young men (hahaha!)


Mal85- Mallory: (27), married to DH (31) since 2005. Mama to DD1 (4) and Greta aka Junebug (21 months). I'm a full time mom, part-time teacher, part-time childcare provider who likes reading, cooking, and way too much Facebook.


SoCaliMommy- Kami: 11/4 baby boy Harlan Drake,  6:48pm at 10lbs even 21 1/2"

Autumnshades- Sonja: 11/7, baby boy Elijah Matthias, 6:25am, 6 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long


Mid November

Jill the Pill- Jill: 11/11, baby girl Audrey Catharine 6lbs 5oz 19 inches long


TalkToMeNow- Amanda: (33), married to dh (37), mom to dsd (16), dd1 (11), dd2 (8), and ds Jasper (11/12/11). Aspiring actress/model. Likes long walks on the beach at sunset, sushi, bow hunting, and snuggles.


KayPea- Kirsten: 11/13, baby boy Oren Edward Adams, 5:45pm, 9lbs 11oz, 21 in long, 15in head!


Beccawprice- Becca: Homeschooling mom of 5 kids, daughters 11 and 10, and then three little boys ages 8, 5, and Teddy, who's 1. I love cooking and reading, and my escape from the 5 children is sewing.


jhsmama11-Amber: (35), DH (32), DS (Nov 2011). Full time mama, part time people helper, avid reader who probably could have finished the sweater she's been knitting for a year in all the time spent playing candy crush.


Late November

dashley111- Ash: (really close to 30), DH (even closer to 30), DS (10), DD (6), and baby B (November 2011). Crazy front-yard gardening neighbor to several suburbanites, friend to mostly recovering alcoholics, and stay at home mom to various children and occasionally some very immature adults. Former ER nurse and goat pimp.


birdhappy85- Joanie:  (27), married to DH (31), mommy to Sora (20m), dwelling in the Midwest 'burbs, accountant for work, student for life, loves to socialize, cook up some mean GFCF dishes, make her house look presentable, and have playdates with other mommy friends like, as much as possible


ZippyGirl- Anthia:  11/24, baby boy Bode McGuire born at 6:14 a.m.

glassesgirlnj - Kathy: 11/28, baby girl Annamaria Sigyn Estelle, 7lbs even, 19.75 in, 8:09pm

KaliShanti- Kali: 11/29, baby boy Enoch Noble Grandison , 8 lbs 7 oz. 21.25 in, 11:45pm



Jaimee: (34), Dh (a younger university professor), Avalon (6), Austin (3), and Avery (Nov. 2011).  Vegetarian, organic gardening, food preserving, co-op leading, photo taking, running, reading, natural parenting advocating, online forum over posting stay at home mom with degrees in biology, chemistry, and anthropology that are waiting to once again be used.  Former API leader and tutor/teacher to girls in rehab.


Nun Quiz


Garden Vegetable Quiz


Personality Type Quiz

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Thanks for the new thread, Jaimee! Have a great visit.
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Yay, it's September! I'm so ready for the fall weather. *love*


We're facing 82F, rain and t-storms this afternoon. Yuck! We get such bad humidity. Tomorrow should be nice at least!


I hear Sora "reading" her interactive books in her crib right now. I'm totally eavesdropping through the monitor. She cracks me up with her self-conversations when she wakes up.

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Joanie, you're in the central time zone? You get up early! And she goes to sleep with interactive books? Wow. If there's a button in reach, there's no sleep here.
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88 and stormy here. Fall will be a while.

We are watching- wait for it- Cars! It's the morning routine. I think we may need to branch out into other things... Like Cars 2.
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LOL Amanda... I think I may turn on the Little Mermaid this morning. Sora is obsessed with mermaids out of nowhere. She discovered them on her pull-ups and has been pointing them out in TV shows ever since. But a whole movie DEDICATED to mermaids? Blows her mind.


