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Gaye - clap.gif I hate days like that, but you did it! nut.gif

Towson - Take good care. You are probably run down from the stress of work and keeping up with the running.... goodvibes.gif

Melw - goodvibes.gif about your dh. I hope the news is good!

RR: none

NRR: the weather here is crazy too, although no flooding in these parts (north of here yes, in my state that is). But it has been raining for the better part of two months! This after such a dry summer that many people I know, us included, were starting to think seriously about moving. The drought and heat and lack of sustainability. This is more rain than Ive seen in 9 years of living here. It usually pours torrents and then clears. We have a "monsoon season" every August. So there's that. But this is like Seattle, or San Francisco, where it just rains non-stop and then dumps every couple of hours. I luxlove.gif it, and am so grateful! But it is grim - dark, soggy, dark.

Preparations for the tie-dye party are going well. The order from Dharma just arrived last night, and we got squeeze bottles, and a big table for the deck on Thursday. Have you ever been to a restaurant supply store? Me neither. Wow was that strangely fun. That's where we got the squeeze bottles (we wanted wide-mouth of a particular size, which Dharma doesnt carry), but we ended up walking around looking at stuff for half an hour. They had whisks the size of my leg! lol.gif I have this fantasy about opening a cafe, and especially lately b/c a space near my house just went "for rent" and it would be great for that, so I had fun imagining all the stuff I would buy for the cafe lol.gif (I've worked in far too many, so am not only a coffee snob, from Berkeley no less, where Peet's originated - and where I worked through college, and from which the owner of Starbucks got his idea - but can tell you that no one knows how to steam milk properly bag.gif After college I worked for Alice Waters at her cafe, so yeah, I have some ideas lol.gifbag.gif).

In other news, the D of Spring is rearing its oh so ugly head. Ive had several months of consistently average, sometimes good moods, but this past month has been rough, and the past two weeks have been far worse than rough. I am literally writing right now b/c I can. I feel ok enough at this moment and that's all I can foresee. Sad (sadder) part is I feel like Ive tried everything I know to try. I dont know that there's anything to be done but ride this out for several years and the thought sends a jolt of panic and grief through me. I dont want to start the onslaught of trying this and that dose of medication (all Ive ever done is e2 and very small dosages of ssri), b/c that was so not fun in the Spring, but at my worst, the desperation for help is consuming. So here I am again considering

Anyway, quiet here is due to that. I am reading though...
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Sparkle I just feel like we have way too much in common some days. It seems you're walking a razor's edge. Sept is SAD season in my world. In AUH I can avoid it until end Dec and it's over by mid Jan. Part of my ambivalence about returning to US.

MelW, fingers crossed for dh.

Sleep: try Natural Calm. Calcium and magnesium. Really helps me. Start low. Too much and you're on the toilet all day.

RR: At my parents'. Might take a bike ride.
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sparkle, I've been thinking of you and your cycles. I hope you can find something that gives you hope. How cool that you worked at Alice Waters' restaurant!

Jo, I can see the appeal of the extra sun! I know a lot of people who struggle with my climate (lots of people who work in front of lamps, take annual spring vacations to somewhere sunny, etc etc)

Gaye and real, thinking of both of you in the floods. Stay safe!

We didn't get a call about terrible kidney function, so there was nothing emergent in he bloodwork. The rest he'll find out Wednesday. MIL is helping with the kids. He looks terrible and his mood is worse. I alternate between being supportive and feeling totally overwhelmed by the ongoing experience of being married to someone with major health issues.
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Sparkle, :Hug. Can so commiserate. Heading into SAD season here too and I have to tell you, after last winter, I don't know how I"m going to make it out the other side. Florida was a G-dsend for that and I just don't know how I'm going to manage.


Ok, post 26-hour fast headache coming on even though I've just eaten (lightly...I've learned to do this in stages or I get sick). I have a long run planned for the morning and didn't do one last week but I don't know if it's going to happen with this head...we'll see. 

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MelW - hug.gif I think often, guiltily, about this from my dh's side. What a burden and downer it has to be for him to cycle through these ups and downs. And yet I have no control of it and just have no life force to even put on a brave face so that his burden is hopefully lessened. It sucks all around. Is there any support for care-givers in your community? I sometimes wonder if my dh wouldnt benefit from some kind of support group for partners
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:grouphug  for caregivers and sufferers.  


Dh is home but went so straight back to work it's like he's still not home.  :(

Coached my first soccer game and it was all very cute.  I have a good little team and they actually passed the ball to each other during the game!  Unprecedented I tell you.  

