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Good morning. Can't sleep. Ugh....
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Nicole, she really is gorgeous. smile.gif
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Good morning, Mal. It's early where you are!
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Morning. She did good last night. She went down for actual sleep around 3a and just now woke up. smile.gif I think. DH was insistent I sleep and get some rest last night, so he had her from 1-3a.

I find it very annoying when the hospital wants me to wake her up to nurse her. You aren't going to wake a sleeping newborn... Then they call LC, who, after finally failing enough, tells me to let her sleep and try again later. O.o Haha. That was my 5am.
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Awwwwwww, so adorable!!!!!!  Sorry they are forcing you to wake her up.  Did she nurse well right after she was born?

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Heck yes. Right at an hour. She's seriously a fantastic nurser.
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How is everyone else? What did I miss yesterday?
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Nicole, she's beautiful.
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So adorable, Nicole!! 


In the hospital, I think I just pretended to nurse some of the times they made me. Lol

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I am here, good morning all! 


She is beautiful Nicole! :happyt Glad she nursed well! 


I have horror stories about hospital nursing so I won't even start, apart from mentioning that because Eli was my first, every single nurse had a different way of showing how to nurse and none of them were good!  I hated the nurses that work in the mommy ward.  Not kind at all.  Finally had a consultant come in who was waaaaay better than the nurses.   not a good memory. :irked  At least if we have another one, I will have some knowledge to fall back on and hopefully will be hassled less. 



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So adorable, Nicole!! 


In the hospital, I think I just pretended to nurse some of the times they made me. Lol


Ha, I am totally going to do that next time!

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So adorable, Nicole!! 

In the hospital, I think I just pretended to nurse some of the times they made me. Lol
Shay's doctor said to let him sleep the first 24 hours and then wake him. But he was gigantic.
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So glad she's nursing well and you got some sleep! Yeah, I'm the same way, if its nighttime, I do not wake a sleeping baby!
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I would have lied but the nurse never left the room. O.o
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Nicole, that's awesome that she is such a great nurser!  That is always a fear with c-section and I'm so happy to hear that things are going well in that department.  How are you feeling? 


Oh, and you literally did not miss anything.  We were practically silent the entire day, just send out positive thoughts and wishing you well.  It was like a day of silence for you!  :)

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So glad to hear everything is going well and she is a champion nurser!  It really was quiet yesterday. 


Amanda, how are things going for you?

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I’m okay, thanks Ash. Told dd1 and dd2 two nights ago. It went about as expected, which was not well. They both totally knew why, though. They were glad dsd is staying. Dd2 said how she doesn’t like in when H makes dsd cry. Everything is pretty boring at the house. H should be moving out this week. I’m trying to avoid talking to friends and family, and I have only told my best friend. I also told my boss because I’ve been acting weird. Yesterday was a bad day, today is okay. Comes and goes.


I have so much work to do at the house. I’ve really let things go thinking that someone might step up and help. Oh well. 

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Glad to hear that she's nursing well.  My personal experience has been that babies sleep in at least one good long stretch after they're born (and then not again until they were night-weaned).  Birth is work for them too!  I've also hear the advice that you don't need to wake them much the first day.  I never had to wake up any of my babies though, they always woke on their own when they got hungry.  


Yup, like Jaimee said, nothing happened yesterday..


AFM:  We've had to slightly change our plans with moving to South America since none of the puppies made it.  We were planning on taking a scouting trip down there in Nov. to get a good feel for the area we picked and to potentially look at rentals.  However, we now can't afford that $4,000 trip that we don't really have to take (yes, it would be the best option, but it's $$).  So, the tentative plan now is that we're just going to move there in March.  George will likely go down there 2-3 weeks before us and secure us a rental and feel out the area.  Then we are going to give ourselves 6 months and see how we like it.  If we don't like living there, we'll come back to the US and find a good spot to settle down here (probably in an established IC).  We won't ship any of our stuff down there until we're sure we want to stay, so we'll go with full suitcases and get a fully furnished apartment.  

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Abra, wow!  Where will you keep your stuff while you're away for 6 months?  Is your mom coming with you for the 6 months as well?  I'm sorry you had to change your plans b/c of the puppies.  :(


Amanda, I was going to ask you were doing today, too.  I was just thinking to myself yesterday how you're dealing with Jasper's constant ear problems, the fire clean up, your dd's behavior/diagnosis, and now the separation with your H.  That's a LOT of stuff on your plate to handle both emotionally and just physically.  Are you getting any support from local friends?  Are you still coming to Chicago in November?  Who will watch the kids?


Nicole, getting some rest?

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Amanda, it's okay to fall behind on house work when you have something like that get thrown on your plate.

Abra, that sounds like a fantastic plan B.

First meeting...

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Oh, Nicole, if you're bored or something, you can tell us who won the baby pool!  :lol

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