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September 2013 Chit Chat - Page 85

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Joanie, you better watch out. You're going to make H mad.

(21 minutes)
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Did H make it home without an accident and/or DUI, Amanda?
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Yes, thank goodness. He took the car, and I really didn't want that impounded. Priorities.

Goodnight! Get some rest, Nicole!
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Here's the only high school photo I have access to:


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85


I'm the blonde in the red shorts.


And this is my best mid-twenties photo:



No pants time! I'm the blonde with the blue shirt and the glaringly white skin. This was the middle of summer!


No major changes for me, ever. Always the weird, awkward, busty blonde.

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Oh, and if Nicole is still pregnant tomorrow, want to play one of those MDC baby shower games to help her/us pass the time?

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Here is a high school pic of me. LOL.

Haha teen pregnancy is so funny right...
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Ash..  Uhm..  That's, uhm a steller photo, yeah..


I have prison letters from my ds's sperm donor.  There's a club for that, right?


Kristen,  Both you and your DD remind me of Olivine.  Your dd and Olivine could easily be related.  I'm probably partial to that look because I like Olivine so much.  ;)


Amanda, Glad your car made it back safe!  


Good night all.

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I'll still be pregnant. I just had my first contraction in over an hour. Sigh.

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Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post

Ash..  Uhm..  That's, uhm a steller photo, yeah..

I have prison letters from my ds's sperm donor.  There's a club for that, right?

Well yeah, there's a club, but we are all too embarrassed to talk about it so...
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What, no Sara to start off our day? I guess I'm the first one up. Lol. Darn cats woke me up. I have an excessive meower here. Gah!
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Joanie is #1, I'm #2. Good morning!


Kirsten, cute pics.


Ash, I love the look on your face in that picture.

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Screw that, I had stuff to do this morning! I'm already at work.
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After I work a bit, I'll be back to comment on everyone's awesome pictures and love letters.
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Good morning. :-)

Anybody here know of the TV show Wilfred? DH wants to get the dog costume to wear on Halloween. It's $100. Merp. Apparently I promised him last year he could get it this year. Anybody want to make it for cheaper? Come on, crafty ladies...
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I've heard of it, Joanie, but I can't watch Elijah Wood as anything but Frodo. It just ruins the magic. Plus I don't watch tv. 



Speaking of tv, I logged into my Netflix account last night and discovered that dsd is watching Orange is the New Black. Lol. 16.5? I guess that's okay? 

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Morning ladies! 


I LOVE the pictures!!!  Keep 'em coming!!  Joanie, thanks for the title.  :shy  Just wait, though, until I bust out a middle school or elementary school picture that has my perm or my braces, or worse, my massive over bite.  I might rival Abra.


Nicole... update on those contractions???  The time I picked has already passed, but I still could get the day!


Kirsten, how are you feeling today?  I think you passed me your bug b/c I was up for 3 hours last night.  So not awesome.  But I think it must have been something I ate b/c it seemed to pass through.  In fact, this seems to happen a lot with chard... what's the deal with that?


Love all the notes!  What's the deal with so many of us having exes in jail?  Amanda, how are you feeling this morning?  Glad your H and the car arrived home safely.

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Oh yes... here is the perm AND the braces!



And here is the massive overbite

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Jaimee, I had a mullet when I was 8. A mullet. Before that, I had a perm so I could look like Baby from Dirty Dancing.

I don't think I have any exes in jail. Plenty of family, though.

What are these online shower games you speak of, Kirsten?
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Nice perm, Jaimee. If I had any pictures of myself as a child, I could too all this awkward, tho.

Ash, best picture.

Abra, lol. Lots of fun pictures there, too.

Joanie, you're about the sweetest thing with those love letters.

Amanda, I can't beat Joanie's letters, so I'm just sending some love, unless you want limericks.

Life here is good. Workday started with a bang and got moving an hour early. My guy is feeling playful and keeps trying to trip me and stick his hand up my shirt. I need more coffee.
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830, Conner? Not cool.

No contractions. I had a few in bed but they stopped.

Nice pictures, Jaimee.
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