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Oh yes, I remember you being my birth story twin, Katie. wink1.gif And how cool @ your sister and BIL being engaged! Sounds like you guys are one close bunch. That must be fun. smile.gif
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Okay, for real... how do parents of little ones manage to can any real amount of food?  Every time I start out, I think things will go more smoothly than last time.  But every single time something happens- I lose a jar to thermal shock or one of the jars doesn't seal correctly or I don't have enough stuff to fill the last jar and now there is citric acid all over it.  And every single time Avery wakes up before I'm done and then I'm yelling and stressed b/c there is boiling water and metal and glass everywhere... so many things he cannot touch... and things have to get done quickly and done right and I'm being asked for snacks and wiping butts in the bathroom.  How's that for sterile?  I just don't understand how to make this happen more easily.

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Oh man, Jaimee. You need a babysitter to come over and entertain your kids while you have a canning session. Or your DH.
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I just don't understand why these contractions are so easily brought on by walking, anything physical... But they stop the second I do. So frustrating.

Katie, I was 32w pregnant at my sister's wedding. She even set the date after I found out I was pregnant. LOL

The last time I was in labor, they were back to back the entire time. Thank you, Pitocin.

Jaimee, you're a superstar. I know nothing about canning except what I've seen people say and it seems like a daunting task that you take on with three kids.
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Jaime, you either have a canning party so there are more adults available or you wait for bedtime. That sounds really frustrating v
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I used to can with my friends, that way there was more adults and other kids to entertain mine.
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The spider molted. Where would be the funniest place to put the skin? In someone's shoe? On a pillow? In the shower?
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In the bottom of someone's cup of coffee?
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Attach it to a headband and make it into a hat.
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I don't know what Sara is talking about and I don't want to.

I refuse to can until my children are grown, Jaimee. Your crazy.

And also, you guys are making me not regret either of my epidurals.
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Ash, I want an epidural right now. Just for fun.
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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

Attach it to a headband and make it into a hat.
I'll send that to you! It's creepy! The fangs are half an inch long. If I could find my good camera, I would take some awesome macro shots.
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Sara obviously lives in a house of horrors.

Dude, seriously, what is up with puberty, guys? My son is a hormonal monster. I want my happy passive kid back.
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Keep puberty on your side of the continent! Warning: Spider! (Click to show)
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Why the effing effer did I click on that!?
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Lol, IDK, that's why I put it in a spoiler!
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That's not even the spider. The legs are all curled up and the body is minimized. Aragog is bigger. I'm so happy she's not free-range in the house anymore.
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Oh my...I need Terminex so bad right now...

I hire and pay people to come to my house and kill spiders way smaller than that. You people are out of your minds.

I'm go
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Whoa Sara!   So you look in the tank and it appears that there are suddenly 2 spiders?  That's creepy!   I vote for the shower, for sure!  But I love Amanda's idea for a hat or maybe a broach. 


Nicole, it's really common when the pregnant body is taxed to start contracting.  The real deal will happen despite exercise.  So if you can lay down and they actually get longer and closer, then you know that things are really progressing.  But if you relax and they go away then things are not quite ready.  Super frustrating, I know, especially b/c you were hoping for today and dashed labor expectations are harsh.  But keep in mind, I voted for the 15th, so really things are going as planned.


Yeah, I need to live in a village or pick up a few sister wives or something to keep up this canning.  These urban homesteaders are hard core.  I have like a very minimal amount of food put up and I need to take a 2 week nap.

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