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kerc~I have so been there with a dh escalating an event that's about to wind down. Read the room, dude. And maintain your role as the adult. soapbox.gif


lofty~ I love reading about the impact swimming is having on you. So awesome.


gaye~Great job with the running lately. What do you think changed? Is it the increased mileage?


jo~Your pictures from the trip were great! I so wish we could have managed a meet-up. I was actually just outside of DC on Saturday but was at a wedding for the day/night. It was beautiful weather, though, and I thought about you being so close.


jaygee~Boy does your post take me back to my early days of teaching 6th graders. I don't know what you've tried, but the typical attention-getters are a quieter tone of voice (ex. whisper "if you can hear clap once, if you can hear me clap twice..."), hand signals (ex. hands up=mouths closed), chants (All set? You bet!; 1,2,3 eyes me. 1,2 eye on you.) Here's a link to some more: http://tips.atozteacherstuff.com/143/attention-getters/


nrr~I've been struggling with the return to work/back-to-school grind and feeling really worn down. I even went an entire week without any form of exercise. Then, it occurred to me "Geez, I've really been coughing a lot. And, hmmmm, maybe this run down feeling is more extreme than normal return-to-work stuff. Maybe I should go to the doctor..."So, I went to the doctor today. Pneumonia! No wonder I've felt like crap! 


rr~Since I had left work early to go the doctor (and get my pneumonia diagnosis), I decided to take advantage of the free afternoon and go for a run. That's what we do, right? 3.5 miles. Sure it was hard to breathe, but mentally I feel much better.

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dd1 to final therapy appointment. going there was good for me, if not for her. I like to think it was good for her too. but goodness, it was good for me to hear that I have an amazing kid, but a tough kid to parent. from a professional. and her suggestions remind me of all the things I've tried (and forgotten about over the years) or have considered trying.  I realize it's a little like preaching to the choir, but it feels good to hear.


ok now, writing paper in coffee shop. And I'm reminded of why this project has been on hold for so dang long.

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Kerc, write, write, write, write...

Towson, Pneumonia! Ack!!! Then a run? lol.gif Easy.....

Jooj, hope ds is better soon and you guys find your new routine.

JG, lol.gif at the girl scouts. Um, good luck! Towson had some great suggestions...

MelW, hope you also are finding your stride with classes!

So yeah, I'm really re-thinking my grains. All the whole grains and legumes really give me trouble and I *always* soak. Could be another reason why I really don't care for bread. I can hardly wait to start some white sourdough for comparison.I need to research more I guess...

RR: nothing but a (long) walk to the mailbox and back though I wore my yoga clothes. eyesroll.gif Oh well. Thinking about just hopping in the car tomorrow and heading out to see new niece since she apparently is having trouble nursing. Re:not nursing. Not good timing but ... shrug.gif
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lofty, I love your rr! Yoga clothes to the mailbox for the win.

I took the kiddos to Farm School Thursday and chatted for hours with a friend while she groomed a couple of horses but I did carry my running clothes along just in case I became inspired. wink1.gif It was too hot and sunny but I did walk some with the horses.

Now, I have three very tired kiddos with three favorite parts of the day: dd2, harvesting tomatoes; dd3, planting beets and kale; ds2, lunch! Dinner was early and I think bedtime will be early too.
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towson, we got SO! lucky with the weather! What a nice place to visit. In fact, a small voice in my head said, if dh for whatever miraculous reason were to be transferred here (unlikely but one never knows), I could probably be convinced to do a few years there. I was thinking of you while we were biking on Monday. :)


Write kerc write! Glad therapy was at least reassuring, sounds like.


Got ds over his essay writer's block and now we'll spend the weekend getting him to understand editing again. But at least his fingers were flying this afternoon! Felt good to see something pouring out. His topic? The marvel of the American public library. :throb Wish the kid understood that middle school would eat him alive, though.


RR: Walked 6.5mi on the trail with the kids, at a pretty good clip. 700 stairs on the Eiffel Tower, after all. We need to get in shape.


