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lofty--it's not a big election per se, but there are several school board elections taking place this November, along with various ballot referendums. One is for a statewide tax increase to fund schools. It will big a big deal if it passes--out schools rank 42nd in the the nation in per-pupil spending, 47th if adjusted for income. We'll see. One of the people running for school board in our district has already come out strongly against it (and is also calling herself "the conservative choice" despite the fact that school board elections are non-partisan).

I should run. More later!
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kerc~maybe we can plan a big ol' dingo family hike if the weather is good!

I've pretty much chickened out on suggesting something with guy #2. Definitely still open to it, if he asks, but I totally started second-guessing myself and then was feeling a teeny bit guilty about guy #1. bag.gif And then there was an email from another guy on match today. Who is very cute, but his email was lame and broke my number one rule of match emails (you must show in your email that you actually read my profile...). So, not entirely sure what to do with that one. But he is cute...

In the meantime, we have had quite the productive weekend. Lots and lots of housecleaning and laundry and stuff. And I went and bought a new mattress yesterday (after realizing a week or so ago that my mattress was 14 years old and mattresses really aren't supposed to last that long and it was really squeaky). Also did some dishwasher shopping, and was all determined to buy one this weekend, but ran out of time to do proper research. And the one I thought I was going to get...the sale ended yesterday. So I think I'm going to take a little more time, do a little more research, and hopefully wait for another good sale.

rr~Ran with the trail runners this morning. It was a beautiful morning, and an absolutely gorgeous (new to me) trail. Unfortunately, my stupid blister was bothering me, which really slowed me down at the end. And I forgot my Garmin. yikes.gif No idea how that happened! orngtongue.gif I did make a new friend, who is new to the area and is also signed up for IM Boulder and very interested in meeting new people and training together and stuff, so that was very cool! Just under 7 miles total on the trail, I think.
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kerc--yeah, a hike would be fun, or any number of other activities. They'll have fun no matter what you choose. orngbiggrin.gif

lofty--I have that with sleep too, where I need more during certain points of my cycle. However, I've found that supplementing with iron takes care of that issue. It had gotten really bad the last month and I felt like I was waking up in a fog every morning, so I bought a bottle of Floradix and wow the difference!

In random news, I can hear a bunch of coyotes howling right now. It's a little freaky, though I've heard them more often this summer.

RR: 14 ridiculously hot miles. There was just no good way to do this run. I'd thought about doing it with tjsmama when we ran earlier this week and she needed to run 11, but J had her violin lesson that morning so we couldn't start running until 10ish. I didn't want to be running that long with a stroller in the heat. This was only marginally better (say, 90 instead of 95) but at least I wasn't pushing a stroller. Anyhow, there was some walking and then, thankfully, it clouded over for the next 5 miles and there was a breeze. The sun came back out for the last 4 but by then I was too tired to really care. And I kept finding the vaguely shady parts of the street which also helped. This half-mary training plan is a bit crazy. I hope it pays off.
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

In the meantime, we have had quite the productive weekend. Lots and lots of housecleaning and laundry and stuff. And I went and bought a new mattress yesterday (after realizing a week or so ago that my mattress was 14 years old and mattresses really aren't supposed to last that long and it was really squeaky). 


Productive, for sure! :rotflmaoSorry, couldn't resist. Kind of a good way to discover you need a new mattress.


Please forgive my immaturity. Teaching high school has its downsides. 


Back from the Martha's Vineyard excursion. It was a tough week. Bringing all our food for the holiday (which was Thurs/Fri), keeping my kids occupied in a cramped hotel room, helping with the race set-up etc. while keeping them out of trouble, ugh. Saturday was by far the hardest day because we were in a hotel conference room all day doing registration/packet pick up and my kids had to sit around. I didn't have anyone who could take them out for a while to the park or whatever and they were just going nuts. Yesterday during the race it was better because we were in the large park that held the transition/finish/food tent so they could at least run around and watch the race, etc. But things went more smoothly this year in other ways, I only got yelled at twice on Saturday (by people who did not like they couldn't pick up a packet for someone else and/or needed ID and didn't have it with them  duh.gif) and once yesterday (by a guy who also lit into dh because he felt he deserved TWO medals, one for overall winner -- for which we do not have a separate medal -- and one for age group/division winner -- which he got and was recognized for). I am telling you, some people turn into blithering idiots when it comes to race accolades. For crying out loud. This is not a money race. It's not a big USAT race or qualifier of any kind. It's a small town, island triathlon. Sigh.