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We're still doing just fine here. Some road closures around me that made me alter my commute to work, but nothing significant. I consider it kind of amazing that I don't personally know anyone who has been more than just inconvenienced by the floods. The pictures are mind-blowing. http://photos.denverpost.com/2013/09/12/photos-massive-flash-flooding-along-front-range-of-colorado/ And then it started raining again this afternoon. rolleyes.gif

rr~Supposed to run 7, but there was no way it was happening, so I went to spin class at the Y. I'll be honest, I took it pretty easy. Then I was going to run 3 on the treadmill, but I still had lingering sidestitches from yesterday. irked.gif So I bailed on that after 15 minutes. And then, just so I could hit the trifecta, I took DS down to the pool and let him swim in the family area while I did some laps. Just 1000 yds, so I could feel a little more prepared for next weekend's tri relay...

dr~coffee date tomorrow before work. Here's hoping my circles under my eyes aren't too big and my eyes aren't totally bloodshot... orngtongue.gif
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Melw somehow I missed your post when I read yesterday. Must have been the insomnia.  Thinking of you.


Sunlight:  I spent much of my childhood living in upstate NY/NJ/Mass. And my grandparents lived in Boston. and east of Lake Michigan. I could not believe how amazing it was for me to live here, where much of winter is sunny. Yeah, it's cold. But blue sky. and sunshine.  That said, I work in a windowless office. I'm considering one of those lights. Either that or making myself walk around campus 2 x a day.


Flooding and colorado.  WOWZA!  I'm so amazed.  I have friends from high school who live there and their backyard is a river. But amazingly, they can drive around and whatnot. My husband's cousin lives in Boulder. She's been posting pictures on FB. Holy cow!


Lofty:  your boy is so grown up!  Has it really been five years since we saw you?




I'm still doing ok here. Walk yesterday with family. Managed to stay up until 9:30 and then went to bed. And slept until 5:15. YES! and now, I've just wasted the last hour on the internet and did not finish my work. super.

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sparkle--I don't remember if you like yarn, but there are two yarns shops near us that have yarn and coffee, including a few speciality drinks like lattes. Maybe that would be an interesting direction? Sorry about the mood stuff too.

MelW--hope things settle down there and that DH's lupus test comes back negative.

To everyone dreading SAD: goodvibes.gif and may it be sunny.

kerc--glad you're doing ok there.

RR: 10 miles yesterday on tired legs. Was nosy enough to check out some of the areas I knew were flooded. Will post pictures on the blog, hopefully today. It's truly amazing to see a creek that's usually a couple of feet wide and maybe a foot or two deep be 50 or 100 feet wide and several feet deep. Motivated myself enough to do hill repeats on the treadmill one night and speedwork split between the sidewalk and the treadmill another night.

NRR: ditto tjsmama and all. The thing that continues to boggle my mind is the extent of the flooding. Sure, the Big Thompson Canyon has flooded before (in 1976--less than 48 hours after my family and I drove through it after spending vacation time in Estes Park). Estes has flooded before. Boulder has flooded before. All of these areas have flooded--but they've never flooded with floods of this magnitude at the same time. At first we were talking about oh, 2500 square miles plus the area in Colorado Springs. Now we're talking a much larger area because the rivers that run to the east are completely full of flood water from the original 2500 square miles.

Our house continues to stay dry, thankfully. On Friday the canal that runs behind our house spilled over its banks a couple miles away (and upstream). That hasn't happened here thankfully. Even if it did we'd be ok for a while because they shaped the backyards to funnel the water down and away from the houses, though all bets are off in this weather. It's raining again today and at least check, a couple of roads are closed a couple miles north but nothing more locally. Our city tweeted that they'll begin trail repair next week, so I'm guessing more than one of our trails took some good hits. They pretty much all run along creeks and all of the creeks are flooded, especially through overpasses, so you can do the math. ETA: I'm truly amazed at the number of people who let their children play in flood waters or who are walking through them themselves. It's one thing when you have to, but so irresponsible when it's recreational.

In non-water-related news: There's a yarn craw starting on Saturday. I'm telling myself that if I write and submit this proposal for a regional conference, I get to go. The proposal is due next Monday for a March conference--a tiny and not-particularly-well-attended regional one. :headsc But it's meeting at my campus and I'm thinking it's my last chance to be noticed and maybe get a few more classes back. The cynical side says don't bother and that I should give up on academia, but on the other hand, it's not that hard to write a proposal. Hopefully they give us plenty of lead time if they accept it because I haven't done much research.
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last week. make 3 different calls to the dealer to try to schedule oil change service. also try to use their online scheduler, but don't hear back from them. yesterday finally give up and take my stupid car to get the oil changed at valvoline. because I can just go there. and not have to go twice.


today. go out to move it to the other side of the street (we have opposite side parking that moves on sunday) and there's a TON of oil under the car. Open hood. LOTS of oil in the frame. Check oil. Still oil there, but not much. 


