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September 2013 Chit Chat - Page 91

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Oh ABRA, just saw the dog update, keep us posted I hope all is well!
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Or even Google emergency clinics. There might be one within reach to you.
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Oh Abra that's awful greensad.gif I hope you have been able to find someone open.
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Oh no, Abra! Can you drive your dog even a substantial distance to find an emergency clinic? That sounds so scary and I really hope both your dog and the puppies make it. :heartbeat

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OMG, Zippy here.  It's been awhile.  I swore I wouldn't jump into the conversation until I read all the pages of the chit chat threads.  At times, I was discouraged!  It took me WEEKS!  When you see you are on page 56 our of 59 pages, you feel safe going to sleep or doing dishes or running an errand, thinking you've only got a few pages to go to catch up.  But then you wake up or whatever, and there are suddenly 25 more pages to get through!


So, the latest with me is that:

--  I use a salutation and sign my texts because I AM that old

--  Haven't had Doritos since I spent a college summer in Pompeii

--  Found Jill to be very helpful in getting labor started for DS and have wondered ever since what that means about DS

--  Need a Sister Wife

--  Have been sending Amanda lots and lots of love, love, LOVE -- and Mal too!  AND Nicole!  And now Abra's dog!  I hope she and the pups will be okay!

--  Don't have access to any high school pics.  Wish I did!  I was the Homecoming Queen!  More like the anti-queen.  I was in high school when Nirvana took off, living in PDX during the whole grunge time.  What a great time to be young.  I had Doc Marten mary janes!  Sweet!  I was also a model for Tigi hair products.  Wish I could find those pics!  So, Joanie, I am going through my fugly phase now.

--  Ash, I wasn't the tattle.  If I was, I would have reported your "jumping on dicks" comment!  :lol

--  We moved to the Berkshires in Massachusetts for DD's school.  We still have our home near NYC, so if there is ever a DDC reunion in NYC, you all can stay at my house!!!!!  And take the train into the city.  FUN!


I have some house pics I can share, though, for a limited time!!!!


Here is our DDC reunion house (playroom looking into kitchen and dining room):

And the kitchen:

And our new ultra modern house (that needs some help!) in Mass.  These are photos the old homeowner took with her furniture and crazy paint colors:



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There is only 1 vet in this town.  The next closest vet is 25 miles away, when I called them, they referred me back to the local vet here for emergencies!  Outside of that, the next vet or clinic is 110 miles away..  Anyway, the local vet here did call me back.  He said to give her 1 more hour, if she hasn't had any puppies, then to call back and come in for a c-section.  Apparently a dogs temp might not drop around here because it's 108 degrees outside...?  At least, that's what the vet said.  It still doesn't seem right to me.  :(

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Abra, good luck to you and the dog.

Anthea, very beautiful house, thanks for jumping back in.
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What does the green fluid mean, Abra?  Is that like meconium or a sign of infection?

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Regardless of her temp not dropping, the green discharge in itself should be enough to warrant a csec. I'm annoyed he's making you wait.

Hi, Zippy. Holy cow I love the houses.
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I'm so glad the vet called you back! And that he's willing to take on a c-section in a pinch. Nicole/Abra - Can a lot happy to puppies inside in an hour? Or is it normal for labor to take some time? We bred our dogs when I was a kid but don't remember much about the start time, only how quick the puppies came once one popped out and then another and another.

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Anthea, both houses are very beautiful. The new one is uber modern, wow. I would gladly participate in a DDC reunion in the first house! ;)

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If their placentas have ruptured, an hour is a huge difference. I'm super annoyed.
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Originally Posted by birdhappy85 View Post

Anthea, both houses are very beautiful. The new one is uber modern, wow. I would gladly participate in a DDC reunion in the first house! ;)


Yes, you take what you can get around here!  It's slim pickins'!  But I actually like the house now that we are living in it.  We just need to tone down the uberness of it all, which I know how to do.  Just need the $$$!

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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

If their placentas have ruptured, an hour is a huge difference. I'm super annoyed.


Nicole, what does the green fluid mean?  Sign of distress like meconium?  Or an infection, but maybe an infection would have an increase in temp, too, though?  Fill us lay people in.

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Yes. Haha. It can be an indication of either. It's definitely something we tell people to look for when they call and ask about their laboring dog.
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Oh dear. :( Ugh, I'm such an animal lover, the idea of this all makes me very sad.

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We moved the dog from her normal room to the whelping area and it stressed her out. Now we decided to move her back to where she is comfortable. If labor doesn't start again in a couple of minutes, I will call the vet back. I have a feeling that at least 1 puppy is already dead, as we saw the sac burst but no puppy came out... greensad.gif
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Can you feel a puppy if you go in, Abra? If it's right there, you can help pull it out.
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I'm sorry to hear about your dog and puppies Abra! I hope things work out and quickly!


No job for me in South America? Is it because I'm already in an intentional community? No partner-swapping here, promise. It's a pretty mainstream alternative lifestyle here actually. Though I am good at sharing....


Supper time.  C'MON LAYLA!!

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I think you guys need to exchange phone numbers and Nicole needs to coach manual birthing of these babies! I mean puppies! (so invested over here)

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