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Wow, I have been out the loop all day and there is so much to catch up on:( so I am sorry if I miss anything...

Sara, I am so sorry about your current situation.  Big virtual hugs, and I second whoever said that we would do virtual dishes and bring virtual food.  :grouphug
It must be hard still living under the same roof ... I admire that.


Nicole, I remember everyone telling me to take it slow but I got so overwhelmed of being stuck inside.  Since it rains all the time in November when I had Eli, I actually walked to Starbucks with him in a moby, just to get out the house.  My MIL lectured me since she was here, but I was desperate.  Starbucks is maybe half a block walk and it killed me to walk there and back but I felt so much better.  I did find I bled a bit more on those days but never much.  All that said, take some time to rest though! :p


Mal, that sounds frustrating.  I have no advice.  I worked in a daycare for almost 2 years and we had a similar kid.  It sucked buckets full and the parents didn't try anything at home to help it.  He was with us full day so it was just plain exhausting.  I am sorry I don't have any advice:(


Jaimee, loved all the jars!  It is nice to see all your hard work!


I am sorry if I missed anyone else ... I am sure I did.  I hope you are all well...

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Man the board blew up while I was running errands.

Bleeding- I bled for 3 months before my hysterectomy, and never less than 8 weeks PP. Nicole, lay the eff down. You are being crazy and your going to hurt yourself.

Boobs- I seriously feel like every picture of myself is enveloped by my giant boobs. No matter the angle, they take over.

Mal- I would probably punch that kid. Ok ok...I wouldn't punch him, but I had my 2 nephews for a year and they were just like that when they first came to me. Totally insane. And the issue wasn't me, it was the lack of ATTENTION when with their mom. Not even lack of discipline just lack of attention. Like Sarasuggested, I was practically on top of them for weeks. Eventually they got it. But I nearly pulled all my hair out.
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Oh and I can't believe Amanda didn't mention she was going to an Ani Difranco concert.

On Monday I am going to go see (and im not even kidding here guys) Hanson. And the best part is that it was my husbands idea, and his friend bought us the tickets.
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Ash, a friend from high school is touring as the drummer for Hanson. I'm not kidding.

You like Ani?? It was awesome.
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Mmm, Ani. She was here when I was in Chicago. I have to live vicariously.

Sonja, thanks, I'm ok. She's having the hard time.

Nicole, big day for Conner!
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Sooo... Add me to Sara's remember to eat text.7:30 at night and I just realized all I've had is a small piece of chicken and some rice to eat today. That's no good for my breasticles.

How do you guys with more than one kid remember to eat?
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Amanda, that's awesome. Hanson has some legit good music. It's just hilarious to tell people who don't know that. My sister is a lesbian and started worshipping Ani when I was about 15. She came up to visit and bought me her entire collection because she knew I should have it.

Nicole- eat when your kids eat. Eat their leftovers. Drink out of the milk carton. After they go to sleep eat 5 cupcakes
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Lol @ eat 5 cupcakes

I just got Sora down for bed by 7:45pm. I love when it gets dark out earlier...

I'm so so tempted to stay up and enjoy some free time to myself but of course tonight I feel like falling asleep early too. It's 8pm. I'm totally going to try to sleep 10 hours. Wish me luck.
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But even now that I've realized I haven't eaten and I'm hungry, I'm out buying dog food... Then going home and doing bath/bedtime... So I won't be free until 9p, and that's assuming Layla doesn't need me then.

I don't have cupcakes. I do have cookies though.
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Good luck on your sleep!!!
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Seriously, eat a granola bar while your driving.  Grab an Ensure at the store and chug it while your in line.  It will get easier with time, but right now you need to get the calories in however you can.

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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Nicole- eat when your kids eat. Eat their leftovers. Drink out of the milk carton. After they go to sleep eat 5 cupcakes

Pretty much exactly.
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No one posted in 9 hours? What's the world coming to? 9:30 pm EST?

What did everyone get into last night?

Nicole, if you can keep a bowl of fruit next to where you nurse, maybe some easy non-perishable snacks, you can try to eat something every time you nurse and time won't escape you. I think I ate 40 pounds if fruit the first two weeks after S was born.

Last night Shay woke at one and was so disappointed at my night weaning attempts that he bed swapped. Then at 6 he came back with company.
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Good morning, yawn. Happy Friday.

Took Greta to meet her new baby sitter last night. She was a little shy at first, but by the end of our visit she refused to come to me and didn't want to leave. She giggled when I asked if she wanted to go back and play again. Hopefully that means her day will go well today!
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LOL @ Shay coming back with company. Too funny.

I got my 10 hours of sleep but woke up with a headache. Hopefully it wasn't too much sleep... I better be chipper today.

Yay Friday!
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That's great, Mal!

Amanda, I did a Snapchat update this morning. Send me a snap anytime to see if the dang thing works now. Not getting my hopes up... lol
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Mal, so great that she liked the new sitter.

Joanie, yay for 10 hours of sleep! And Friday! I was too tired to make brownies last night, but it's on my list for today. Mmm brownies.
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Layla lost her cord last night. Apparently that made her want to party. She was up until after 1. Then I, like an idiot, told DH I'd get up with Conner today... Is it naptime yet? He's been waking up at 8am the past few days... Is it naptime now? LOL

Yay for 10 hours of sleep. I get "too much sleep" headaches, too. Hopefully that's not what you have. They suck.

Yay for liking the new sitter. I hope it works out.

I wish this pump would hurry up so I could get my cup of coffee...

Oh. And after the son went to bed last night, I ate my weight in food. Ooops. I'm also down to 176! 26lbs to go!!!
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Hello all...

Had a crappy night sleep... Maybe got 4 hours. Laundry day #2 for this week, so apart from sleeping like crap I had to get up as soon as I basically fell asleep. How depressing.

On a good note: it's payday for dh. And on a bad note, it is rent time.... So most of that pay will be gone. *sigh*
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I'm in the crappy sleep camp too.  B woke up at 10 and 11, needed a drink, needed to go potty, then cried for her sleeping dad until at 1145 I just brought her in to sleep next to him.  Today I'm going to get my sons foot looked at and X-rayed a second time, because he has had worsening pain for 2 weeks, swelling that started a week ago, and it bothers him constantly.  I'm hoping they didn't miss a fracture. 


Nicole Im glad you ate.  Now Sara, its your turn.

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