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September 2013 Chit Chat - Page 114

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I'm about to blow up this hospital.

They took Layla for her hearing and pre screening tests they do at 1210am. "How long will it be?" "Hour tops." Okay, no problem. I'd just fed her so it wasn't a big deal. Well, I obviously dozed off at some point, woke up just now, 2am, still no Layla. I immediately go out to the desk and ask them as nicely as possible without shooting them WTF my daughter is. "I don't know. We'll ask your nurse then get back to you." 15 minutes later!!! The nurse brings her back. "I didn't realize you wanted her back." "Uhhh, yeah. I told you I did."

Pissed. She's quietly and happily nursing now though, so that makes me a little happier.
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In other news, I learned that she was sunny side up in utero, so maybe that's why I wasn't progressing like the doctor would have liked to see.

The cord was also wrapped around her once... Which may explain the wonky HBs there at the end.
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Nicole, awesome that your milk is coming in already. Crazy that she moved to sunny side up.

Last night I totally failed at starting night weaning Soren. I slept too deeply and forgot the plan. I think he only nursed once between posts, er, while I slept.
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Holy four hour cluster nursing marathon.

Goodnight. For the first time.
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Rest up, Nicole! Yay for milk and a good nurser!

Sara, I've been up since 4:30. We really suck.
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Nicole, get some sleep!

Joanie, 4:30! Good morning now. How are you feeling today otherwise? Like coffee sounds good or like you'd kill to be able to sleep?
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Good morning!

Nicole, they'll keep the baby forever if they can. Lol. The best thing to do is walk down there or send someone to walk down there. Insist on walking with the nurse, then stand outside the exam room staring at them through the window. Your baby will be ready to go back in no time! And yay for milk!!
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I'd kill to be able to sleep... but I have no choice... coffee it is...
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Joanie, why can't we kill for good sleep? How does that not solve the issue? Just to be more into chemicals, have you tried a Benadryl?
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Joanie, did your class start already?

Amanda, good morning to you, too, friend.
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Good point. DH is the first to go. LOL. ;-) He walked into the bedroom at 4am to grab his xBox... and then I realized I had to go to the bathroom and never fell back asleep.

I don't have a problem falling and staying asleep overnight, it's just these early morning wakeups that get me. I'd be all for chemicals if I didn't have to wake up for work 2 hours later... Benadryl knocks me OUT.

It's just stress. Never used to be like this. That I can remember.... Everything is fuzzy these days. Heh.
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Yeah, Sara, I'm in week 3 of classes. I have three, but it might as well be called full time because my one teacher is requiring we write a paper every.single.week. I had to ask Sora to wait patiently to play with me last night while I wrote a stupid paper on the Scientific Revolution of the 17th century. Cuz you know I'm going to use my knowledge on Copernicus and Galileo's astronomy discoveries in my accounting career...
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Good morning. DH had to be up extra early to go to some work training. He made sure to wake the entire house before he left. Coffee for me too.
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Oh and Joanie, I have the same problem with the early morning wake ups. Just can't get back to sleep. Yesterday, it was 4:30.
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Joanie, those papers are crazy.

Mal, good morning!

I have a theory about what everyone is suppose to be doing at 4 when we wake up, but it's not very nun-like so I'll keep it to myself.
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Sara, I like your theory.

Note to self: Don't open energy bills first thing in the morning. Dang hot end of summer shot our electricity (A/C) usage thru the roof. $280. Fun.
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Good morning, Mal! :-)
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Joanie, better than coffee, right?
I don't know the best time of day to open bills. :/
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What is this sleep you all speak of? My daughter finally wore herself out and is snoozing.

I can't help but be a little bitter at DH for getting a full night's sleep. I know there's no good reason for us both to be sleep deprived and I have the boobs... But it still sucks.

We're going home today, er, tonight. Once she's 48 hours old. smile.gif
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Sara, how do you know that's not what the rest of us are doing at 4 am??


Joanie, I'm stuck with a $303 electric bill right now, and I'm not the one who is always turning the thermostat down. Sigh. 

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