Yep, Sara, central time over here. I do get up early. It's been my lifelong curse. I felt bad for my family when I was growing up. I was the one up bright and early every.single.day. Even on vacations. :W I have like the ultimate circadian rhythm. Sun goes down, I get tired. Sun comes up, I'm up. I wish it weren't the case sometimes. I was so looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.


Alright, Sora said, "Mama!" Time to go in. lol

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That's a long morning routine.

Joanie, Ursula is the greatest villain ever.

My boys are eating yogurt, oats and hot dogs. I got 4 packs of hot dogs for the trip because we would eat two packs in a sitting and they're easy for when our food times don't line up with others AND they're something I can eat. Yeah, we have 3 packs left because the storm put out the fires.
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Happy birth month, Nicole!  I'm so sorry that your dh is acting like he is.  Now that he's gotten drunk two nights in a row, perhaps you guys can have a sit down about working together as the birth of Layla approaches.  From a distance here it sounds like he might be reacting again to the stress of having two kids- freaking out that it's becoming a reality.  He needs nut up if that is the case and give you the support that you need.  It is unacceptable for him to start spiraling back to where he was before- nostalgizing the old days with freedom- because he's got a family now and he helped create that, he WANTED that.  Maybe you need Amanda to come over and beat him up.


Joanie and Amanda... wow, I really didn't know that things were so bad for you guys.  I figured you both were just venting here, but it sounds much more serious at this point.  I don't have any divorce advice.  The only experience I have is the several months dh and I had where we were not connecting at all and talk about making changes came out of the blue for me.  Like Abra's situation, I'm the one that is satisfied with less maintenance and dh is the one that needs more and like you, Amanda, I just didn't have any more to give than I was already giving.  I can totally relate to that.  One thing I did think of just now is that you guys are coming up on your 2 year anniversary, right?  Or maybe just passed it?  That's a hard time!  Statistically speaking, the majority of divorces occur within that 2 year time frame.  This could be a rough patch for you guys and bluer skies may be around the corner if you both decide to make the commitment to the relationship past this point. 


Joanie, I share Ash's twitching reaction to baby talk when a couple is struggling because as I mentioned above, my rough patch with dh was a few months after Austin was born.  The second kid really did us in.  It was HARD to find any semblance of balance again.  Dh was wanting things to go back to "normal" and I just couldn't make that happen.  I was in survival mode.  It's going to take a lot more energy from both of you to handle two kids and that will put a massive strain on the relationship.  If dh can't give you what you need now, it's going to be near impossible for him to give you what you need while you're pregnant, when you're recovering postpartum and dealing with a newborn, and later on when you're trying to figure out how to parent two kids and work and be a wife.  He is going to have to majorly step up and you may have to change some of your expectations so you can meet somewhere in the middle.  I did read the post where you said that you aren't jumping into anything right now and I'm glad to hear that, but it sounded like January was the time you were going to start TTC again.  It's totally possible that when Sora turns 2 and the year finishes up that things will feel different.  I do recall feeling a big change in me after Avalon turned 2.  A lot of that was due to better sleep (and reduced nursing) and I recall you saying you're having sleep issues right now.  Maybe a lot of these feelings are bubbling to the surface while you're in this more sleep deprived state?   I know that cycles of bad sleep and eating habits can really do a number on your body and mess with hormone cycles.  It's totally possible that your physical state is causing a lot of what you're feeling right now much more acutely than you might ordinarily.  I'm just wondering if you put that out there to your dh, admitting that might be part of the problem and telling him that you'll start to really work on that, that it might trigger in him a response to start working on his stuff, too and you guys can work together, supporting each others' goals.  'Cause it sounds like with your work and school schedule coming up you're going to need a lot of support! 


Mal, how are you doing?  Any more news about your mom?


Ash, how's the pox going?  Any signs in your other kids?


