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Glad you made it through Ash, have fun!


We are starting a bedtime routine with Coralie.  So far, so good, she only cried to 2 seconds and now she's calmly relaxing in her bed (or sleeping).  Hopefully we can get into a good routine and all the kids will go to bed at the same time.

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Jaimee, yes, I'm still following along. No idea why I have a posting phobia, but it's kind of stupid, because I really like all of you people and need to just nut up and talk already.


My bio: Homeschooling mom of 5 kids, daughters 11 and 10, and then three little boys ages 8, 5, and Teddy, who's 1. I love cooking and reading, and my escape from the 5 children is sewing.


There's too much to comment on, so I'm just going to jump into the conversation, and pretend like I belong here, then eventually I will, right?


But oh--nun points. I'm the token Mormon of the group, so pretty sky high nun points here.  DH is my only, but Kali has me beat with kissing over the altar. That's hard core! But my no coffee/alcohol/cigarettes bit probably helps a bit, right?

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Ok, here's what I came up with for my bio:
Jhsmama11 Amber (35), DH (32), DS (Nov 2011). Full time mama, part time people helper, avid reader who probably could have finished the sweater she's been knitting for a year in all the time spent playing candy crush.
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Ash, be safe and have fun.

Abra, that sounds like a great bedtime. Was this with or without a nap?

Becca, nun points to you. Why aren't we running a tally? Like on a scale from 1 to 5? Also, would you like to share crafty pictures? I could use the motivation.

Amber, what level are you on?

I went to bed at 10:30 like a good girl and O woke me at 10:50 feeling sick again. I sang him a couple of songs but that failed to bring out the barf, so I gave up and lay with him for an hour. It's crazy how his shoulders are barely wider than S's but his toes reach my ankles and his arms overlap across my shoulders. He's so big and so small. The older he gets, the more affection I feel toward all the sweet teens I encounter.

Oh, and little Soren has a new game. I fished a fire truck, doll and new shoe out of the trash this evening. I'm wondering if that's why S has no matching pairs of shoes.
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Amber, your bio made me chuckle. I'm on 286 and pissed off at it so I haven't played in a few weeks. It's bad for my blood pressure, LOL.

Also, I love that "nut up" has become a common phrase around here, LOL.

Sara, thanks to my dogs, Conner has no access to the trash cans or I'm sure it'd be the same here. I find something in my dresser almost daily.
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I just passed Sara in Candy Crush a few days ago, so HAH.

We are taking this trip fort grandpas 80th birthday. It's a family reunion and a lot of people got there earlier today- and I just got a call that he passed out at dinner and hasn't regained consciousness greensad.gif
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I stopped playing candy crush because it was bad for my mood! Ugh, I haven't played in months... I am addicted to hay day

Lightning and thunder today, we NEVER EVER get those. We live in this 'Bermuda triangle' kinda place.... Only place in Canada where it doesn't generally snow and we can go years without a thunderstorm. It is a nice change... Love watching the lightning dancing across the clouds.

I will work on my bio soon, too tired right now;)
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OMG, ASH! =( *Internet high five because I don't hug*
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Ash - Yikes, I hope he's going to be okay!   Keep us updated!


Sara - Bedtime went strangely and freakishly easy..  I did CIO with Cyan when he was 12mo (before I knew better) and it was AWFUL.  With Olivine I did a modified version when she was 2yo where we stayed with her, but kept putting her back in bed until she got it.  It took Olivine at least 30 minutes to relax and sleep (over 3-4 days).  I was sort of expecting the same with Coralie, but she got quiet the moment I left the room.  I went to check on her after 10 minutes and she started crying again and wanted a snuggle.   A few minutes later I left again and she quietly relaxed and went to bed on her own!  It was great!  I really hope that she was okay too, but it was so much better for me and dh.  I'd been feeling angry about bedtime lately, which isn't good either.  Hopefully we can get into a new, good routine.    Oh, and she had a 30 minute nap today.


Becca,  Feel free to join, if you've been reading along anyway, you know most of us!

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Oh no, Ash, give us an update when you can! I'm sorry that happened.

Sora must be the least mischievous kid here. She doesn't get into much. At the moment. I'm sure it'll change at some point.

I never heard the phrase "nut up" til here. Ha

I went to bed early at 9pm. Big deal for me lately. Of course this has to be the night DH's patients didn't show and he comes home after just 4 hours of work and wakes me up/startles me when he enters the room to change out of his work clothes. This sucks. It's 1:15am. Ughhhh
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Ash, I hope there has been a positive change since your last post, I'm thinking of you all.

