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I think I am the nunniest. One partner ever AND we haven't had sex in MONTHS. Bam!! Double-nun-whammy. But I am very... Ah... Open, to all sorts of things, so perhaps that evens out my nun points. No squirting though. Never could do that. Do use towels as lead-up though, when we do it, it's often on the couch or floor or the kids' bed (because they are in our bed).

Apparently that was more important to impart than the fact that we are MOVED! I'll take some pics tomorrow. I'm very sore.
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Sleep... Can't wait...

Any suggestions for Eli's goopy eye? When he was a tiny baby his tear duct was blocked, his eye was always goopy. It eventually fixed itself. Since he started cutting those last molars, his eye is goopy again. It's frustrating. I try to massage it but he gets all fidgety and pushes my hands away... It's definitely not an infection. Oh well...

I am either on my ipad or PC. Umm, there is also a setting that allows you to be shown 'offline' even if you are online - so that could account for 'guest' viewers? Not sure.
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Sonja, no advice but Jasper had to have the tear duct surgery when he was 10 months. So I know about that.

Nicole, slut high five from over hear. And I way beat you.And you are amazing for still working hard at this stage.

Kirsten, looking forward to pics!
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Sonja, my boys get hoppy eyes from time to time. I just wipe it off with a warm washcloth. If he has a stuffy nose, the eye stuff won't drain.

Nicole, yay for air!

Kirsten, yay for the new house!
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Sonja does he have allergies or anything at all? DD1 had goopy eyes occasionally after hers cleared up and it was always triggered by a cold or allergies.

Kirsten that's so great! Can't wait to see some pics!
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Damn, you guys move fast. I replied squirting and my mom on the August thread, but I'm on my phone so someone else will have to copy and paste for me. I don't have access to a computer right now.

Which answers the computer vs. mobile question. I am almost always mobile, either phone or iPad.

Were we talking numbers on sexual partners? DH was number 4 for me. My number has doubled since then. Figure that one out. wink1.gif
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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post

Hey ladies, sorry I haven't been around the last couple of days. DH and I were out of town for the weekend and kept too busy for internet time.

What in the world is this squirting conversation I half missed out on?? Do we squirters here? I'll admit, I've done it once. I don't know how it happened or what was different that made it happen but it did. It was weird and unexpected.

Thank you for all the hugs and support about my mom. She is home for now, having surgery to remove the mass in her brain on Wednesday. That's really all we know for now. I'm not really sure how I'm doing, but I feel ok right now. To be completely honest, I haven't been in a very good place mentally/emotionally for the last few months for other reasons, so to add this on top of all that is a little overwhelming. I have 5 brothers and sisters and everyone is going out of their way to he helpful right now, so I'm having a hard time finding my place in all this too.

Mal, can I say you rock? You were on my short list of people who may have experience with my question.
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Sara beat me to copying Mal's post!  Mal, I'm glad to hear that your family is being helpful!  Please keep us updated about her surgery and how you're doing.  Oh, and awesome about your squirting experience.  All this talk and now I have this desire to google instructions to encourage it happening and forward them to dh....

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Check out my gut.
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:grouphug  Mal.  Yeah, GROUP HUG!!!!  I just made all the non-huggers hug Mal because she deserves it!!!

I dont want to Google squirting.  Thats scary and it would probably give 100 year old my computer a virus.  For now I will just focus on not being terrified of sex, and forget any extras.

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Ash, not being terrified of sex? headscratch.gif


Jaimee, now you've got me interested in looking up instructions too. Something to spice things up in the bedroom. A challenge. LOL!


Nicole, I love belly pics! Soooo cute.


Mal, I'm sending positive thoughts your family's way as your mom goes through surgery. I'm sure she's in very capable hands, and I hope all goes smoothly.

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I'm okay not squirting. I'm stick to what I know, LOL. If I want to spice things up, I'll do it a different way. I hate cleaning up messes, LOL.

I guess I'll involve myself in the hug...
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I can manage a group hug for Mal, but then, I might not be able to hand another until next year.  ;)


Nicole, Your belly is so perfect and round, cute!  If you do nipple stimulation and walk, it might help speed things along faster..  ;)


I'm with Ash, if I Google squirting and get a virus my dh will kill me.  I tend to get viruses just by leaving Facebook open or something simple like that.  I really don't need any extra moisture down there anyway, there is a tipping point when it just makes things worse, heh.


If I have it available, I use breastmilk and a warm washcloth in goopy eyes.  I've used it in puppies, kittens and humans.


Kirsten, congrats on the move.


I suspect Ash is terrified of sex because of her surgery?

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What part of giant mess sounds like fun? I'm taking back my pro-sex nun points.
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Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the recent trauma to Ash's girly parts.


Hey Amanda, I just stumbled across a whole bunch of info on treating or stalling vitiligo with a gluten-free diet. Have you heard about that? I didn't realize vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder. Makes a ton of sense. Just thought I'd throw that out there since you recently shared your DDs diagnosis! 

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Yes there's really nothing like a 3 inch incision in your vagina to put a damper on your sex life.
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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Yes there's really nothing like a 3 inch incision in your vagina to put a damper on your sex life.

I'm realizing I really  have no idea how a hysterectomy is done.  I guess I assumed there would be no vaginal damage, that they took the uterus out of your abdomen.  No?  I guess going through the abdominal muscles is not preferable to going through the vagina?  Educate me!


Kirsten- yay for moving!!  I can't wait to see pics!


Sonja, I agree with Abra about the eye goop... are you still nursing?  I've used breastmilk on eyes, cuts, scrapes, etc.


Nicole, love the baby belly!!  How are contractions today?  When's your next appointment?

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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Yes there's really nothing like a 3 inch incision in your vagina to put a damper on your sex life.



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Nicole, nice bump!

Ash, have you been given the go-ahead? I don't know if you tore before, but mucosa heals very quickly. I want to say 12 weeks was a magic line in my house for comfort.
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I had a vaginal hysterectomy, it was laparoscopic and my only incision was in my vagina. Basically they go in through the cervix and made a small incision in the back of my uterus, severed the tubes and ligaments, and removed my uterus. Then they reattached the ligaments around the bladder (ligaments that formerly attached around the cervix), removed my cervix, and made a vaginal cuff (imagine the seam on the toe of a sock, I have that kind of incision where my cervix once was). So yeah, no abdominal incisions just one vaginal incision. And quite honestly the recovery was much more painful than my abdominal surgeries. I have actually felt my incision, and the scarring is pretty thick. Yes, I have got the go ahead, bu we actually just had sex last night for the first time because I was so anxious about it. It was actually great...even though I did get sore at the end and we had to...finish...with other means... It will just take a while to get back to normal.
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