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I'll also take any spare bike parts. I like to mow over those.
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Yeah, I googled it... the dress is made out of polyester (satin like) and says dry clean only.  Most sites said to use rubbing alcohol, which I had already tried.  One said to use paint thinner.  It's lighter than it first was, but dark blue poster paint on lilac is pretty obvious.  Sigh...


Mal, glad you're feeling pretty good today!

Love the conversation about decorating your back yard with crap you throw out there to deal with later.  :lol


And Joanie, we all have different thresholds and odd hang ups, but I think you'll find that a second child helps you let go of some of that.  You just have to in order to survive.  And Mal's right, cat pee is way worse than Sora pee!

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Me. Right now. These irregular contractions are old news. I'm trying to help regulate them. smile.gif Working? Eh, we'll see.
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Nicole, you're nuts.
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I'm actually very full of energy right now. Google says that's a labor sign. wink1.gif I jogged half of that walk. And not a damn thing is happening except these stupid toning contractions. Le sigh.
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LOL Nicole. You win the award for most persistent walker to get baby out.
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Okay, now I'm cracking up at what your neighbors must be thinking seeing a full-term pregnant woman jogging down the street in the dark in flip-flops nonetheless.
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I've been known to walk excessive amounts when trying to get a baby out.  When I was in labor with Olivine, I walked around the block (it was a large block) about 10 times.  I'm positive that it helped me.  :)  Come out Layla!!!  Nicole, my real advice is to get a good nights sleep though.  When I went into labor with Cyan at 11pm, I got excited and stayed up all night.  Needless to say it was a bad idea because he wasn't born until 27 hours later.  With Olivine I went to bed as soon as labor started, ha.


Amanda, I think you should take the mattress to Sara's.  It would make the best story ever...


Joanie,  It is true, toddler pee is nothing remotely like cat pee.  It should clean up easily and be gone.  


Did I mention that starting a bedtime routine with Coralie was the BEST decision that I've EVER made??!  Like some sort of freaking miracle she's going to bed nicely on her own by 8:45.  Tonight I asked her if she was ready for bed, she said uh huh, we nursed and then she cuddled down into her bed and fell asleep on her own.  I'm in night-time parenting heaven!  Now.. I had better stop ignoring my dh who is waiting for me and go give him some attention!  Good night all!

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I live in a very quiet neighborhood. I doubt anyone saw me. If they did, I gave them a good show. =)

I'm going to bed soon... Gotta watch Dexter first. I walked while DH was downloading it.

And I'm also really tired of the lightning bolts shooting through my vagina. Those happen more than the BH do. And they hurt, like, take my breath away.
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Ohh only a few episodes of Dexter left! Can't wait to see how it ends.

How you feeling Nicole? I'm rooting for you.

We just got the pics from the professional photographer who was on our rafting trip and I got this awesome pic of my son:

He is not big on having his picture taken (age i assume) and I almost never get good pictures of him. It made my day.
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I feel... nothing. Rawr. Dexter was crazy. Goodnight.
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Nicole, like I said, nuts. Do you have a breast pump? That may be more helpful than walking, but only if you're ready.

Ash, your trip sounds awesome and that's a great picture.

Abra, major yay for bedtime. Ok. I've got to get back on night weaning and move this direction.
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Ash, Nice pic, I'm glad you were all able to get out and have some fun.  I used to live in Bend (right next to Sunriver) when I was a kid.  We used to play by the Deschutes river almost daily.  My 9yo ds loves to get his picture taken, so it may be partly personality.  Cyan was born a photo ham, like from early toddlerhood he would stop and pose and he still does that now.  Olivine could really care less about getting her picture taken and usually wanders off mid photo.  I suspect that she will be like your ds.


Sara,  I don't care about nightweaning as much as an earlier bedtime.  It might be different if I was nursing 2 at night though!  Coralie wakes 1-3 times, which is generally because she needs to pee, but she likes to nurse for a moment then too.  I suspect that she will be fairly easy to night-wean, but I'm not going to try just yet.  I'm just happy that she's sleeping more, it's got to be better for her and me!  


In our house it's my DH that can't watch psychologically violent shows, especially shows where you're supposed to like the 'bad' guy.  We tried to watch Dexter, but only made it to the 3rd episode before he didn't want to watch anymore.  He also only made to to about the 4th episode of Breaking Bad before he stopped that too.  I did continue to watch Breaking Bad without him (mostly when he was in South America in June.  I'm halfway through the third season, so I have a bit left to go.  It's hard to get enough time by myself to watch it though, as George and I usually watch something together at night.  We are currently finishing up Fringe, which we're both been pretty happy with.  Last year we watch Battlestar Galactica, which is amazing!


Nicole, Random pregnancy pains sucks.  I feel for you!

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Seriously guys, I go on vacation and every time I log in there is 200+ new posts, but now I have nothing at all to do and no one is in sight?  Your killing me.

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I want to hear about white water rafting.

I'm here every few minutes looking for distraction from cleaning, but no one posts.
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All I want to do is complain about home, so I'm no good company probably. But if someone posts, I'll make unnecessary attempts at humor. 

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Can you make raccoons funny, Amanda? Once I get the floors clean, I'm going in the attic to see if the raccoons are back. greensad.gif
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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Seriously guys, I go on vacation and every time I log in there is 200+ new posts, but now I have nothing at all to do and no one is in sight?  Your killing me.


It's true.  


Amanda, I'm waiting for some squirrel humor!

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Yes, I can. This is one of dd1 and my favorite commercials ever.


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"I've already had like four babies."

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