NRR: Dh called and in our brief and frustrating call mentioned that the highest guy on the food chain basically said, "Say the word and I can move you back." Which I am not ready for, believe it or not. I am already rethinking my summer strategy. Next year, thinking we can do Ramadan in Africa (if my friend will have us), maybe a month in US and a month somewhere in francophone Europe. Or three weeks, whatever. Don't tell the family. And if we're lucky we can do Hajj in October. After I do that, then I can begin thinking about our post-uae life. And yes I am totally aware of the ridiculousness of my "problems." Thus, :meditate 

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JayGee--can you borrow some of the strategies used in their school? At our school, there's a clapping pattern (long - long - short-short-short) and when the kids hear that they'll clap it back. It doesn't even have to be that pattern--pretty much anytime an adult claps a pattern the kids will stop and clap it back. Sometimes that's all they do and then the teacher has their attention and can talk, but most of the time they'll have the kids clap two or three different patterns and then stop and talk to them. The other thing they do is put up two fingers, like a peace sign, and that's a sign for everyone else to also put up their "quiet hands." The kids are more or less trained to put up their hands when they should be quiet and people are talking so they can be a good (and visible) example, and that also means they get positive feedback for being helpful leaders. They do the clapping and "quiet hands" school-wide so it works well, especially for all-school assemblies where 400+ kids get pretty loud. I tried the clapping thing once at R's birthday party and everyone responded except my niece who attends a different school. lol.gif

The other thing that can help is if you can give the ringleaders leader jobs instead. If they have a responsibility to have everyone sit down or hand out a sheet of paper or something, it will focus their energy in positive ways. You'll probably need to give them tasks and then also positive feedback for the follow-through--especially if they take leadership in the quiet-hand thing. A hand signal of any sort might be a good idea for kids who are riled up after school because then you're easily able to reward the quiet ones rather than shout over the loud ones. If you get really desperate, there's always a token system. Our students can also get a little slip of paper (a "Hawk High Five") when they do something good (could be quiet hands, could be any academic, could be any little thing--as best I can tell and at the end of the week they're able to put them in a box for a drawing for little things like pencils or cute erasers or bracelets or whatever (the winners also go down to the office and have their names read over the intercom. This is funny because one teacher also gets to be a Hawk High Five winner each week). R said some teachers gave out as many as 10 a day while others were a little more stingy. In any case, I have a feeling that just getting the piece of paper feels fairly gratifying.

towsonmama--glad you had a nice run, despite the lung issues!

kerc--sounds like beautiful weather.

1jooj--did you have a good afternoon?

MelW--hope the classroom is considerably cooler today. 90, ugh!

RR: probably on the treadmill after the kids are in bed. I'd rather go to the gym but with all the flooding I think I'll "shelter in place." This is beyond crazy. I was in Fort Collins in 1997 when there was a big flood, but it was the more typical Colorado flash flood: localized and severe storm with tons of rain in a period of an hour or two. But this? Massive. Basically, draw a square with the northern boundary at the Poudre River north of Fort Collins (or maybe Wyoming), the southern boundary somewhere south of Denver, the eastern boundary somewhere between I-225 and DIA and the western boundary extending from Estes Park down to Idaho Springs and beyond. The only way out of Estes Park is west over Trail Ridge Road (which thankfully, is still open). Our music teacher is pretty much trapped in her mountain town because two of the three roads that would get her down have had washouts and the other one has had at least one rockslide. It's this massive storm and it keeps raining, sometimes hard but mostly steadily, with 5-11" of rain in the last two days depending on the location.

Tjsmama and I had planned to run tomorrow morning, but seeing as every single trail in the metro area is flooded, no dice. greensad.gif

In good news, at least DH didn't go to work this morning. For reasons we don't completely understand, his campus never closes. Yes, the hospitals need to stay open, but we're pretty sure the non-essential personnel like DH don't need to be there. Eventually, campus sent out an alert that due to flood conditions that pretty much surrounded the campus and had closed most of the major roads there, it was too dangerous to leave. But campus was still open! banghead.gif
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Real, thinking of you and my friends and family right now...

Okay, y'all, I know this should be a FB pic and not an MDC pic. So I've created a new FB account but I'm still very hesitant about it. I really missed Jo's pix and the pix of my new niece this last week. Not sure if I'll stick around but if I do, I can quit hogging the thread. Damn, I may just delete it, but anyway, here's my baby... Sob (eta: deleted it)

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towson~Pneumonia?! And then you went out for a run?! Day-um, mama. Wow. Yeah, I think my improved training relates directly to two things: actually hitting all (or almost all) of the mileage on my training plan and getting much more sleep.

real~Yeah, they NEVER close the medical campus. Blizzard on a day you have clinicals? Too bad, you better get there! rolleyes.gif Glad P made the decision to stay home. Even on my very short drive home from work this morning, it was pretty ugly.