Nicole, I know, there were 3 people ahead of me on candy crush, then I friended you and Ash passed me and I'm all slacking at level 201 suddenly. I played more a while ago but only play a life or two per day. I have something ridiculous like 69 extra lives.

Sonja, lightening is great when you're someplace safe.

Abra, I think I need to start something similar.

Joanie, I've not heard it either. I thought it was a typo at first, now I'm unclear. I hope your sleep got better.

Mine got better. I slept 6.5 hours minus all the nursing. I took over the majority of the night wake ups a while ago and they were slowing down. Then they got shots Tuesday and have been awful ever since. Shay's seriously been on Motrin since Wednesday (and I got an angry text about leaving them with DP in that state to work, LOL). Nightwakings have been way worse, too. They just wake to nurse and that really goes against my weaning plans. Now that I'm paying attention to my diet, it's obvious that I'm not eating enough to nurse. :/
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Ash-oh my, keeping you in my thoughts. I hope there has been a positive change like Sara said.

I'm only on candy crush level 140. To be fair, my sweater patter is a pretty complicated cabled pattern, not something I can work on just any ol time so it's reserved for nap times ( when I didn't used to need a nap myself) or my lunch break. Or it was til I discovered candy crush.

I'm a little late to the breakfast conversation. J eats a banana- he wakes up and usually the first word is nana, or maybe he'll say mama first. He'll eat eggs, toast, cereal , oatmeal, pancakes, muffins, waffles, part of my breakfast sandwich, yogurt, just about whatever I have made. He also eats a breakfast at daycare too but sometimes I question their choices even tho they're "dietician approved" so I try to give him good stuff at home so he doesn't eat much there.

I'm starting to feel a little better. Better sleep plus adding back omega 3s and vitamin d3 seems to have helped. I see a midwife later this morning for further assistance. No real feelings about whether boy or girl yet although it would be nice to have a girl - one of each. I didn't have a feeling until right around 20 weeks with J but my feeling was correct.
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Lots happens when you go to bed early....


Ash, so sorry to hear your grandpa isn't well. keep us updated.


Nut up: I don't know who said it first, but when Jaimee said it last week, it made me giggle and I've been using it ever since. I try not to think about nuts, though. Maybe it means like tree nuts?


I played Candy Crush once and didn't get it. Deleted. The only games that suck me in are competitive word games because, well, I'm competitive. And wordy. 


Abra, glad to hear night one went well! I need to try with Jasper. I have to lie with him for 30 mins to and hour at night.


Sara, sorry O wasn't feeling well. And the little ones, too. Lots of sick, huh?


AFM, to be less vague,  the therapist (who was our marriage counselor) basically told me that yes things are that bad and no I don’t need to give it more time. I’ve given it a lot of time. And that it’s not a good situation for any of the kids. H kept trying to talk to me this morning and I basically told him that I’m not sure I want to try anymore. He was totally shocked, and his response was that he knew the whole time that he needed to change but didn’t think I would ever leave him. Oh… because that makes total sense. Anyway, I’m just maintaining that I need space.


I’m in thinking mode. Logistics would be tough… I’d have four kids. I’m almost certain that dsd would stay with me, which should tell you something. And I can’t shake the feeling that I should give things another try. So I’m stuck in my head right now. No decisions or anything… waiting. 

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Oh! I think we need an official nun point quiz. I'm going to look into that. :lol

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Like a purity test plus religion?

Don't they always say they're going to change? Good for you for taking the space you need to really make the decision instead of giving in to inertia.
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Like a DDC specific quiz. With points. Which I am actually making instead of working. bag.gif 

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Sara, the lightning was just flashing across the clouds ... it was beautiful.  No loud crackles or anything.  I grew up with severe lightning - lived on a hill with giant pine trees on the corner.. they got hit every.single.time.  Our power would be out, the cracks would be so loud the house would shake and so bright it would illuminate everything to bright in even the darkest night.  Those were scary times ... but since we don't get it here, it is kinda nice to see it once in a while... I could use a really good South African thunderstorm :2whistle


I have been pretty lucky, Eli has started sleeping well at night a few months back (maybe 4 months ago)... he generally sleeps through.  There are nights here and there where he doesn't but for the most part he is great.  I should have taken Ortho Sleep last night ... I couldn't fall asleep ... I finally did at 2am (went to bed at 11:30) and I was awake at 6:15am.  Eli will sleep till just before 9am I am sure, but I have laundry to do, so going back to sleep was out of the question for me.


ASH, how is your grandpa?


Amanda, I am sorry things are going so well.  Hope you figure out what to do!  Oooo... a quiz... ;)

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So my quiz covers farting, porn, kissing, and alcohol. What am I missing? :rotflmao

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Thank you

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