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September 2013 Chit Chat - Page 98

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Jaimee,  Cute videos.


Nicole,  It sounds like things are going okay so far.  Hopefully they let you go home and finish this on your own.


Amanda,  You actually work at work sometimes??

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I wait...........
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Oh come on, Nicole, reach in and sweep yourself.
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I pretty much did my own stretch and sweep when I was almost 41 weeks with Baby #2! 

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Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

I love watching little kids watching other little kids- they get so excited, it's adorable.  Post some of Shay!
I have technical difficulties right now. My camera on my phone died. I misplaced my real camera. I have an older phone with camera that I use to take pictures lately, but it's so old it doesn't support video. When we get done grocery shopping, I'll see if I can get him to talk to the computer. I'm no tech goddess at the moment.

Nicole, that's not cool! Doesn't the doctor know you have a life?
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Ugh, Nicole!  You wait through a delivery?  Seriously?  Well, I guess he probably is only there for like 5 minutes to catch the baby.  LOL!


Abra, we need some video of Coralie talking in sentences! 


Kali, that's some serious flexibility! 

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Oops, my camera was put away. I looked everywhere else for it.
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I'm going to show Sora the videos of Avery later. Thanks for the reminder. She loves watching other kids too.
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Yay!  Now we can have Shay video!

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Yep. It's usually only a few minutes. He goes down there, catches the baby, then he's back up here.

I can't reach my cervix. I tried awhile back.
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I'll come do the sweep for you Nicole, I'm on my way now..

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I will try to get a video of Coralie, she's not very cooperative when I've tried, if you can believe it..

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Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post

I will try to get a video of Coralie, she's not very cooperative when I've tried, if you can believe it..

Yeah, a lot of times I have to video them interacting with dh or stealth film them from the other room without their knowledge. 

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Abra, is it weird that you'd be my first choice for childbirth assistance? Maybe cuz we've met in real life and I'd like your energy during my labor. Ha. Not sure I'd want you to reach in and sweep, but to each her own... Maybe Nicole is down with that...
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Baby music just played... So now we wait.
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As far as my DH goes for you nasty minded inappropriate joke makers...well, giant hands, giant feet, broad shoulders...do your own math  :wink  :lol


And Nicole, if its been a while I bet your cervix is much lower now.  A giant head pressing on it tends to do that.

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I think I went into the wrong profession. I'd like to make thousands of dollars for speedily catching a baby and leaving the labor assistance up to the nursing staff. *grumble*
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Baby music?  They play music over the intercom or something when a baby is born?

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Jaimee, my friend in Canada said they do that there too. Not sure if it's a widespread thing or in select places.
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Nicole, your cervix will get lower. I think I could reach mine about an hour before birth, though.

Jaimee, I'll get a video up when we get done shopping.
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