So, in case you didn't hear, we have some craaaaazy weather around these parts. I have never seen rain like this before, not in the midwest, not on the east coast, and certainly not in semi-arid Colorado! I worked last night and my phone kept getting the emergency flash flood alert all night long. Considering the weather, I feel pretty lucky that I was only half an hour late getting out of work. They put the hospital on plan D (disaster plan) during the day, which means that essential personnel aren't allowed to leave until their replacements have made it to the hospital. One of the girls who worked last night lives up a canyon in the foothills and just made it home before her road was washed out, leaving them stuck up coal creek canyon with a toddler, no gas, and no power. My particular neighborhood is actually relatively dry, but there was some water that I had to drive through to get home from the hospital in the morning. It was AMAZING sleeping weather, though! bag.gif

And yeah, I think my planned 16 (10 with real) in the morning is a wash. Literally. Ugggggggh. Looks like I will be heading for the Y for some quality time on the treadmill. greensad.gif Ugggggggh.

dr~I have a coffee date set up for Sunday with the new guy that emailed over the weekend. He's really cute.bag.gif Decided not to invite original guy over tonight, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the terrible weather and road closures between here and where he lives...
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tjsmama and Real - scary weather out there! Stay safe, and dry.

towson - pneumonia? Yikes! Feel better soon.

lofty - that is about the cutest picture ever smile.gif

jooj - love your DS's subject for his paper. Have a great time France. I can understand your reluctance to return to the US. I often wish I could leave! I keep trying to convince DH to apply for government service positions in Germany or England!

mommajb - Farm School sounds lovely. Grooming horses is so relaxing. Every time I take DD1 to the barn for riding, I grab a brush and work on one of the horses for a little bit.

RR - biked for 2 hours yesterday all over the backroads. It was gorgeous, with high corn, wild flowers and woods humming with cicadas. My RP (that would be riding partner wink1.gif) said she would map our ride and let me know how many miles. Last week we did 22, so I'm thinking between 25 and 30 this week. DS has swim team tonight, so I will work out at the Y while he swims.

NRR - thanks for the suggestions on how to get my Brownie troop under control. I think we need to lay out 3-4 ground rules, e-mail them home to parents for reinforcement, and give something like "Brownie Bucks" to those we see following the rules. Maybe make the "Brownie Bucks" redeemable for something? Back in the library this afternoon, swim team this evening, and finally the weekend!
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JayGee, also, something to recognize for after school or evening Brownie meetings is that these kids have been behaving all day at school, and often there's nothing left.  I struggle with this even with things like soccer practice.  It's good to let the run around and burn off some steam if you've got space, and then use the hand signals, clapping patterns, etc to get them quieted down.  In soccer, I keep myself to 60 seconds of talking at a time (and there's rules about where the balls are and who's talking).  You can also pass a stick or some sort of symbolic thing to be held by the person talking.


Running.  Eh.  I ran soccer practice yesterday.  I'm my ample free time.  The woman who stepped up to coach doesn't know most of the rules of the game, so I said I'd help coach.

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Geo, I think that is a good suggestion too. They obviously have a lot of steam to blow off! It's hard for me to grasp because at that age I was all about following the rules, listening to leadership and being a "good girl"! There are a few in the troop who are obviously very uncomfortable with their peers misbehavior (as I would have been) and others, like my DD, who think it's great fun! Could possibly be an introvert/extrovert thing? I don't know.
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JayGee - Yes to running around.  Before after school rehearsals get started I encourage the kids to do some "running and shrieking" to get it out.  I've also used the clapping to good effect.  Another one is a call and response thing that you personalize for the group.  This summer one group picked Fudge Robots, I said Fudge they called back Robots and then were quiet to see what would happen next.  


Geo - High five.  I just got roped into being a soccer coach too.  Granted it's U6 and the rules are relatively loose for the 3 kids per team trying to hit the goalie-less goal.  But still.  It seems like there are an awful lot of parents who aren't doing anything.