On the up side, one of Matt's triathlon teammates from home, who brought 15 French exchange students to volunteer from the college where he teaches, asked me to send him my vitae and said he would speak to the head of the poli sci/history department about possible adjunct/one-year positions in my field (which could eventually turn tenure track but who knows). So that's a very good connection!


By the time we got home my kids were screeching at each other, literally. They were bathed and put to bed by 8 p.m., even the almost 13 year old.


RR: HAHAHAHAHA! 4 miles on Friday (I think?) and a lot of running around/lifting stuff/etc. but no real run since last week.

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Hey swim team experts:


DD is asking for more intense physical activity.  She seems to be already worried about the end of soccer.  Soccer runs through the end of October and will start back up in mid March.  She wants to join a swim team, but she's interested in it for the swim workouts with kids her age more than the meets. 


Swim team seasons are not compatible with soccer.  Is there something else we can do through the winter in the pool?  I think she needs 4-6 hours a week of intense physical activity.  What would I search for/ask about?  I need a swim workout class or something.


And here's the "it's weird to be even asking this question" question.  Is there a point at which we decide that DD's need for exercise is too much?  She does this to manage stress and anxiety, but it seems like the 6 hours of soccer a week is barely keeping up (see last week's fire...)  I guess that's a question for the therapist.  Sigh.

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nic~actually, it was the thinking about such activities that prompted the realization since the actual activities that have occurred thus far were not on my turf. orngtongue.gif Of course, I discovered that the bed frame itself is kind of squeaky, but at least the mattress isn't anymore, so that's an improvement! And trust me, that was far from immature...you should see/hear my coworkers when they get started on the subject of my dating adventures. orngbiggrin.gif

Finally! It's finally cooled off around here! High of 82 today! joy.gif Meaning that on Friday when I have 16 to run, instead of being in the 90's like last week, it might only be in the 70's. Ahhhhhh.

Ok, need to go get my 7 in so I can get showered and to lunch with a friend by noon. Back later...
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post


And here's the "it's weird to be even asking this question" question.  Is there a point at which we decide that DD's need for exercise is too much?  She does this to manage stress and anxiety, but it seems like the 6 hours of soccer a week is barely keeping up (see last week's fire...)  I guess that's a question for the therapist.  Sigh.

I wonder if the kind of exercise she's getting during soccer isn't meeting what she needs? I mean there's a difference between playing tennis for an hour with a friend and going running for an hour alone.  Someone once suggested to me that the repetitiveness of swimming or endurance running allows your brain to shift to a different state (maybe Kathleen?). I know that swimming, biking and skiing all do that for me.


Also:  I'm right there with you at wondering how much is too much.  My fifth grader (just a few months younger than your dd) seems to do best with an hour a day. But not always an hour a day of practice as much as an hour a day of physical activity.  The shift last week to school led her to break out the scooter and scooter up and down our block for close to an hour Thursday evening. Our plan is 2-3 hours of swimming, 2-3 hours of skiing/ski training.

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Geo - my friend's son also needs a lot of exercise, just to keep him even-keeled. He does a competitive gymnastics practice 3 hrs. day x 3 days a week, and then does baseball during that season, with meets and games that last hours. You've never seen such a buff 10 year old lol.gif I wouldnt worry, as long as her interest is joyful and not compulsive or otherwise negative... I looked into a swim-team here, held at the university pool for kids under 11. A friend of Dh's son is on it and very serious about swimming, but it turns out that the "team" requires a minimum of 1 practice a week. The practices are 1 hour (there are 4 per week one could attend), and the meets are optional. Oh, and the practices are offered at two times per afternoon, so even with soccer, ds could still make one of the times (for example). So, one could go to 1-4 per week, at varying times of day depending on what else one has, and attend no meets... or one could take it very seriously ...

