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September 2013 Chit Chat - Page 162

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Okay TOO FUNNY..... I told my little brother (22-year-old) a year or two ago that he needed to grocery shop with me because there was this guy who worked at my grocery store service desk who would be totally cute with him. Lo and behold, he just walked into my house with the guy. :blush I was like, "Whoa, wait a minute....." Turns out they met some other way and are now becoming roommates! :rotflmao What are the chances.....

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"Roommates"? Lol.
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Katie, adorable hair.

Nicole, hope you feel better soon.

Sara, good luck with space. Yay for movement on the weaning!

I know I am missing people. Just got back from a family field trip with J's school. Dd1 had a meltdown and we had to leave early. She's 11. Sigh. We did have fun before that, though. She was overtired from camping. My house is looking rough right now, but I'm hiding in my room rather than cleaning.
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Joanie, that's hilarious.

Amanda, that's not hilarious.

Just for fun, here's an iPhone typing test, because I know so many of us post from phones.

I average in the upper 40s with a high score of 54.
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64 very inaccurate words per minute :P
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Evidence that weaning is happening, I am not engorged and was not yesterday on arrival at home! Slow and steady.

That's awesome. I got engorged after two hours. O.o
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DH is converting Sora's crib into a toddler bed. Eeeee! Muh baby is growing up!

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Jaimee, how is Avalon doing with her peers since she skipped the grade? :)

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Back from the birthday party that I didn't really want to go to because of Eli's nap time. It was okay - I am an introvert though, and not knowing anyone else there made it uncomfortable.  Eli was dazed because he was tired and didn't do much but sit on a little car and look around.  We stayed an hour... I just put Eli down, it is 3:30pm.  Way late but I am glad he is napping at least...


Going to sit here for a few minutes and then start supper...

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Sara, I figured that was what she was doing... so what's the next step do you think?



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Jaimee, how is Avalon doing with her peers since she skipped the grade? :)

She is doing wonderfully!  In fact, I'm sort of amazed how well it seems to be going so far.  I know it's early in the year, but she is on top of her homework and she's making a bunch of new friends.  It's the main reason why I want to get her going with girl scouts b/c a lot of her new friends are in the troop and I want to encourage the cohort she seems to be a part of.  But, she was invited to a birthday part already this year and kids from her class are always saying hi to her when we're out and about.  FX everything continues well!

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That's great, Jaimee! :thumb

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That's awesome, Jaimee. I'm glad she's adjusting so well.

So I looked at the store, it was generic Claritin that was non drowsy. I really think I have an ear infection though. I seriously feel like I'm underwater and everything sounds like that, too. I'll be calling my doctor tomorrow.
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Yay, the wind is blowing at 100km/h... *sigh*  bigeyes.gif

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Originally Posted by Autumnshades View Post

Yay, the wind is blowing at 100km/h... *sigh*  bigeyes.gif



That's communist talk.  km/h.


Ok i'm just kidding, but it hasn't picked up here yet, I'm a bit inland and to the south.  So, we are waiting.  I love a good storm. 

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LOL Communist talk.
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Hi all!  We spent the afternoon at a birthday party at the local community pool.  We had a great time and maybe even met some friends.  It's really hard to miss a whole 6 hours around here though, whew!


It's finally starting to get nice here (90's during the day), so anyone who's already sick of the rain can come visit for a little sunshine.  


Jaimee - Glad things are going well for Avalon.


Sara - I really hope that once this all blows over that you'll come to some good balance with visitation rights.  I take it that you're willing to allow Shay to go with her sometimes too?  


Joanie - Yay for big girl beds, it looks great.


Katie - I will post some pics soon.  We are going to take nice photos tomorrow after we get the tire fixed (we couldn't today after all).

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Ummm... who takes her kid for a walk in 100km/h winds?  That is right, me ... it was so strong it almost blew the stroller over while I was walking ... 70 miles/h I guess.  Oh my word ... broken trees, lots of giant chest nuts falling off the trees, and sheets of rain.

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Thank goodness for DH's patience. He spent over an hour with Sora in her bedroom, playing and whatnot, and finally got her in her toddler bed after much defiant refusal. She wouldn't climb in, and we didn't want to force anything, so he kept at it and explained to her that she'd reeeeeally enjoy a big girl bed. Hehe. He ended up having to entice her by setting a cup of milk on her pillow out of her reach... so she HAD to climb in for it. :lol Oh well, she fell right to sleep and has been quiet on the monitor ever since! I wish I had a video monitor. I think I may sneak in and see what she looks like before I go to bed... At any rate, I got an economics paper written two weeks ahead of schedule without interruption tonight, so I'm pumped. 

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Sonja, I can't remember, where are you located? Wow that wind sounds scary! I haven't kept up with national weather news lately. Sounds intense.

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Katie, I totally meant to compliment you on having the cutest mommy/toddler photo earlier. Gah, it's too much! You look so pretty with your hair styled short.
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