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Jaimee, yes to the bios! I would like the word heathen in bold red with an evil smiley. I'll draft something up. Lol

Nicole, when I was pg with dd1, I cleaned houses, went to college, and bathed dogs. At the boarding place, they wouldn't let me lift the dogs so I had to go find someone to do it every time. You just reminded me of that.

I've been sleeping on the couch most of the night recently, so my neck hurts. Jasper is cranky and his bad ear stinks, which is a bad sign. We are still in a holding pattern, but sometimes H tries to force me to make a decision and just says he's leaving. So things are... Unpleasant. I'm going to go study.

Anyway, back to the bios... I'm sure there is a smiley for every type. Maybe even veggies!
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Have you asked him why he has been trying so hard to be father of the year but not husband of the year?
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Amanda, I keep starting your personality quiz and falling asleep about half way through. Hmm. I know I have taken it before but never remember what my results are. I'll try again. Sorry your H is being a dick.

I should feel so very lucky right now because my H keeps trying to be so incredibly supportive. He has taken over everything. The cooking, the cleaning, taking care of the girls. I know him though and I can feel his resentment building, he's just not saying anything yet. He'll give me a little time to figure my crap out, but he's gonna want me to get it together pretty quick and I'm not sure if I can do that. I told him I'm in identity crisis mode and need some space and he's being accommodating so far. He's worried though. I just know that whatever is going on inside my head right now is just amplified by the mom stuff and I need to know for sure how I feel before I talk to him about it. I'm really good at making something out of nothing, especially when I'm in crisis mode, so I'm also in a holding pattern for now. I should start making better decisions while I'm here though. I have one IRL friend I can talk to and she's being great. I should really get on that therapy thing though.
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Oh and I get to go to a family meeting in about an hour with all of my siblings about the care of my mother and what our responsibilties should be. I see this turning into an argument and I'm not looking forward to it.
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Amber - crazy that we are the same rare type! Among so many INTJs. 

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Sorry, mal. That's rough. I have another therapy appointment on tues. Have you found anyone? I have found that one crisis makes any others you are pushing back come up. Maybe because if one thing is crazy, you might as well screw up your entire life while you're at it.

Ash, that would involve me wanting to talk. Which I don't. I just want to be left alone. Oops.
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Amanda, exactly. No progress on the therapy front. DH holds the insurance, so that involves me telling him I want/need some help. Then, he's really going to want to talk and I'm not there yet. I will do it though, soon.

Finished the quiz, ENFP. I am almost as much introverted as I am extroverted though. Which makes sense. I crave socializing, but too much of it makes me just want to curl up in bed and bury myself under the covers.
You have marginal or no preference of Extraversion over Introversion (1%)
You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (12%)
You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (50%)
You have moderate preference of Perceiving over Judging (33%)
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Kirsten.  I agree with Sara, I wouldn't make any big changes at this time either.  When we were traveling a lot last year, it was hard on the kids and always took them a few weeks to adjust to a new place.  I hope you're able to find some balance and stability here soon.


Ash,  Sorry about your crisis, I wish you the best and hope you're able to find what you need.


Amanda,  It sounds pretty bad at your place right now.  I hope Jasper is okay, that poor kid really needs a break too!


Nicole,  It's going to happen soon, it will, it will!  How was your dinner?

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Mal, what if you just say that you need to talk to an unbiased someone outside the situation and need to talk to a therapist?

Amanda, ear again?

I'm in the dog house right now because I brought home an extra kid at bedtime. We spent a couple of hours at the park this morning and the kids are having a great time. Since I'm not typing much, here are a couple of pictures.

Walking home from the park. 18-24 month clothes are way too small.
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Mal, I lied and said I had a meeting. Oops again. And I hate lying times a million. I confessed right after, though. Could you say it's partly because of your mom? Sara has a good thought.

Cute pics, btw. If his ear still yucky in the morning, I'll start drops. Last time I could tell because of the ear bleeding. Joy.
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Well, it is partly because of my mom, so yeah I could blame it on that. I'm just not very good at showing my weaknesses. This is kind of a first for me. I have another informal therapy session scheduled with my friend tomorrow (which involves a drink and a long drive on gravel roads).

Meeting is starting now. Wish me luck!
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I'm seriously so annoyed right now. DH is watching my nephew so my sister can take a nap before work because she's tired because she stayed up until 5am. Must be nice to be able to pawn your kid off every time you're tired. DH is way too nice. I would have told her no way. It's completely her immature self that made her stay up that late knowing damn well she had to work tonight.


