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Does anybody else feel horrible laughing at kid photos now that we're parents of children? I feel like the worst person in the world right now. :rotflmao:eyesroll

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Hey, Abra. Nice pic. :blowkiss 





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Nope. Not one bit, LOL.
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Just took my nightly "just in case I go into labor" shower... Such a waste...

Yesss. The Blind Side is on. Maybe crying over this movie will help me out.
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Not a catfish, promise. I'm always on here mobile, so I never have pics. And none of my old pics have made into the new house yet, so no access to high school pics. I'm enjoying the show though. Wow, Abra!
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I was about 22 here..

Created by fCoder Graphic Processor


Here's one of my dh and I when we were first dating 7 years ago..


....and this one is the BEST before and after picture ever.  I'm so glad I grew out of being awkward!

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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

Just took my nightly "just in case I go into labor" shower... Such a waste...
The shower itself is probably a waste. But making your hair and makeup presentable for photos? Priceless. I am so doing that next time if I can help it... I looked a mess in the ONE photo taken of me post-childbirth. Really. I was double-chinned, cross-eyed, and looking slightly past the camera (like I didn't even know what was going on anymore). :rotflmao


But don't worry, Nicole, childbirth is a piece of cake.

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Thank you, I think I deserve the title!.. and really, laugh away, I was awkward!

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Abra, smokin'. For realz.

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I'm not doing my hair and make up. Pfft. I'm just bathing and keeping up with my grooming. It's the only motivation I have to bathe now. Before, it was work.
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Showers are never wasted Nicole!  I totally looked like crap after I gave birth too.. However, with Coralie I did my hair all pretty while I was in labor, so at least i have that!

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Also, I'm not talking about it because I'm not jinxing myself, but there's been some action going on down there since I went crazy on my house. Just a little bit.
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Omg you guys now I have to dig out my old pics from my Rocky Horror days...

But wait I probably shouldn't.

Nicole, a shower is always awesome.
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o.O Jaimee might be the poll winner!


Ok get this: While digging through boxes buried in my closet, I found half a dozen short love notes my DH wrote me at some point in our relationship. How much of an a** am I for having forgotten these ever existed? Granted, I think they may have been a therapy-initiated exercise at some point, but still. :lol These just made my day while simultaneously reminding me why I never wanted a super romantic partner, just someone with some heart. If these had gone any further than they did, I might've had that uncomfortable *hug* feeling some of you speak of.

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Joanie,  Cute about the notes, it's always nice to find sweet little reminders.  Oh, and thanks for the complement.  I'm really still awkward at heart, I don't think it ever really goes away..  I just got good at taking pictures of myself, heh.


I think my day might be up for the poll,  Come on Nicole, you're supposed to have a baby today!

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That makes me want to dig out my old notes, too. =) How cute.
I used to work thirds while he worked seconds so we'd never see each other. We'd just leave each other notes. Haha.
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Ok, you guys are hard to keep up with. There are a good five pages of replies on here. Ended up taking ds into urgent care because he spiked another fever, so he starts antibiotics tomorrow. I am really really hoping that the rest of us don't catch whatever he has.


Joanie, have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? I agree with Jaimee, it explains it really well. Temping for me is easy. Take my temp before I get out of bed and plug it into the fertility friend app. That is pretty much it.


Is there a way to post pictures from your phone? Any recent pics are all on my phone, not computer, and I hate having to transfer them over to post. I can do one of my senior pictures though.


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I don't have any notes. And all my cats and empty wine bottles certainly won't write me any. Bummer.

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You should have a little box with a mountain in it you can click on the mobile site to attach pictures.

(11 minutes apart)
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It's easy to post pictures from your phone. The third button in the editor does it.
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