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Layla, sleep is beautiful, you can do it!
Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

Sara, how do you know that's not what the rest of us are doing at 4 am??

Because they wouldn't complain about it.

Today is the third morning I've forgotten to put my cup under the coffee before the coffee came out.
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I'm trying to figure out how to cash out my 401k. Sigh. Because throwing away 30% in taxes and penalties is so smart. Joanie, you know about this stuff, right? Tell me I'm stupid.

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Goodness no one sleeps around here!  Austin decided it was a good idea to wake me up 5 times last night.  Yes, Austin.  Not Avery.  I went to bed at 10pm.  At 12am he had to pee.  At 2am he supposedly had to pee again.  At 4am he didn't want to go back to bed.  At 5am he wasn't tired anymore.  At 5:45am he was really upset and so was I, but I got him back in bed.  Avery came in to nurse at 6:20am and that was it.


Katie, beautiful words.  Thank you for posting them for Amanda to remember her value and what she deserves.


Abra & Sara, do I need to split you two up?  Oh, and Sara, it helps to put the cup under the coffee maker so when the coffee comes out it's in your cup.


Nicole, yay for an awesome nurser and your milk coming in!  I hated when people suggested my baby was hungry, too.  So annoying.  And I would have been livid if my child was taken away from me for 3 hours.  WTH?!


Joanie, yeah, taking those extra classes to round out a bachelors can feel really wasteful and especially now that you already have a job in your field.  But maybe all that knowledge will come in handy when you're on Jeopardy or playing Trivial Pursuit.

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Nah, Jaimee, I'm all smiles. I'm sorry you had such a long night!

As I clean out my car in preparation for camping, I'm trying to decide how best to configure the carseats for travel. Part of me wants to FF the boys, but it just occurred to me that laws in Illinois may not allow that. I should look first. And I found a handful of Reese pieces. Yum
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I was so confused about my major that I took 27 hours worth of classes that didn't even count. I am awesome at Jeopardy. 


Sorry for the rough night, Jaimee. Look... I did good today! I told one of my friends. Only because I was asking her to watch dd2 while H moves out on Fri. But it's a start! 


Sara, if you wipe them off on your shirt, you can still eat them. 

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Amanda, I totally did. How did your friend react?
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She's my cool friend, so she was fine. She said she'd take dd2 on Friday and can have her come home after school sometimes so she can get a break from aftercare. So it went well. :)

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So you just need more cool friends.
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Good for you, Amanda!  I'm glad you're getting some help.


Sara, Illinois law:

Ages 1-4
Children should remain in a rear-facing safety seat until age 2, or until they are at the upper height or weight limit of the seat. When a child out- grows a rear-facing safety seat, he or she may transition to a forward-facing seat with a harness system.

  • Use the internal harness system until the upper height or weight limit is reached.
  • Use harness straps/slots at or above shoulder level when forward-facing.
  • Harness straps must be snug on the child; the harness clip should be at armpit level.
  • The top of the child’s ears should not be above the top of the car seat when forward-facing.
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Car seats make me mad.  B hit the RF weight limit on her seat. My DH kindly pointed it out 3 days ago. Which, I have to say, is my fault.  I didn't even consider weight  when we bought it because she was the tiniest for SO long.  Its not even something I looked for.  So now she is super fat.  And not 2.  And I find this issue very conflicting, because I don't exactly have the few hundred I need in my budget for a new seat.

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That sucks, Ash. I need to check the weight on mine. J is small, though. He only rear faces in one car.
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Ash, small seat? Our boys' seats (Cosco senescera) are both the cheapest and among the narrowest, which was important for 3 across in a sub-compact car. The RF limit is 35 pounds. Shay has heald steady in the low 30s almost a year, so I figure he could RF longer. We've been having a hard time with the big kid who rides in back, so now I have Soren RF in the center, Shay FF on the driver side and a much more comfortable passenger side seat. I had to re-install both seats in the other car, too. It took half an hour of wrestling and strap adjusting to get everything right again.

Jaimee, thanks, I looked it up, too. But I switched him anyway.
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I don't ever wake up at 4:30am..  I have the opposite issue where I never actually want to get out of bed.  We sleep a lot around here.  :zzz


My carseats RF until 40lbs and 45lbs.  I think we paid about $70 for our newer seat the RF's until 40lbs, so it wasn't terrible.  I also have a Radian carseat, which is heavy, but it fits nicely in smaller cars.


Sara,  I poured you a cup of coffee over here with a big thick slice of velveeta for breakfast.  You had better hurry up, it's getting cold.


Just because I always like to be the winner..  We get discount low-income electricity here in CA, we keep our a/c on 82 degrees, and our last bill was $350!  Many people have $500-$600 electric bills here in the summer.


Amanda,  Cashing out your 401k is generally dumb, but we're also considering it in the future to buy property, sooo...  I'm glad things went well with your friend..


Nicole,  Welcome to normal newborn sleep deprivation!  :)  It seems odd that Layla would have moved from LOA to posterior, are they sure she was LOA before?  The cord wrapped around the body is normal and happens in something like 25% of births..

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Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post

Sara,  I poured you a cup of coffee over here with a big thick slice of velveeta for breakfast.  You had better hurry up, it's getting cold.

Thanks so much! I'll be over as soon as I wean and can eat dairy again. I'll just appreciate the sentiment until then.

Amanda, I don't know anything about 401ks, but you will lose 30% plus any future growth, right? I'm thinking the years of growth will cost more in the long run. On the other hand, if you're using it for something like paying off the car, some of that 30% would be made up for by any interest rate on the car?
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Sara I don't think you'll get in trouble. Shay looks 2 anyway.

Is there an iPad app for this site?
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There's very little in it. I just started full time in Feb. But I figure in case of an emergency it would be nice to have.
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Amanda,  Unless you really NEED it right now, I would just leave it there.  If a serious emergency arises, you can pull it out then.

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Jaimee, They keep advertising an app, but I couldn't find it the other day..

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Coffee and velveeta, huh? Interesting combination.

Guys, I love my new house, but holy crap keeping three bathrooms and twice the square footage clean? And trying to do it with 5 toddlers/preschoolers around? My bedroom and the laundry situation have been completely ignored. I do have clean bathrooms for the moment though.

My mom just can't catch a break. She went for her first radiation treatment yesterday and they discovered a blood clot in her leg, which is tricky to treat since she's just a couple weeks out from brain surgery. And she sat in a waiting room for hours after radiation waiting on transport to the ER and it appears none of her docs are communicating with each other, so the ER doc had no idea how to treat her or whether to admit her. My sister was so disgusted with the whole thing, she's already been on the phone with cancer treatment centers of America looking for a second opinion and they want to see my mom. Looks like she's going to be headed to Chicago in the next couple of weeks to see them.
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Amanda, STEP AWAY FROM THE 401(k)! Mal, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. My dad had the same thing happen... He got a blood clot in an extremity shortly after his brain surgery, but they couldn't treat it with normal blood thinners because obviously he would hemmorhage in his brain, so they put him on an antibiotic that was meant to break up the clot... but the antibiotic caused him to contract C. diff and spiraled him into sepsis and losing his large intestine... Tell them to be extremely careful with antibiotics with your mom's condition!
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