I'm going to be so disappointed if he still isn't able to sweep me come Wednesday. Surely these contractions I've been having randomly for two days are doing a little something.
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Mal, good luck.

Amanda, it is technically a meeting. Lol. Sorry.

Nicole, hopefully you don't have to wait for Wednesday. Hopefully things are picking up to get the party started.

I totally just fell asleep with the boys and it was lovely.
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I may have to rethink eating chicken after this begins... or only eat local. UGH. I hate our agricultural system these days! 


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Good luck, Mal!  Keep us posted about the meeting as well has your therapy.


Nicole, Woosah indeed!  I'd be pissed, too.  Has she been treating you better lately at least?  Yeah, how was the surprise dinner??


Sara, cute pics!  You brought home an extra kid?  Like for a sleep over?  Are you still in the dog house?


Amanda, I so wish I could do something to help you right now.  I feel awful that things are not good with your H and that Jasper keeps getting ear infections.  You don't deserve to be dealing with constant crap!!


Abra, how old is Olivine again?  I really should be giving Avalon and Austin consistent chores to do.  They generally love doing them when we ask and often ask to do chores we don't want them to do.  But they're getting older now and could help out with some things.  The silverware is a good start.  Austin has done it a few times.  The problem is that he takes an hour to do it and meanwhile Avery pushes him off the step stool repeatedly and steals the silverware.  I feel so blocked in so many ways about doing things with my olders b/c Avery simply destroys everything.  How in the world do homeschooling families operate with little destructive toddlers?!


Kirsten, your nighttime situation sounds hard.  I had to do the same thing you are doing for several years, but Avalon outgrew the need around 3 and allowed others to put her to bed finally, and then over the next year allowed us to leave the room.  Austin is great that way... he'll put himself to sleep no problem, he just gets up multiple times in the night to go pee.  If only I could get him to go back to bed without waking me up.  Have you considered leaving the house at bed time each night and having your dh put her to bed for like 2 weeks and see if that breaks her of the habit?  After that you might be able to get away with telling her you need to check on something or use the bathroom and then take a while to come back and check on her.  It might be worth your sanity to do that.  Just go take a walk and sneak back into the house quietly without her knowing? 

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She still doesn't watch Conner, but I don't really give her the option to, either. I'm tired of her being so inconsistent and using it against me every time she gets mad. Other than that, she's better. It'd be even BETTER if she'd move out, but, ya know...


The surprise dinner was awesome. He had a blast. I ate lots of food. And I was still asleep by midnight. =)

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Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

  I feel so blocked in so many ways about doing things with my olders b/c Avery simply destroys everything.  How in the world do homeschooling families operate with little destructive toddlers?!

We do most during nap time, but my kids are big and can do more independently. Also, my beasts are just beasts. While I made lunch, they emptied Chinese checkers marbles all over the kitchen floor and then into the turtle tank. And they shoved something down the bathroom sink. I think it was a toothbrush, but Shay said it was Elmo. Do you think I've taken apart the drain and cleaned out the turtle tank yet? That would be a no.

Still in the dog house? Eh, I guess. The kid is still here and they've been playing very happily. I'll take her home again before dinner.
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Yeah, I set Austin up with some beans to shell and I gave Avery beans as well and his own cup to put them in.  This lasts for many 1 minute and then Avery is out of his chair and climbing on the table, taking Austin's beans and dumping Austin's cup.  Why?!  I've been through this before with Avalon and Austin and I remember it being highly frustrating then, too, but I'm in a different place now.  Then I was still catering more to my kids and doing less outside of them.  So I spent more energy doing what they wanted to do and was focused on keeping them engaged.  Now I'm trying to accomplish every day tasks with my kids.  This is supposed to be the way to teach kids life skills right?  Then why doesn't it work???  My neighbor is a Montessori teacher and she swears that if I define their "work spaces" with trays and shelves and tell them that their work is their work and no one can touch it and they don't touch anyone else's work that they will respect these guidelines.  I don't see this happening at all. 

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Lol, I'm thinking peer pressure in montisory school would help with that? My babies won't eat the food I put in front of them but eat off each others plates.

I had Sara do that last quiz. She is my exact opposite. ESFJ. We both just read the relationship part of the descriptions and they were pretty spot on. Kind of amusing. So not only am I a robot, I'm a low maintenance robot.
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LOL, Sara... what garden vegetable is she and is she still in the convent?  My dh is a pepper, but just barely.

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