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kerc - ugh! I actually take my car to WalMart for oil changes and haven't had any issues. We have the same scheduling issues at the Toyota dealership, plus they always find "something" (expensive) that needs fixing rolleyes.gif.

Real and tjsmama - scary, scary flooding out there. Glad you're both safe.

sparkle - thinking about you hug.gif

NRR - I woke up this morning with what I think is a sinus infection. Sheer misery - eyes, teeth and face HURT! Off to the doctor tomorrow morning. Obviously, no RR.
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CO Dingoes, thinking of you all the time. Stay safe. Dry would be good too.


kerc, oh no. I hope they just didn't tighten the plug enough or something. Grr.


JayGee, feel better.


MelW, hoping for the best.


Skinny fit jeans, wing tip shoes, super glue, DIY wiring book, rechargeable batteries. Check. Shoes for all. New hot weather clothes. Fixed Sunglasses. Found my freight shipper and am just mystified over that whole ridiculous story, while glad that I found my shipper. Working on catching up on school before we work on getting ahead. Need to sort, store, give away, pack, and still need to beg for a couple of hand me downs so the kids have long sleeves for the 3 weeks we'll need them. Three orthodontist appointments in the next two weeks. Need to see my grandma and an ailing aunt. Dad has (minor) surgery Wednesday. I have not trained at all and I have a running (ahem, walking) partner who won't take no for an answer, so there's a half marathon next Sunday. We're walking it, though, so hopefully I just don't injure myself before getting on a 9-hour flight, spending a couple days in Paris, and then a couple weeks on my annual Third World Adventure.


I have a tic and a cold sore. Ds is clenching.


I got my shoulders lowered Friday by the massage therapist, but I am afraid they are right back up to my ears. Not looking forward to goodbyes. bawling.gif I wish I could just take a couple families with me.

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kerc, ugh. I wonder if they out the wrong size filter on. Complain and get a year worth of free oil changes.

JayGee, I hope your sinuses heal quickly.

My RR is that my legs are killing me from bootcamp Friday night. Holy-DOMS! Yesterday was achy, but today going down stairs is just brutal. More stretching and foam rolling and a bath tonight. I guess I should have been more consistent with the squats and lunges through the summer.
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Hi. My name is Penelope and I haven't done a squat in 57 days.


JayGee - Hope your head clears up fast.


Kerc - Good idea on getting free oil changes, at least if they can do a better job next time.


Real and Gaye - Those images are just incredible.  I'm totally skeezed out on behalf of the kids whose parents aren't thinking straight, playing in flood water, ewwww!


Jo - Take care of yourself through the transition, even with Paris in the mix those are heavy times.


I'm on the verge of the annual kidtacular production.  Auditions are tomorrow.  I don't really know how I want things to looks, only hoping I can somehow get 30 or fewer awesome kids but am afraid that there are going to be lots more that I feel pressure to cast.  We'll see.  Maybe this year no one will show up.  Tuesday I go back to boxing.  That is a scary thought although I can't wait.


Can I ask a little TMI question to those of you going paleo or maybe whole 30?  For months (I think, certainly since tightening up on sugar and grains again) I've just had the gloobiest poo.  Soft serve style.  Anyone have this side effect and conquer it? 

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Plady - in a word, yes. No idea how to fix it though.
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Everyone now: Hi Penelope!

JG - You are probably going on abx, no? Ask them for nystatin powder! All they can do is say no. And take probiotics 2 hrs away from abx... Good luck. I HATE the teeth pain! goodvibes.gif
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Hi Penelope!

I can make it down the stairs today instead of limping down one at a time. I don't recommend going from zero to an hour of hard workouts. But I'm also excited for Friday again and the motivation of someone telling me what to do.

Kids have colds, it's a rainy homeschool day and I'm working on a term paper about school meal programs. Later this morning we have trips to the Chinese doctor and library on the agenda. And push-ups. Definitely some push-ups.
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SAD - Yes, but mine usually starts middle to end of January, and starts clearing up towards the end of March.  It sucks.  And this year, my annual trip to sunny Arizona is likely not going to happen for budget reasons.  I am, however, starting to preemptively bulk up on vitamin D pills, so I don't get behind the 8 ball like I did last year!


Gaye and Real - Stay safe!  Those flood waters don't look fun!


Jo - I think you are going to have a fabulous walk with your half! 3+ hours spent with a friend.  I hope you have safe (and sane) travels as well. 


I know I have missed a lot of personals.  I have felt like I have been constantly on the move!  It doesn't help that DH traveled all last week, and has a 2 day trip on tap for this week.  Hoping for some calm after that.  Of course, I will be going girl scout camping over the weekend, so my hopes are probably not going to be realized!


