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September 2013 Chit Chat - Page 102

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I was. I kept getting woke up by rock my world contractions. I eventually couldn't lay through them so I got up, went pee, and well...

Castor Oil cleanse. Ahem.

Anyways, since then:

So that's what I'm doing now.
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Nicole! That's exciting! You show that OB who's boss.

I may be the only one up to enjoy the play by play so far, but I am stoked for you!

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Still going...

30 minutes until it's been two hours (That I've been timing). I will be waking up DH for some labor help. Shit hurts. LOL
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Nicole! Yay for lots of contractions! Good good luck!
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Getting closer...

I'm having to rock and hum through them.
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Eeeee Nicole!!!! Omg so exciting! Look at those contraction patterns! You're on a roll!

Are you still laboring at home or did the doctor still want you to come in at 5:30?
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3cm. 80%.
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Yay, Nicole!!!! So exciting! You've got this.
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Ahhhhh you're doing awesome! 3cm is huge progress!

I just excitedly told my husband you're in labor and the castor oil worked. He laughed at my excitement and said cool.

Now all our other DDC members need to wake up.
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Woot, Amanda is up
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Doc said let me labor, no Pitocin. Boosh.
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And she's bringing me a birthing ball.
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Yesssssss. You rocked that labor starting. Your progress is seriously awesome to me, Nicole. It took me no joke 14 hrs to get to where you are in contrax frequency/duration and dilation. Layla is so coming by this afternoon... I can feel it...

Birthing ball is the best!
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I also allowed IV Stadol. I'm exhausted from only getting one hour of sleep, so it's helping me relax and keep the ball rolling.
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What is Stadol? I've never heard of it.
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Nicole! Way to labor!

It's no Halloween, but Layla gets a holiday, too.
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IDK. I asked my mom and she said, "a pain med". LOL

It really just took the edge off. I still feel everything, just a smidge less.
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Taking the edge off sounds great. Can you get in water?
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I looked it up. It's an opiod. Sounds lovely actually. Relaxing can only help things progress. ;-)
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