Real - interesting about the iron and fog. I cant take floradix b/c it makes my teeth turn brown (like a meth-addict brown). Really gross. It happened when I took it during pregnancy though, so maybe it was hormone related. It wouldnt be the second half of your cycle would it? Progesterone knocks me down like a horse tranquilizer ...

RR: disappointed.gif

NRR: delete. ....
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Geo - my DS sounds much like your DD in terms of his need for activity. Currently, he is playing soccer every day for 1.5 hours after school. He much prefers swim practice over swim meets, but does the minimum of meets to maintain his membership on the team. Like kerc's DD, he'll often break out the scooter, or his bike after school and just ride, or go out with DH and kick the soccer ball in the evening, or jump on the trampoline for an hour. Our YMCA offers something called "Barracuda Club" which is a 2x a week swim practice with no meet requirement. Maybe something like that is available to you locally as well.

Nic - so glad you made it through the triathlon weekend! And I've got my fingers crossed for that academic job prospect smile.gif.

Real - I hope your school board election/referrendum go much better than ours did last year rolleyes.gif. Your district seems to have a much better lobbying arm than ours did. In recent school news, the state board of education may be denying our Physical Education waiver that we requested. Currently, we have no PE in grades K-5, and IMO, that's wrong. Also, one of the new school board members elected last year interestingly pulled his kids from the district and his wife is homeschooling them. Doesn't speak highly of the current state of the district, does it.

NRR - Lots going on this week with soccer and swimming and I have meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Plus, DH has soccer too. I need a wife!
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Geo, I think you might have a biased sample here. I have identified 30 miles/week as the delicate balance where I find mental equilibrium without physical injury. (Do not ask how much I am running right now as it is much less.) I will not try to reason with dd2 until after swim practice. Dh prefers to lift heavy. I think our bodies are meant to move and work. Much of life today is in our heads but we still need a physical outlet.

Gaye, you are handling this dating thing with much more style, grace, and humor than I could summon.
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mommajb - ahhhh, that 30 mpw sweet-spot. How I miss it.
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Speaking of physical exercise and kids -- my kids definitely do not get enough. Dd1 (almost 13) does karate for 1.5 hours 2x/week. Dd2 (10) and ds (8) are not signed up for anything at the moment and we can't afford the activity (archery) they want or anything else really that's organized. Added to that, ds is most certainly not a 'team sport' (i.e. soccer/basketball) player at the moment -- he does ok with baseball but the others not so much. He especially needs to equilibrate with intense physical activity and this need is becoming more pronounced. So I have no idea what to do for him.


Dd1 will ride her bike but we are limited as far as geography and I can't get her out to somewhere safe reliably in the afternoons. She may have to start riding the trainer. But dd2 and ds desperately need something intense and regular and I can't figure out what or how, and/or how to afford it or get them there without going nuts given my schedule. It's really a problem. Thinking of having 'family 5k' training or something? But that requires my active participation at a time of day when I need to drop them to do their thing so i can attend to the logistics of home life after a full workday and my own early morning workout. Both dd2 and ds would be great on swim team but are not interested and I can't really afford it now anyway. 



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Aha! I have found a use for math and another reminder of why it matters lol.gif I'm having a tie-dye party! (omg, I just sent out an email to 35 adults who all have kids, plural ... and you're all invited too! orngtongue.gif), and I need to figure out how much dye to order if each kid is making two things dizzy.gif. Not that precision matters, as I'm sure the kids will be squirting all measure of dye all over their stuff (more dizzy.gif)

Nic - I feel your pain. Ds, again ... he is sporty, but just doesnt like participating. On the other hand, he will swim laps for fun and loves to get to a mile (he's always been a little neurotic about numbers, so I think he likes counting the laps eyesroll.gif) but refuses to go to that swim practice 1x/week! He just ran a mile in 7:30 at school, but doesnt really like running for soccer. So much potential, ack. Im thrilled for you about the connection. Im praying something comes of it. Perfect timing eh, with the new year and all orngtongue.gif