Sara, sorry about your camping trip getting rained out!  I have no advice about squirting, but I will say that we've messed up quite a few sheets and comforters over the years.  I'm not sure how much liquid you're talking about here, but dh and I always have a t-shirt, underwear, cloth wipe, etc. on hand to prevent making a puddle on the bed.  Coincidentally, just the other day we were watching House of Cards and after a couple had sex, the woman reached over and got a kleenex and wiped herself.  Both dh and I looked at each other and were like, we have literally never seen that in any movie/TV show before and we had been beginning to wonder if we had an issue others didn't have.  But, I just assumed people didn't talk about the messy part of sex.  We always both get up and clean ourselves off.  A towel on the bed sounds like a good plan.  I know I've done that before when dealing with the end of AF.  I think it's just smart.  As for being able to control squirting- I have no idea.  Sounds like Amanda has the low down on that, but I was asleep and missed all your now edited posts!  Boo!


This brings me to another thought... I'm going to contact Cynthia Mosher and ask her if there is some way to make our posts private in a group.  I really don't understand the benefit of allowing us to regulate who can be a member of the group and therefore who can post, but not regulate who can SEE the posts.  It seems to me groups should have that function as a defining feature different from the forums.  I'll see what I can find out.

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Breakfast of champions. :twins


The first time we watched the Little Mermaid together, I got nervous that Ursula would scare Sora... I waited for her to turn around and jump in my arms. She did that with something else fairly tame the other day. I can't remember what we were watching. Poor kid. Some of these innocent animated/fantasy kids' movies have for real scary villains! My favorite movie as a kid was the Wizard of Oz, and I would get so scared by the flying monkeys and evil witch. I closed my eyes. :Sheepish


One of my favorite movies is Pretty Woman.... and it's on TV all the time. I turned to it for a few minutes yesterday (clean part) and Sora was enthralled. She must like Julia Roberts. I had to resist the temptation of just going with it and watching the rest in front of her. BOUNDARIES, mama! LOL

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:flowersforyou Jaimee, I love your words of wisdom.


DH and I just hit 7 years together, and we are approaching 4 years of marriage in December. I totally think there's something to that whole "7-year itch" phenomenon, especially compounded by kids.


Omg, just found this in an article. Creepy....


Four- & Seven-Year Itch?

A 1999 study undertaken by Dr. Larry A. Kurdek, a psychology professor from Wright State University, demonstrated the validity of both a four- and seven-year itch. The study showed that "couples often began their unions with high levels of marital quality, but that it appeared to decrease twice: once rather steeply over the first four years and again after about seven". His study also showed that couples with children experienced a more rapid decline in the quality of their marriage. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jennifer-nagy/the-sevenyear-itch-fact-o_b_2443171.html)


FML. :twins

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Jaimee, I always love your posts. Also, guys, Jaimee just said nut up. Unfortunately, I do not think we can go private. For one thing, the site needs traffic... Private groups won't help with that. Which is a bummer. I think the only way to be private would be to leave. I just pretend other people aren't reading, lol.

Jasper is afraid of several parts in cars. He runs and sits on my lap. Sara, it's only on the weekends.

I love Pretty Woman. I still have it on VHS somewhere. Most epic make over scene ever.

Oh, Jaimee squirting can be like a someone wet the bed mess. I only know this from Internet research. Men aren't as good at making it happen. Again, read that online.

When Cars is over (darn this is a long movie) I'm taking J to run errands. I want to get him a little broom so he will stop stealing mine when I clean. He likes to help. And we need pet stuff. Why do stores open so late on Sundays??

Jasper woke up with a gross cold, which means we could have an ear infection or two coming soon.
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I know it's totally unrelated but the abuse forum is private. Wouldn't hurt to ask. I've thought about it before. That way we can be private.

Birth month. Wow.

Conner woke up at 8am. Dafuq. Glad I went to bed at 11.
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Jaimee, thanks. I hoped you had a nice long answer. The posts last night weren't heavily edited. You didn't miss much. I think there's a quantity difference. What I could find online mentioned up to a quarter cup, which is substantial and goes through layers of towel in certain positions or a distance in others. The picnic blanket idea is probably a good one.
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Amanda, lol, so maybe it's not something that old ladies grow out of as much as straighter ladies? According to the Internet.