Jo - I don't blame you for being reluctant to return but it's really nice to have that offer out there, just in case.


Real and Gaye - Thinking of you both, stay high and dry!


Kerc - I'm glad you found some reassurance that you're not crazy for thinking your thoughts and trying your tricks.  I hope that maybe some of the things you've tried in the past might turn out to be effective again or maybe moreso?  Write on writer!


Towson - Leave it to a Dingo to A) not notice pneumonia!  and B) Go running anyway!


Lofty - Oh my!  That picture!  He's so not the little one I can't help picturing in my head.


I've got to cruise off to work but had to report my idiocy.  I just got a new watchband for my Timex Ironman girlie watch which is a PITA to install.  One half of my old band was broken so I figured I'd just replace that half.  So what do I do?  Pop off the good side of course.  Then spend FOREVER trying to get the pin in place.  Finally do it.  Then what do I do?  Space out and take off the SAME SIDE AGAIN! banghead.gif   The universe took pity on my sorry ass then and it wasn't quite such an ordeal to repin it the second time.  But sheesh!  

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Geo - High five.  I just got roped into being a soccer coach too.  Granted it's U6 and the rules are relatively loose for the 3 kids per team trying to hit the goalie-less goal.  But still.  It seems like there are an awful lot of parents who aren't doing anything.

I'm pretty sympathetic here.  Looking at the list of kids on the team, there's not many free instants of time amongst the parents, and a lot have no soccer experience.  It starts to matter for 3-4 grade teams where they play with off sides rules.  Where I don't offer any sympathy, is that it's so cheap that a lot of parents say "Ah, we'll sign up Johnny, and he might get to play in a few games if it works for our schedule."  Missing a bunch of games gets to me.  No shows without telling me they'll miss a game drives me bonkers.  We started yesterday with a 55 second discussion of what sportsmanship is.  We'll continue that discussion 45 seconds at a time.  Showing up and being there for your team is a topic to be addressed when we have more than 50% of the team there.

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Gaye and REal, sorry you guy can't get a run in together but I hope you are safe and dry!  Gaye, love reading about the dating!


Jo~your travels sound awesome!


jaygeee~good luck with those girl scouts, that's challenging and they are lucky to have you to be so understanding and looking for ways to help them enjoy their time safely.


twoson~too funny about having the time off work to see doctor, get dx with pneumonia but go for a run.  Rock on!!  seriously I hope you feel better soon.


RR: bought new shoes last night, shin splints are killing me all of a sudden which usually means shoes have too many miles.  I guess I should keep track but obviously I haven't .  I went to the dick's sporting good store to see if I could try some shoes on, but really they didn't have much to choose from.  Left there and went to Khol's because it was next door and nada.  So home to shop online ( I had wanted to buy them and have them the same day to run in last night) and so I started looking for the Brooks kind I wore for years and had so much trouble finding the older (hence cheaper) version!!  Took me close to 45 minutes.  Finally just forked over $109 just to be done with it.  I pray they come before next weeks LR!!


NRR: got called into work last night due to special event while I was trying to run 8 on the TM.  Got in three.  Worked this morning and trying to keep ds1 on track with school.  Motorcycle fundraiser ride tomorrow, clean and bake, then work Sunday morning and have Life Celebration for my FIL here at the house  No clue how many people plan to stop by.  I paid ds2 a dollar to listen to his brother read for his homework the other night so I could fit my run in.  Yesterday I moved every stitch of furniture in our 900sqft basement to clean, vacuum and reorganize it for the Sunday event.  I'm ready for Monday to rest!  :)

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la de dah.

almost done editing what I can before I farm said paper back to non responsive advisor.


Kerc to kerc's dh: I've got a freaking phd on this stuff. Why am I stressing out over talking to her? I could write this thing and publish it.

Kerc: hits head. :only took me since 2000 to figure out that I *can* do this stuff without checking in with phd advisor?



So hey. In other news: yesterday a friend suggested for the insomnia I consider looking at my gallbladder. So... she suggested taking bitters (like the stuff in a liquor cabinet) before a meal to get the bile moving.  I'm giving it a go because, why the heck not?  Also in insomnia news:  I woke up at 2 last night and then, managed to NOT obsess about every.little.thing. And I got back to sleep. WOOT!




Soccer, no shows, etc.:  I get why people do the whole, "well it isn't very much money".  But on a team?  Come on.