RR: uh huh, right

NRR; I think my pms death-spiral just ended today, thank you lord b/c it is so much misery ...
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Things I have said to my four year old today:
"Please don't lick your violin"
"No, you're not allowed to smoke in my car."
"It's illegal to smoke in a car if there are kids in it"
"Yes, I know kids can't go to jail, but you still can't smoke in my car"
"If you would like to touch your vagina, please use your bedroom or the bathroom in privacy. Not in the front yard"
"I know you don't care where you are, but please take your hands out of your pants or go inside"
"It's terrific that you know how to cook noodles, but you need an adult EVERY time that you use the stove"
"Even if you know how to use a fire extinguisher, you still need an adult in the kitchen EVERY time that you cook"
"Please wear shoes when you mow the lawn"
"Would you like some help to mow the lawn?"
"You're right, I wouldn't say that to a 16 year old, but you're not 16 yet"
"You're right [that 4 plus 4 is 8 and 8 plus 8 is 16], but you're still not 16"

Two hours until bedtime, two hours until bedtime, two hours until bedtime...
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Sparkle, I want an invitation to your tie-dye party! orngtongue.gif

I like all the talk about exercise and kids. I am waiting for ds2 to get back from football practice. I worry all the time, especially at night. disappointed.gif
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Mel, bedtime is as much for the parents as for the child.

Sparkle, get a rope to corden off a spot of lawn. Kids stay outside the rope, tie dye piece inside.

It was 90 F at 3 pm today. DD ran a 20:50 5k during 9th period gym. At least I don't have to try to convince DD to run cross country now. I suspect the cc coach will take on that task.
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big sigh.


Yesterday during my 4 hrs alone:

received craptastic email from a colleague, asking me when I was going to finish up a paper that I've put on the back burner for YEARS for a variety of reasons. It was harsh. It was (somewhat deserved). It mentioned the phrase, "I'd like to get this done before I retire."


Plus conference prep for a local conference at end of sept. and national meeting at end of october.

Plus grant wrap up for a project that bombed.

Plus 1000 other things.


As I said on facebook: time for nose to the grindstone.

And my stress level is ridiculous.

So, just like in 2008, put girls to bed and drove to YMCA, ran 2 miles on treadmill.


Just in case you're wondering:  if I respond to your email and your response back to me is, "I hope I wasn't too harsh."  well you probably were.






Can I come tie die?

No wait. Too many people. Did you say you invited 35 FAMILIES?




MelW LOL! 

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Thread Starter 

MelW - :rotflmao I'm so glad I'm not the only one trying to redirect the joy button usage to private spaces.  


Long day here and we even cut it short.  I'd better see bedtime through or we'll all be zombies tomorrow.


Sparkle - Holy tie dye.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Mel, bedtime is as much for the parents as for the child.

kerc~hug.gif On the bright side, we get to hang out with you very soon! joy.gif

Wow, it was a busy day here. Got my 7 miles in, showered, ran off to lunch with a friend, then target/grocery store/costco (holy $$$$...note to self: do NOT do those three back to back to back again!), picked DS up from school, homework, then had a friend over for dinner and gossip. There was much productivity and much chatting with friends, both of which were very good things. Now I need to get to bed so I can do it again tomorrow. Well, not all of it. But some of it! 7 mile run, lunch with (match)friend--I am so not ready to call him more than that yet, lol! And then work the next two nights. dizzy.gif

rr~I had an amazing 7 mile run this morning. I just felt great. I was comfortably running well under 10 minute pace, which is pretty shocking for me. The only thing that slowed me down was that I had taken the dog with me and he kind of ran out of steam the last mile and a half. There may have been a teeny bit of dragging him along with me. My blister didn't start bothering me until around mile 3, and it wasn't that bad, so apparently it's just the trail running and trail shoes that do it. greensad.gif I did my 7 miles at a 9:56 pace, and that was with a 10:38 and a 10:12 mile! Funny how the more my mileage increases, the faster my pace gets. Weird, I tell ya. shy.gif
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Ok, they give instructions in liquid oz. and ask you to order in lbs. dizzy.gif I know how much I need: 12 c., but how many lbs. is that irked.gif
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