RR: I have been running, though!  A consistent 3 days a week.  DH, DD2 and I did 10.5 miles on Saturday for our long run.  She has a fall back week, then one more long run (11 miles) then taper and the half marathon!  She is going to do great.  I'm really excited for her.  I have noticed that she has done better with the 2nd half of our runs, and I am beginning to form a theory.  I have given her a salt tablet at around mile 4.  A mile or two after taking it, she suddenly has a lot more pep.  So, I'm thinking that maybe she is starting these long runs a bit low on electrolytes, and once that salt tablet kicks in, she's good to go.  On her next run, I'm going to try to give her one before we run (and make her really up her fluid content the day before).  I had a great run this morning.  4 solid miles.  Crazy thing is that the last mile, I ran it at a 10:30 pace.  Not sure where that came from, but I'll take it! 


In other RR news, DD1 placed 11th at her cross country meet last week, and then reported to me that she ran the mile in gym on Friday and got an 8:15 mile!  bigeyes.gif  Someone tapped into her inner speed demon!

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sparkle - great idea! I didn't get an appointment today, but I hope to tomorrow. FWIW, I'm doing really well with NO sugar and only one piece of fruit or berries/day. Feel better too, well aside from the crud I've currently got.

bec - awesome job to your DD! I can't believe she's running a 1/2!

jooj - hope the goodbyes are too sad and your off and running on your adventure orngbiggrin.gif! Enjoy your 13.1 mile walk!

NRR - still feeling bad, but I couldn't get an appointment for today so I'll try again tomorrow morning (love military medicine.... not). Instead I spent 3 hours getting the library in alpha/Dewey order. Fun times. Luckily I got subs for my afternoon classes so I won't have to be around any actual children with this crud. DD1 and I are struggling with botany terms today. She has a huge science test tomorrow and just can't seem to get her stamens and her sepals and her pistils all figured out. And to be honest, I'm pretty confused at this point myself. We went out to the yard and picked a flower to find all the parts on. I am astonished that they didn't do that in class?!?! How are they supposed to understand this stuff unless they can see it and touch it?
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JG, ugh on that infection! greensad.gif
Bec, it sounds busy but great job getting in those runs. Way to go DD1! clap.gif

MelW, laughing at the stairs and hard workout b/c that's exactly what I did today! It felt good to finally lift weights after months off. I'm sure I will have a hard time on the stairs tomorrow. smile.gif

Plady, can't think of an answer off the top of my head. But sounds like ds2's normal experience and I think he has a gluten reaction and/or some allergy going on. But I would think paleo or whole30 would clear that up so I'm confused, too. When I took him off grains completely it helped so much - way more than taking him off sugar which didn't seem to make much difference.

Kerc, what was up with the oil?

Real & Gaye, still listening to my Denver NPR and thinking of you the entire time.

Jooj, oh my I think my own shoulders tensed when I read how much you have going on. Now *I* need a massage! wink1.gif Seriously, um, the walk will be fun with a friend. Can you forget that it's a race and just think of it as a couple hours walking with a great friend? And if you don't find the clothes or leave something behind, can you get it over there? And, is it possible to just focus on the people in your life the next few days? I have no idea what it's like, of course. And also, since you homeschool, how big of a deal would it be to just take a couple weeks off since you're transitioning? I know you know this from your Peace Corps days and don't need to be reminded, but maybe just dealing with the transition (for the kids anyway) is enough and all the other things can be found/done later? You probably weren't asking for advice, sorry, I just want your shoulders to ease back down and that annoying tic (which I get, too) to go away. In 10 years, what will be important about these next few days? heartbeat.gif

RR: Weights done. First time in weeks. (Months?)

NRR: Took the quickest trip ever to Austin. 10 hours round-trip with only 1 full day just to enjoy this beautiful, 5-day-old baby girl. AppleMark Mom (sil) is pumping and admittedly impatient about breastfeeding. Not sure it will happen. I didn't push but made myself available and provided lots of info. She'd never heard of LLL so I put her in touch with a nearby group. She's Asian-American and a bit difficult to understand. There may be some cultural issues around it that I'm not aware of. I made myself available and gave her several books (she is a bookworm). We'll see how goes. At least she is pumping and feeding from the bottle for now. Oh and I brought back my 10yo niece for a couple weeks to stay. She and ds2 are best friends & soul mates so I'm taking on an extra homeschool kid and he is in heaven. Only 1/2 a day of school happened today but the rest was all art and board games. (After the first game of Life, one boy wanted all sons so it was all guys and then the girl wanted all daughters so it was all girls but there was a spouse problem so then they decided the guy could have a guy/spouse and the girl a woman/spouse. GayLife. lol.gifblush.gif ) All is well.
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