Nicole, maybe pick him up a shock collar from work?

Joanie, its probably bad to say this, but I don't remember bad parts in pretty woman.

A certain 22 month old painted my nails, but I still can't get the picture to load.
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Hmm wonder where my post went.
Hugs for those of you DH problems, I'm worried about what's gonna happen come April for us, but there's so much I'm worried about as it is.

Sara- I love my griddle. I made pancakes yesterday and cooking was so quick. Seems like a handy thing when cooking for even more people.

Yesterday when I was putting my hair in a ponytail Jack decided to flush the toilet and then stick his hand in to the swirling water, thank goodness it was just water. Then at the grocery store we were loading items to be checked and grabbed a banana. Took a bite out of the peel, his face was pretty funny.
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Cherry on top. A Coil with my AC froze. No AC while it thaws out. Yay. Could be a few days. It's in the 90s.
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Amber, how are you feeling? Yuck to the toilet. I catch S with his hand in everything. Most recently it was a quart of yogurt.

Nicole, ugh, hopefully it only takes a couple of hours at that heat!
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I feel pretty icky, nauseous most of the day but no actual getting sick. So many aversions. I'm feeling like I'm having trouble staying hydrated which also feels a lot like anxiety, its probably both. Still haven't found my happy with regard to what will most likely be a blessing in our lives.

I knew it was a matter of time before the hand went in the toilet, he's so interested in it. That's funny, Shay with his hand in the yogurt.

Joanie- I loved the Wizard of Oz but was terrified by the witch. I'd beg to watch it and then freak out. I had a thing about witches, was fascinated yet terrified as a child. And I would have been in heaven if the Little Mermaid had come out when I was little. I loved mermaids, it's the first thing I remember wanting to be when I grew up.
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O. M. G.

I've been complaining about a nasty fish/spoilage smell in Sora's room for weeks, maybe months. I could not figure out where it was coming from. Today I deep cleaned, packaged away clothes that no longer fit her, and moved some random stored stuff out of there into the hall to bring downstairs. I suddenly smelled the grossness in the hallway. I opened up her old diaper genie we'd stopped using like 6+ months ago that was hidden in her room the whole time... Opened it up and one of her babysitters must have been tossing out diapers in there for God knows how long. I almost threw up. There was an open poop diaper sitting on top! I tossed the whole thing into the garage to deal with later... so grossed out...
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Hi hi... I am still here ;)the text editor still isn't loading for me - nothing at all. It sucks - I can't even attach pictures or anything.

My YI is getting better - it seems to be coming to an end, but it is right in correlation with ovulation so it is kinda sucky. I am not sure if the generic over the counter version of Diflucan is just as good as the real deal. It did start getting better when I took it... so I will count my blessings.

Eli has been testing my patience ... he has been shrieking on a severe high pitch for the last few days - just walks through the apartment and shrieks ... my ears are very sensitive so it has been frustrating. He is also very sweet though, yk, helping to put his toys away each night etc... Is he the only kid that hates baths? Ugh...

I met a lady in my building how had a baby a few weeks ago and we have gone for walks together since none of her friends have kids. Bummer is she just moved out yesterday - we are hoping to keep in touch since she only moved a few blocks up the road.

Marriage: Our marriage was in serious trouble in the first year - it was really hard and we would fight a lot. Dh worked nights (I started to stay away nights eventually and it helped a great deal), I was struggling with adapting to a new country etc. I am glad we waited this long to have Eli because I think if we had had him early on in our marriage we might not have made it. My dh is super understanding most of the time and I feel really blessed to have him. We still have stupid fights (who doesn't?) about stuff but it is good the rest of the time. We are coming up on 7 years of marriage in a month. We have known each other 11 years though... I am glad we are on this road together. wink1.gif I love him greatly....
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