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Kerc - Hmm, dd is also having trouble turning off her brain and getting to sleep.  Would apple cider vinegar be a nonalcoholic substitution do you think?

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Kerc - Hmm, dd is also having trouble turning off her brain and getting to sleep.  Would apple cider vinegar be a nonalcoholic substitution do you think?

Bitters is non alcoholic. You add it to some kinds of drinks  (old fashioned or a manhattan) or apparently if you grow up in a swedish family you know you add 1 tsp to a glass of water to help with digestion?shrug.gif Who knew?  But other ideas were kombucha (spendy if I'm not brewing my own) and apple cider vinegar, but both have issues if you're sensitive to yeast.  I'll be honest. I just took the 1 tsp of bitters straight and then doused with water because I didn't want my water bottle tasting all crappy for life.


She essentially said that some people think that waking between sort of 12midnight and 2 am is related to digestion, most commonly gallbladder being slow.  I figured why not try it. I already had the darn bitters (see aforemention of old fashioneds).  Take it before eating.

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jo, good luck with all of your future planning. It's great that you have options, but I can see the frustration of too many options, too!


towson, wow. Just wow. Feel better soon!


kerc, I might have to invest in some bitters. Cannot turn my brain off this week. The cyclical times for certain organs sounds is exactly what my chinese doctor would say. Now I should see what 4 am is, because that's my waking time lately. Because I was away I'm behind on my kombucha brewing, so maybe I'll blame this weeks' poor sleep on kombucha deficiency.


RM, thinking of you and your family this weekend. 


I am not great at keeping up this week because of insomnia (see above). I'm dressed for the first night of bootcamp, my husband is at the lab getting bloodwork drawn to test for inflammatory markers and kidney/liver function related to lupus. Very similar to the rash that the littlest had a year and a half ago when she tested negative for lupus. Fingers crossed... He's been worn down for a week and been having skin troubles for even longer, but this morning it looked terrible. I'm supposed to teach prenatal tomorrow and am begging for childcare to help him out so he can rest and stay out of the sun (doctor's orders). 

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

Bitters is non alcoholic.

err, the stuff I have from my coop is sold to minors. the stuff from liquor store is also sold at a grocery in minnesota. it contains alcohol. so it is alcoholic. but it ain't vodka.

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Hmm...kombucha for insomnia, eh? Maybe time to think about starting brewing my own again...sounds far tastier than bitters, anyway!

melw~Hope you find some childcare!

rm~Thinking of you and your family.

I'm thankful that we live where we do right now...we've had very minimal impact from the flooding. Our schools were in session today, and there was only minor flooding and a very few road closures in our neighborhood. Things to the north, east, and west are not so good. greensad.gif Fortunately, I don't know of any friends that have been affected, but there are many, many who are going to be cleaning up for a long, long time. And on a far less important note, many of the roads and trails that are washed out are some that are favorites to run and bike on. Including large parts of next year's Ironman course.

rr~What a horrible long run. It was still raining when I took DS to school this morning, so that confirmed my decision to go to the Y to run. I rented a movie on itunes and after an hour or so of technical difficulties, finally got it all set up and headed to the Y. Of course, it was 11a by this time. rolleyes.gif The first 5 miles on the treadmill weren't too bad, but then I started getting sidestitches and it got ugly. Meanwhile, I was looking out the window at what looked like perfect weather outside. So, I called it at 8 miles and decided to do the second half outside. I was going to be cutting it close for school pickup so I drove to school and ran from there. I got just over 3 miles when I hit a dead end...one of the lanes of a major road that I had to cross was underwater. That was kind of a major mental downer....knowing that I was going to have to turn around and add nearly a mile later. And of course the side stitches were still there. I ended up wogging most of the rest of the way, having a mini-freakout about a) getting all the mileage in and b) getting back to the school before school got out. I made it, but barely. As I was rounding the corner back to the school, the bell rang. The other parents were probably like headscratch.giflol.gif So, I got it in, but it was NOT pretty.

And then, just to top it all off, we drove across town to go see a movie because I had a groupon (and the location closer to us only had Monsters U., which we had already seen) only to get there, stand in line for 10 minutes and find out that the movie was sold out. So we spent an hour and a half in the car for absolutely nothing. irked.gif
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