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Nice, Mal.
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I dunno Jaimee, I had that same perm AND huge glasses AND a round chubby face.  I think you look kind of cute with your over-bite, no one ever looked good with that perm though..


Mal exists!


Nicole,  All of my babies have been over-due, so I know what's it's like.  At least you're getting good steady signs that your body knows what to do.  Hopefully when it's time, it will go quickly and everything will work out how you want.

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We all went thru the fugly stage, as my sisters and I called it. I had crooked teeth, a crooked smile, big glasses, and a bangs comb-over at one point. On top of being overweight my whole childhood. Made for a rough time.

Sara, nice limerick.

Mal, you do exist! Nice photos!

I don't think any of my exes were ever jailed but one sure as heck should've been.

Nicole, yay for brown plug!

Ash, I cannot imagine taking care of a baby as a teen. Back then I totally could see myself doing it and now I know better. Teens are so oblivious to the hardships!

We bought Sora her first Thomas train set. I was jealous of all your kids playing with cars, so we went the train route and Sora LOVES it! I'm thrilled. Her track has a penguin chute where a penguin flies down into an igloo. It's adorable; we say it's going "night night."

She slept 12 hours and woke up without a fever. Good as new. Yay!
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Oh and Amber..  I found it very easy to wean while pregnant.  In my case, my milk dried up around 12 weeks and then Olivine slowly lost interest and it was easy to distract her from it.  She was totally weaned by the time I was 16-18w.  I was like Jaimee, I really needed the break from nursing and was glad that it was done.  Anyway, if your supply is dwindling (doesn't happen to everyone though), it should be fairly easy..


Joanie - Yay for Thomas.  I had a huge collection with Cyan, but my sister has it now.  We had to prioritize when we moved from Oregon.

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If I had my basement, I'd love to get Conner something like that. There's just no room in my anti pack rat mind to put something like that upstairs. Super jealous of Sora.

The nesting continues...
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Nicole,  When space allowed, I always had a train table around for my kids to use.  It would always be used, either for trains, crafts, cars, legos, etc.  It did take up a lot of space, but it kept the messes off of the floor and got good use.

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Oh, I should clarify that this is a super basic $22 train set, lol. We just bought one extra train car and kept it simple for now. The track loop at least has hills and the penguin attraction. You could get something small like that, Nicole. It's no more than 1.5-2 ft long.
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I am so tempted to start Sora down the Barbie path because I loved Barbies as a kid and I had fun in that aisle today. But wow that could easily become an expensive collection of toys. No thanks. I need to hit up Craigslist again...
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I literally don't think my house could be any cleaner short of getting rid of my fur babies.
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Yay for a clean house, NOW you can go into labor.  Heh.


Joanie,  Yeah, I'd suggest looking for a used barbie collection and then giving them out slowly.  We have the barbies from when I was a kid still, we just pulled them out when I got to my moms.  Honestly, my girls aren't quite there yet and aren't really interested in them.  They play with their babydolls and stuffed animals more..  Sora is probably still a tad young, but who knows..

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Have you guys seen the Monster High toy line? We saw it at Target. It's kind of morbid looking... gloomy and depressing to me for kids to play with. Supposedly it's geared for ages 6+. Still seemed young to me. There was a tomb accessory that made me scratch my head.

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Joanie, monsters are cool. Dark and gloomy rocks.

Kirsten, was that your no pants time picture? Story?

Nicole, lol, I knew I was nesting when I took apart the faucet and cleaned inside it.
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6 year olds love Monster high. My DD doesn't watch the cartoon but she wears the clothes and has some of the toys- like the karaoke machine.
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Monster high is big. My dd2's friends love them. She has a few herself. I'm pretty anti Barbie, but my girls have gotten a few as presents. Then they have a few fake ones, which they call Brobies. That cracks me up. Dd1 is too old for dolls now, though.

Just wait for the American Girl doll nonsense. Now those things are ridiculous. $100 doll with $25 outfits.
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DD1 has a few Barbies. She plays with them in her dollhouse sometimes, but they aren't a favorite for her. In fact, DD1 has never been really into any particular toys. She doesn't have favorites. She would rather follow me around all day and drive me crazy than go play with her toys. I'm just thankful our new neighborhood is bursting with kids her age. She goes outside to play with them a lot.

Greta is into toys though. Right now, she's obsessed with the play kitchen. She plays at that most of the day. Ya know, when she's not fighting with her sister or eating us out of house and home.
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Oh yes, we have an American Girl bittie baby with a few outfits.  We even have 2 child-sized outfits that match the dolls clothes.  We have a rich grandma that likes to buy stuff like that or we would never have a $100 babydoll.


No Monster High here, but we don't have TV and no one has introduce it to my ds.  


I woke up today with a bad headache and generally feeling bad (I've had a few headaches this week though) .  I thought it was in my imagination, but then I took my temp..  I have a low fever, so I guess it's justified.  I'm going to try to sneak back into bed...

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The favorite toys in our house, across all age groups, are dowel rods. Like from the hardware store. They love to whack each other with them. Lengths of PVC pipe are popular as well. There's whacking and musical ability. Then cars, then anything that makes noise.

Bikes are really high on the list, too.
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Joanie, I LOVE train sets.  I have my old Brio set from when I was a kid.  I kept waiting and waiting for my kids to get into it, but it's been lukewarm at best.  Now Avery destroys any attempts I make of setting it up.  I'm going to buy Austin a crane to go with it and see if that revitalizes his interest in it.  I literally just took some pics of Austin and Avery playing with the trains... I'll get them up soon.  As for gloomy toys... a ton of kids are into that.  A friend of mine has a 4 year old girl that loves all things horror.  It's interesting.  I think horror has its place- a way for us to discuss fear, the unknown, death, etc., but little kids that super into horror make me wonder what is going on in their psyches.  And Barbies... I would say she's probably too young as well.  Avalon started getting into the smaller dolls and accessories when she was more like 4 and has been into them for almost 3 years now.  It's a long stage- just wait for it!  At two, I find kids really enjoy play kitchens, pots/pans, felt food, cutting fruit, large beads for stringing, magnets (like magnetic letters, magnetic dress ups), etc.


Nicole, yay for a clean house!  Maybe that's what had to happen first!  A NST is no biggie.  I had one with Avalon and it was kind of fun to see the contractions on the screen. And hey, another change for a possible sweep.  Now that you've been losing plug, I would imagine you're farther dilated.  The brown tinge suggests blood from dilation, so maybe you're 2-3cm by now!

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Originally Posted by birdhappy85 View Post

Oh, I should clarify that this is a super basic $22 train set, lol. We just bought one extra train car and kept it simple for now. The track loop at least has hills and the penguin attraction. You could get something small like that, Nicole. It's no more than 1.5-2 ft long.

Joanie-Where did you get it? I bet Jack would love it.
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We got the train set at Target. They had a whole half-aisle of Thomas stuff. It's neat that they have different choices for plastic or wood tracks, wooden train cars versus die-cast, etc. I appreciated the variety and being able to purchase one car at a time. That way we can keep the collection a slow but exciting and affordable process.

I looked more at Monster High stuff online. I guess at first glance in the store it just looked like dead dolls to me. Really. That's why it creeped me out. Now that I understand it's "monsters" - I can see the appeal. I think I may end up sheltering my kids more from dark themes as long as I can, though, just because I grew up being too exposed to actual knowledge of death and murder and horror movies and the like... and it no doubt spurred lifelong anxiety in me. My parents had no boundaries when it came to what I was exposed to. *sigh*
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